Top 10 Airlines in the World

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Many top 10 lists catch your attention on internet, some making you amused while others making you stunned. We are here providing you the list of world’s best Airline rated as top 10. But there is no need to worry, this list has not been made according to the personal choices rather it is based upon the recent ceremony held in Paris.

The World Airline Award ceremony was much awaited event in Paris Air show in which Syntrax announced top 100 airlines of 201 taking in consideration the opinion of travelers about booking, tickets and accommodation services around the World. Syntrax World Airlines Awards also described as the Oscars of the aviation industry are considered as a global criterion of Airline excellence.

Let us find out that your favorite airline is included in the top 10 or not.

10. Qantas


Qantas (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) airway limited is the national carrier airline of Australia located in Sydney. It was found in 1920 and is now well known as THE FLYING KANGROO. Along with being the third oldest airline in the world, it is also the largest airline considering its fleet size.
They are popular for providing best accommodation. Different varieties of in-flight entertainment are available including Main stream system, AVOD system, and passenger service system. Tickets availability is never a problem in Qantas. Cheap flight booking and Air tickets are available. Qantas is the pride of Australia in the matter of tourism as well giving their customers a unique vacation experience.

9. Eva Air

Eva Air

The name EVA is derived from Evergreen airline. “Sharing the World, Flying Together into the future’’ is EVA airline’s slogan. It is a Taiwanese airline that was found in 1989. It flies to over 40 destinations internationally.
Provision of satisfactory accommodation is the main aim of EVA. Ticket booking and services of check in have been introduced. Passengers can also print their boarding passes electronically. Online booking facilities are introduced recently. The best of EVA is their tourism, where trip Advisors provide to best tourism services.
EVA Air is ranked number 3 in safety in January 2014 by AERO INTERNATIONAL.

8. Gaurda Indonesia

Gaurda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is the flag airline of Indonesia with its headquarters located in Tangerang near Jakarta. It was found in 1949 and now successfully connecting more than 60 destinations worldwide now. Garuda airline has been rated as 5-star airline by Skytrax.
With friendly and polite crew it is a full service airline with first class and executive class cabins. Seats are equipped with In-Flight Entertainment System, best accommodation, laptop power supply, USB ports and personal reading light. Online one way, round trip and multicity booking is available. Garuda Indonesia is promoting tourism and the culture of Indonesia to travelers all around the world.

7. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon airways also known as ANA is the largest Japanese Airway with headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. It was found in 1952 and flies over in 72 different international destinations. It was announced as 5-star airline in March 2013.
A newly introduced program: ’’Inspiration of Japan’’ is providing best business class suites. Online tickets, booking and reservation availability has added to its popularity along with the satisfactory accommodation services.
Recently many programs for the promotion of tourism are launched including Tourism Australia, Tourism Victoria etc.

6. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

Etihad airways are the national carriers of United Arab Emirate with their head office located in Abu Dhabi International airport. It is the second largest airline in UAE and 3rd largest in Middle East operating around 1000 flight on weekly basis in 117 destinations. It was found in November 2003, since then it is reflecting the best of Arabian hospitality.
Entertainment screen, wardrobe, full flat beds and other accommodations are offered in first class only. Best AVOD, IFE system that uses PanasonicX2 is launched by Etihad and is called Ebox. Booking, reservation, tickets and any changes required in booking is facilitated through online system.
A destination management company Hala Abu Dabhi is a part of Etihad Airways enhancing the tourism experience with a team of experienced tourism professionals. They provide full-service package from Visa processing and travel to venue selection.

5. Emirates


“Hello tomorrow’’ is the slogan of Emirates, a United Arab Emirates based Airline. It was found in 1985, now ranked as largest airline in Middle East and 3rd largest International carrier. In terms of revenue it is 7th largest airline in the world, flying to over 140 destinations in around 80 countries.
It has received World’s best in-flight Entertainment award in 2013 by Skytrax World Airline. IFE is based upon the concept of ICE i.e. Information, communication entertainment. Best accommodation services are made available. It attains specific place in advertisement by sponsoring ICC, IPL, Sponsor cricket Australia. It is ranked among best tourism firms showing business interest in aviation, travel and leisure industries. Best tickets and early booking is provided to the customers to satisfy their accommodation needs promoting their Airline.

4. Turkish Airline

Turkish Airline

Turkish airway is the flag carriers of turkey with headquarters located in Istanbul flying over to 280 destinations. It was established in 1923 and became a member of Star Airway Alliance in 2008. Services like online booking and tickets with online transactions are at hand. Most of the travelers are satisfied with Turkish accommodation services.
It is an official carrier of Europe’s leading football club hence playing a major role in tourism and cultural promotion.

3. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier of Hong Kong. It is the only airline that has won World’s best airline award four times. Nearly 200 destinations are covered in both domestic and international hubs. It was found in September 1946 and made the first non-stopper flight called Maiden Flight in 1998. It is the founder of One word Alliance along with Dragon airs.
All classes offer best accommodation facilities and entertaining stuff. Economical catering, timely medical services, online flight booking and tickets reservation services are provided.
Their motto: LIFE WELL TRAVELLED is near achievement. Currently they are running several programs to promote tourism and culture of Hong Kong.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Established in 1947, it is a flag carrier of Singapore. It is ranked as World’s largest passenger aircraft and second largest Airline by International Air Transport association. Its icon is a Singaporean girl as a central figure and it is among most respected airway in the world.
Best In-flight services and accommodations are provided offering entertainment screen, in-seat light system, and wide variety of food. Krisworld is the IFE system which was launched in 1997. Customers are facilitated by online reservation of tickets and early booking services.
Special tourism visa passes and packages are offered. Great value Holidays and Singapore Airline Vacations help to choose best plans for vacations flourishing South Asian culture.

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

One of the youngest and most modern fleets of aircrafts: Qatar airways become popular in no time. It was found in November 1993 covering 140 international destinations. It became a member of Oneworld Global Airline Alliance in October 2013.
A new program Oryx entertainment is the IFE system with personal seat-back television screens and around 1000 entertainment options along with other accommodations. It provides affordable prices to buy a comfortable flight with best crew and enjoyable services like online booking, tickets and reservations etc. Change in booking can be done as well. Owing to its classified work in tourism and testimonials of passengers, it has been ranked as “Airline of the year”.