10 Aspects of Shakespeare’s Life Schools Don’t Teach Us

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William Shakespeare was not only an English poet but also a playwright who is considered as one of the best writers of all ages. He was given the title of national poet of England and Bard of Avon. Owing to his great work in English language, many of his novels and poems are taught in high schools and are essentials in the syllabus. His plays like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, a Midsummer Night’s dream, Othello, taming of the shrew and many more of such plays are present in the books of high school.Some aspects of Shakespeare’s life are also exposed to the student so that they may know about this greatest writer of the history.

However not much is known about Shakespeare’s life, but even small information related to Shakespeare’s life provoke the interest of people whoever are interested to know about him. He was portrayed only as an English writer and many others aspects of Shakespeare’s life are unknown to us. It is considered as a positive aspect that not all the aspects of Shakespeare’s life are taught in high schools.

Here are 10 important points that will support this fact.

10. He was a Thief

Shakespeare’s life

Yes you have read it right and it is one of the dark aspects of Shakespeare’s life. His landlord decided to shut down the theatre and thought of renting the place to earn some money and get away from the work they were already doing. He just wanted to use his place for some better purposes. However Shakespeare did not let this happen and captured his theater by the help of his gang.

He along with his armed men broke into his landlord’s theatre and carried it away in a brutal manner to some other place to build his own theater ‘the Globe’. It was one of the worst events of Shakespeare’s life that might change your way of thinking about him.

9. The Kidnapping of Children for Erotic Plays

worst aspect of shakespeare's life

It was a trend that young boys were brought to theatre to play the roles of young girls. Later on many researches showed that it was not happening the way it looked like. The bosses and workers of Elizabethan theater used to kidnap the children. This is one of the negative things done in Shakespeare’s life. The children were not only kidnapped, but were also beaten up and forced to perform in the theatre play.

Most of the plays were bluntly sexual plays performed in dim light. However this was considered a legal act at that time but Shakespeare himself was not involved in this brutal act and criticized the act. But there are some of his plays written by other writers that were about sexual acts and were performed by the innocent kidnapped boys making it a worse happening of Shakespeare’s life.

8. He was Unable to Spell his own Name

shakespeare's life

The greatest English writer of his time not only wrote the plays but also invented thousands of English words. During Shakespeare’s life, he had achieved complete command over English language that is nearly impossible for an ordinary man. However it was surprising that he couldn’t spell his own name precisely. Yes! Shakespeare, the master of English language, was unable to write his name with correct spelling.

Around six copies of his signature were found and each and every copy was different from even one another. In some copies it was written as Wm Shakspea however in other copies it was spelled as Shakspear. During all of Shakespeare’s life, he did not repeat the same spelling even twice that is astounding.

7. Shakespeare was Considered Low Brow

Shakespeare's life

English literature is nothing without the work of Shakespeare. He is considered the master of English language and is one of the greatest writers of all times. The studies about Shakespeare’s life are called Hamlet Studies that actually analyzed his plays done by scholars and professors. Robert Greene was a writer who referred to the work of Shakespeare and called him an upstart crow.

It was considered that he belonged to a low family and was not a noble man. Robert also called him an ape who stole other’s work. He was basically unpretentious and easily accessible. But throughout Shakespeare’s life, he was criticized being a hacker that bothered him.

6. Much Ado about Nothing is Obscene

Shakespeare’s life

Although much Ado about Nothing sounds like a simple title however it contains a sarcastic meaning in it. The word nothing in earlier time was used as a euphemism. Here nothing is referred as Vagina of the female. During Shakespeare’s life, the title was given to his stories about love and romance. Sex jokes were common in his plays to cheer up his audience that mainly consisted of people who spent money to enjoy the sex jokes. These jokes being a part of his play are taught at school but the teachers usually ignore such lines or divert the meaning to other sense.

5. He was Chased out of Town

Shakespeare’s life

It was one of the most popular stories of Shakespeare’s life. He was facing some legal troubles in his home area Stratford so he left that. It was written in some books like Shakespeare’s biography by Nicholas Rowe in 1704 that before becoming a playwright, he was a popular thief. It is known that he stole venison and rabbits and had also picked up many men. During Shakespeare’s life, he was thrown into jails many times owing to these stealing habits. So at the end he had to leave his town. However he made fun of the people who were responsible for his separation from his town in his poems to take the revenge.

4. Shakespeare’s Shotgun Wedding

Shakespeare’s life

Anne Hathaway was the woman, who was married with Shakespeare. He was 18 years old when he was rushed into marrying this young lady. It was a huge scandal during Shakespeare’s life that Anne was three months pregnant when she was making the wedding bond with Shakespeare. Evidences showed that the marriage took place in a rush and quiet mood, even Shakespeare announced the wedding for one time instead of three times. However it was known that they loved each other a lot, but it is also evidence based fact that they were not in love actually. They also lived in separate towns throughout Shakespeare’s life.

3. Shakespeare might have an illegitimate Child

might have illegitimate child

It was one of the known stories that during Shakespeare’s life, he used to stay at a tavern located in Oxford. Whenever he used to travel, he managed some days to stay at the place. Later on in the same area, a boy William Davenant claimed that he is the son of William Shakespeare. The boy had told it many times that he was the son of an actor who used to come here off and one.

William Davenant also bragged that his father used to love him a lot when they used to meet. It was also found out that he shared some of his father’s qualities as he became a poet later on. Many of the people related the styles of both Shakespeare and his son.

2. Shakespeare’s life dark aspect had Groupies


Shakespeare was one known person of his time and was not less than a celebrity of his times. Just like any celebrity, he also used to have groupies. During Shakespeare’s life, he was not scared to indulge. According to a lawyer in Shakespeare’s life, Shakespeare was entertained by the time when Burbage played Richard 3, a girl started liking him and asked her out for a night and Shakespeare slept with the girl showing that he is Richard 3. However, it can be considered as a rumor but no evidence was found to find out the reality. But it is a known fact that during Shakespeare’s life, people used to believe in such rumors.

1. Shakespeare wrote 126 Sonnets to a Boy

Shakespeare's life

No doubt, the sonnets written by Shakespeare are one of the most famous poetry of Shakespeare’s life. He was well known to write beautiful and most romantic sonnets. Shakespeare basically wrote total 154 sonnets out of which he dedicated 126 to a young boy. This is pretty strange, isn’t it? However; it is considered that Shakespeare did that to how his love for the boy.

Some of the writers considered that it was a proof of Shakespeare being gay. But throughout Shakespeare’s life no other such evidence was found about it. So you can let it stay like a rumor because the meaning of the sonnet can be taken in any way.
So here are some of the aspects of Shakespeare’s life you most of which you did not know before. Owing to these reasons, it was a better decision of not to teach Shakespeare’s life in schools.