Top 10 Best Singers with their Attractive Voice

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Music is directly related to the soul. If there is no music, there is no entertainment. A good song requires the best vocalist along with the beautiful composition and melodious music. The rhythm and dynamics of the music matter a lot along with the singer. A Best Singer with the attractive voice can make you feel the song in its depth and brings the calmness to your song along with the soothing effects to your ears.

With the beginning of the time, the singers have pleased their listeners with their beautiful melodies. With the passage of time, new intervention were done in the music industries and better musical instrument were combined with the vocals to put forth best songs with their attractive voices.

Here we are providing top 10 best singers who have impressed people with their attractive voice.

10. Axl Rose

Best singer

Williams Axl Rose is a best singer who with his attractive voice is the leading vocalist of the rock band Gun N’ Roses. He is also a songwriter as well a musician. He has been regarded as the best singer of all times since 1985 due to his powerful voice and energetic performances. Axl rose started his career in 1980s when he moved to Los Angeles and he became an active part of many rock bands there like LA Guns and Hollywood Rose.

Later on in 1985, he established his band, Guns N’ Roses, which became very successful and acquired great name in the late 1990s. Appetite for destruction was their first blockbuster album that was the best selling album of its time and later on every successive album of this singer was a hit owing to his attractive voice as well as the hard work of his band. But in 1994, he went out of the scene and his band as scattered and reappeared in 2001 to put forth his attractive voice in song for Rio 3.

9. Steve Perry

Steve Perry,attractive voice

Stephen Ray Steve Perry is one of the best singer of all times who has ruled many hearts owing to his attractive voice. He belongs to America and along with being the vocalist he is a songwriter as well the record producer. Steve Perry is the leading singer of the band Journey and ruled over the world for around 10 years from 1977 to 1987 with his attractive voice and beautiful songs.

He got attracted toward music since the age of 12 years of age and attended a high school where he learned music and drumming and starting singing with his magical vocals since his teenage. Perry voice and way of delivering the lyrics have been praised by many critics of his times. He has been given the title of The Voice by Jon Bon Jovi who was a music peer. His name has been included in the list of greatest singers of All Times.

8. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra, attractive voice

He is one of the best singer of all times, Frank Sinatra belongs to the music history of America. He was not only a singer but also an actor as well as the producer. His attractive voice always catches the attraction of the people and he has been regarded as one of the most influential artists of all times. The singer started his initial career during swing era along with his two buddies, Tommy Dorsey and Harry James.

Later on as a solo singer with attractive voice, he became popular in 1943 after working with Columbia Record. He released his first album in the year 1946, The Voice of Frank Sinatra. After his live performances, he was regarded as one of the best performers. He restarted his career in 1953 and showed his awesome work subsequently. Frank Sinatra was among the best selling music artists of all times and around 150 million records selling all around the world.

7. John Lennon

John Lennon, seventh attractive voice

John Winston Lennon belongs to the England. He is the best singer as well as a songwriter. The vocalist became popular after he found the band Beatles and became its vocalist. With his attractive voice, the band became the most successful bands of all times. He started his career in singing by becoming a part of skiffle craze and late on in 1960 he formed his first band Quarrymen that turned into Beatles.

Hover the band was disintegrated in 1970 and Lennon pursued his solo career since then and ruled the hearts of his audience with his catchy, beautiful and attractive voice and produced many albums like John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Imagine and beautiful all time hit songs like Imagine, Give peace a chance etc. He left the singing for a few years and started working again in 1980 to release his new album Double Fantasy but unfortunately he was murdered after 3 weeks of his album release but still is among the greatest singers of all times.

6. Paul McCartney

model, actress and producer

James Paul McCartney is a best singer and belongs to England. He is multi instrumental as well as a songwriter and a composer. The man got famous owing to his attractive voice with a natural harmony in his throat. He was also a member of Beatles and was a bassist of his band. Their band and song writing partnership with Lennon was one of the most influential things in the 20th century. He later on worked for his new band Wings as started his solo work and used his attractive voice to continue his work.

