Top 10 Most Argumentative Topics in the World

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You are sitting with friends, at a public spot, and suddenly someone has said something controversial. People all around stop dead. Many glares set on your situation and things are about to heat up. Sounds familiar?
Argumentative Topics can be fun occasions amongst friends. However social events can be trashed. Even friendships can come to an end not being aware of how sensitive a person might be towards a certain point.

Here is a list of World’s most 10 Guaranteed Topics to Start an Argument.

10. TV/Movie Show Spoilers

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Unlike the old times very few people catch their favorite tv shows on actual time of their airing. So if you and your gang are really into a show its best first to ask them before you start sharing all what happened on todays episode.
This really wasn’t a problem until the emergence of social media making spoilers guaranteed argumentative topics. With overabundance of entertainment websites and news, everyone seems to be a critic.

Thousands of diehard fans dissect the show as it being aired and websites are flooded with reviews as soon as the credits begin to roll. Plot development go alongside on the internet with tv. Unless you totally avoid the internet, it’s very difficult to escape online plot developments.

If you don’t keep up with your favorite tv show it’s highly likely you will run into a spoiler whether at the hands of a friend who is too excited about the newest development or anyone in the world for that matter if we are talking internet here.

9. Harry Potter Or Lord of the Rings?

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Rise of tumblr, facebook and other online communities provide a constant scoop for young and old fans to debate over their obsessed shows. Showing their uttermost loyalty has been a sacred value for the fans of pop culture. Social media platforms are popular and crowded places known where starting a new argumentative topics between diehard fans is guaranteed.

Considering period between 2000-2009, Harry potter and Lord of the rings divided the young population in two groups. One being enchanted by Hogwarts academy and other being mesmerized by wonders of the middle earth. Until today their obsession with their chosen fan club remains true. If the superiority of Snape or Sauron is suggested one over the other it’s a sure first argumentative topics.

8. Football or Rugby

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It’s better to stick with cricket if you don’t want to end up with a pint thrown in your way. There seems to be a serious bone of contention between the groups each supporting either football or rugby. They just for some reason couldn’t get along, can’t stand watching the other sport on tv or even hear people talking about it. The grey area contain little number of people where two sports fans overlap.

Rugby is called a boring slow game with a funny shaped ball by football fans. While rugby fans criticize the huge sums football players are payed just to stumble to the ground upon every possible opportunity. This frequent dislike between the two groups give rise argumentative topics over TV remote on Saturday noons and Guaranteed argumentative topics.

7. Jokes about Rape by Comedians

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One big yet sad topic highly discussed in media is about entertainment world joking about such sensitive emotive topic. Comedians like Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr, were found going over the edge of decency with their jokes losing taste and entering into danger zone of topics believed never to be considered with humor. Daniel Tosh a US comedian got a huge reaction over responding to a badgerer who seemed making fun of rape.

These jokes undoubtedly come out of vulgar comedy clubs making their way into the mainstream media audience and that’s how huge deals of arguments take place ultimately on social media. Those advocating such acts, got something to say for themselves too. To support their argument they put forward their belief in the freedom f speech along with saying that making fun of horrible things to highlight just how bad they are is important for comedy.

While the opposite argue that rape is one of the worst crimes that can be committed against human beings excluding it from the comedians joke list. Both sides defend their points strongly and a heated discussion is always an end result making it argumentative topics.

6. Feminists Hate Men

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Aided by the influence of technology prominent feminists have the help of blogs and websites to promote their campaigns for equal rights for women. But in a way websites such as Jezebel have helped promote the cause of feminism to a tech savvy generation. The increased exposure these feminist movements get now, has also increased the feelings of strong dislike from men.

It is commonly believed that women who are specially a part of protest group like Femen are basically fueled by hatred for men. This point was counted when the Isla Vista killer Elliot Rodger claimed rejection by women is what motivated him. Many online communities blamed feminism for the attack afterwards. This discussion is  led to argumentative topics is sure to fire up a war of the genders by fueling intense personal feelings. Ironically the root is equality which often puts up an ugly fight.

5. Questioning Immigration Control

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The unrestricted immigration, no doubt brings a country many challenges to cope with making it argumentative topics. The citizens of some country seem to be more concerned than the others. Across the European Union and Specially the British citizens seem potentially concerned is suggested by how strongly the United Kingdom Independence Party has performed in recent elections with strong immigration policies on their agenda.

And that is not it, In the European Parliamentary Elections Anti-immigrant parties performed well. In France the far-right front national scored around a quarter of the popular vote and performed highest. Rise on the social media also suggests immigration stays at the top of the political conversation. And the issue undoubtedly is world wide and guaranteed argumentative topics.

4. Abortions

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One of the oldest and carrying significant ethical value, this question is faced with two groups in our society. America seems mostly to be the centre of this debate, with a rather loud dialogue going on. Whether women should have a choice of keeping or not keeping an unwanted or unsafe pregnancies the core of this question is humanity.

It is guaranteed argumentative topics to start an argument because the group on one side of the discussion supporting the idea for a woman having a choice to abort a foetus, have multiple views on as to how and when a life should begin. They mainly support aborting a foetus only early in a pregnancy.

The other group argue their case by accounting abortion as an act of murder. Pro-life campaigners believe life begin at conception. Being highly emotionally charged this topic is guaranteed argumentative topics.

3. Freedom of Speech

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Many countries have a strong belief in the importance of freedom of speech. But this very belief causes many times a lot of trouble as extreme views receive large exposure and become guaranteed argumentative topics. For everyone with a belief all views deserve a platform to be expressed on, no matter how conflicting there is a counter group who think some filtration is always in order around voices as freedom comes with responsibility and many people might fail to fulfil this responsibility.

This different meaning of freedom of speech to different people gives rise to debates often raging whether or not everyone should be given freedom to say whatever pleases them. This freedom of speech is the very reason extreme protest groups come up with racist views. An important component of a democratic society though freedom of expression faces a fine line not to be crossed otherwise sure to start an argument.

2. Questioning Capital Punishment

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Few things provoke the public as quickly as this one. Issue of punishing the most dangerous criminal is a volatile topic because it includes killers and paedophiles. One group definitely wants them hanged publically while others do not support murder begetting murder. Raising their deep humanitarian problems with murderers one is guaranteed to fire up a fight against a victim of crime.

A poll in 2008 claimed that 99% of the people surveyed wanted to see Britain reinstate the death penalty for murderers. With its likelihood being real tiny, arguments don’t seem to go away because it is guaranteed argumentative topics. In the eyes of many people capital punishment is the only way to present forward some danger level for severe criminal offenses. Current events keep bringing the issue into spotlight over and over.

1. Religion (most Argumentative Topics in the World)

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The most emotive question faced by today’s society is the presence of God. Society getting more secular everyday, the debate over the presence of a Supreme Power who created all if us, gains significant importance today. Whether theist or atheist this one topic remains close to our hearts more than anything and is probably the most guaranteed most argumentative topics in the world. Not just the presence of God is questioned, but with it comes the idea of creation of life and presence of an afterlife under questioning.