Top 10 Best Selling Cars of 2016

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Best Selling Cars are a topic which is a favourite among a large group of people,whether they be girls or boys, kids or elders. Cars have been produced and used since the early 1800’s, the first petrol or gasoline powered automobile was made by Karl Benz in 1886. This was to be the first ever production by Benz, who later made several copies. We can never say that the car was invented by a single person, they were produced by people who knew how all the parts like the engine, the wheels, the body would work as one. A very well known personality in the world of automobiles, “Henry Ford” stepped onto the car scene, when the cars made by Karl Benz were too expensive. “It was not at all my idea to make cars in any such petty fashion”—Henry Ford, My Life and Work, 1922.

Henry Ford started as a small mechanic who would fix watches and other small machines, but he was never too afraid to step out of the box. Ford had a love for machines, so starting with making a simple “horseless carriage”, he went on to make a successful automobile. Today, his car company is more famously known as “Ford”.
Cars are not only a passion, for some it is a lifestyle, people have dedicated their lives in collecting vintage cars and rare car parts. A large group of people can guess which car is being looked at with just a glimpse of one part of it or know which car is being talked about even if very few features are talked about.

People who can afford to also collect their favourite cars, they can be vintage or super rare, later on go and donate or sell those cars and make a big fortune out of them. Many people have a interest in studying the anatomy of a car, how it works, how it is assembled and how it all comes together as one. Regardless, the bottom line is that cars have a following like no other. Some have a bigger following than others due to various reasons,such as speed, design and engine. Cars are made to attract people.

Another very important thing to note when talking about cars, and may I add obvious point is that they are the most important means of transportation in the modern world. So, even if a large proportion of people are very passionate about cars and the other portion although may not be passionate about cars still understands their importance. Everyone needs a car to get from point A to point B. They buy the car according to their needs and requirements. For a common man these might include information such as mileage, speed,holding capacity, and petrol consumption. Rather than just design and engine capabilities.

For regular use more rational aspects are largely looked into. With the petrol crisis in today’s world, hybrid cars have been introduced which not only consume minimum petrol but also give you more mileage and more features than any other car that runs on petrol can give you. Some of the world’s top countries are producing hybrid cars, such as, Toyota, BMW etc. Another advantage of using hybrid cars is that the dangerous gas emissions as very less. Cars that run on petrol usually give out harmful gases due to incomplete and complete combustion which deplete the ozone layer and causes pollution. That is not the case with hybrid cars.

So today we will tell you about the best selling cars. The top 10 best selling cars of 2016. With reasons why these beauties made it to our list. Keep in mind best selling product tend to be those which give consumers the highest amount of utility, meaning, the best mileage, best features and also the best looks. Cars which made it to the list aren’t the end luxury cars because people cannot afford these cars and even if they can it’s very hard to maintain them. (In a way they are not eve meant to be).

10. Mercedes C-Class

top 10 best selling cars

Mercedes C-class has made it to number 10 of our top 10 best selling cars and this should come as no shocker. The Mercedes has a cult following, and it a car with heritage. This car not only provides utility, the owner is believed to be buying his or her dream in a car. The executive class is believed to be one of the hardest to conquer. And Mercedes has done it again this year.

9. Fiat 500

best selling cars

Fiat has been a famous car for years, I have heard my grandparents talking about how good a car it was back in the day. And so in 2016 it has reclaimed its glory as the ninth best selling cars in the world. It is a small car but it provides great amounts of satisfaction and utility to its owners.

8. Audi A3

best selling car

It might use many of the same parts as the VW Golf, being built on the same platform, but the Audi A3 features a few more upmarket options that bring the price up a bit. It’s a tactic that’s clearly working – buyers are flocking to the upmarket Audi and sending into the top 10 best sellers. Again the fact that an Audi is in our top 10 best selling cars of 2016 is not a shocker this series and company has a cult following much like the Mercedes Benz. It is also an upmarket, high priced favourite. It is a point to be noted that even though the price is high as compared to other cars this car has made it into the best selling cars list.

7. Volkswagen polo

best selling car in 2016

The Volkswagen has been a great car through ages. This car is supermini. It is a more grown-up car than its main rival, the Ford Fiesta, offering better ride quality .It’s good on any type of journey and features a wide range of efficient engines, too. Plus some people especially girls love superminis, they tend to be super cute as well. Also keeping into account Volkswagens beautiful colour selections.

6. Nissan Qashqai

best selling cars

This is considered by many to be the first modern ‘crossover’, with SUV styling and hatchback running costs. It’s a great car for those needing a practical family car. It’s great for holding all of the essential, when running errands like soccer ‘’momming.’’ Or even useful is car pooling. The latest model launched in 2013, and it’s having a great year so far in 2015, making it into the top 10 best selling cars this year-to-date.

5. Opel Astra

best selling cars

The Opel Astra, has been around for a while now – but that’s not causing sales to drop. It’s a chic family hatchback, and with the low prices being placed by Vauxhall dealers the Astra has managed to make it into the top 10 best selling cars 2016.

4. Ford focus

ford best selling cars

When talking about ford I have to mention that this American car for the American people is an American favourite. Like the corolla is for the Japanese people. With its interesting handling, practical body style, effective engines and reprised looks, the new ford focus car is a strong seller now not only in the united state on America but in other parts of the world as well such as the united kingdom. It’s been a top model for Ford for many years and the new version looks set to continue that trend.

3. VW Golf

best selling cars

The VW Golf has made it into our top 10 best selling cars as the third best car ,a very high position , the reason why this car is positioned to high based on selling statistics is that it provides its buyers great utility . Every customer that has this car tends to love it.

2. Opel Corsa

best selling cars and very strong sales

The new Opel Corsa has started its life with very strong sales. Why? Because consumers just love the car. Thanks to low prices and a well-judged revamp. Despite looking similar to the old model, it’s better to drive and cheaper to run, buyers are clearly taking notice and so it has become second place. Second best selling cars in the world. Now that’s quite a statement for a company.

1. Ford Fiesta

best selling cars

It is no surprise that a ford has made it to number one. Like I said this is a favourite. A favourite that started in the United States and has now conquered the word. Once again, the ford fiesta sits at the top of the list. It’s a regular here and it’s easy see why with its engaging drive and attractive styling, quite simply it’s one of the best all round hatchbacks money can buy. With 44,240 registrations since the start of the year, it’s now almost 16,000 sales clear of its nearest rival. We congratulate Ford for making it to the top of the list. We hope you continue to make great cars and conquer even more markets such as the Asian market as your Asian market coverage is basically none existent.