It is said that McCartney was one of the most successful composer and a powerful performer who knew how to deal with the audience. Along with all the success that came with the Beatles, he also gained a lot of success with his solo songs like Mull of Kintyre that was released in 1977 and is among the best selling single songs of all times. Another achievement was that his 32 songs are present in Billboard Hot 100 list.

5. Whitney Houston

she was murdered mysteriously

Whitney Elizabeth Houston is one of those best singers who won many heart with her melodious and attractive voice. She was best singer as well as a model, actress and producer. Houston has made the record of winning most of the award and her name was added in Guinness book of world in 2009 and is also the best selling music artists of all times in pop music. She made around 7 studio albums along with 3 movie soundtrack album, each and every one of which have been awarded.

She is the first woman to make it to Billboard Hot 100 for consecutive 7 times. Houston had done great work all her life, from her first album Whitney Houston to her last album I Look to you in August 2009; she has been a great inspiration in the music world. In February 2012, she was murdered mysteriously and her dead body was found in her home in Beverly Hills, California but still her attractive voice live with us.

4. Robert Plant

one of the best singers

Robert Anthony Plant is one of the best singer with attractive voice. He is an English singer and musician a well as a songwriter. The man is well known for his leading vocalist and lyricist place in Led Zeppelin that is a famous rock band of its time. He has attractive voice that was high pitched and wide ranged is the main reason for his success for around 40 years when he worked as a solo singer.

Plant started working in the music industry since his early ages. The man holds a special position in the history of rock music and is known as one of the greatest singers of all times. He was given the title of ‘greatest metal vocalist of all time’ and was also voted for ‘the greatest voice in rock’. In 2009, he was ranked as ‘the greatest of all leading singers’.

3. Elvis Presley

well known American singer

Elvis Aaron Presley was a well known American singer and actor. He is usually known with the name of the King of Rock and Roll owing to his attractive voice and great work in music history. Presley has been always considered as a prominent cultural icon. He started his career in music in the year 1954 when he was only 13 years old. His first single song was released in 1956 and was titled as Heartbreak.

This song reached number one hit sing of US. Since his early songs, he was considered as a rock and roll singer who made a well fusion of rhythm and blues as well as country music. He worked with Colonel Tom Parker for around twenty years. He has been regarded as the most influential singer of 20th century who has ruled the rock and roll music with his attractive voice and energetic performances. He was died at a very early age of 42 years in 1977 due to drug abuse.

2. Freddie Mercury

most attractive voice in the world

Freddie Mercury belonged to England and was the best singer and vocalist of his times. He was the leading vocalist of the music band ‘Queen’ and was well known for his attractive voice and four octave voice range. Mercury had written many hit songs for his band and later on he pursued his career as solo singer. Mercury formed his band Queen in 1970 along with Roger Taylor and Brian May.

He had also received the Brit Award in 1992 and was made a member of Hall of Fame later on in 2001. He was also voted for one of the best singers of all times and best male singer of all times. Mercury was given the title of one of the greatest voices in all of music in 2009. He died at the age of 45 years from AIDS but still is the best singer with his attractive voice.

1. Michael Jackson Considered Best Singer

top most famous celebrity and attractive voice

Who does not know Michael Jackson? He was one of the best singer of America and was also a songwriter, dancer, record produced as well as an actor. He made great contribution in the music world with his attractive voice as well as best performances and he is known as the King of Pop. He remained a global figure in music culture for more than 40 years. He started his career from being a member of Jackson 5, his family band in 1964 and later on starting working in 1971 and dominated the music world in 1980s.

His songs videos like Billie Jean, Beat it and Thriller went viral on media and is the best selling album of all times. Many of his songs made it to Billboard hot 100 and enjoyed a lot of fame and appreciation for his work. This man who was the first and only dancer in Rock music died of acute poisoning from propofol in June 2009 from cardiac rest. But his strong and attractive voice, beautiful songs and extraordinary dance performances still live with us.