Top 10 Bizarre Habits of Americans

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Habits explicit your personality and shows your insides. They type of habits a person possess shows his inside. Some persons have funny habits and some have dangerous ones. However there are some kinds of habit that are common to all in a country.

The reason behind this is habits can be adopted, if you find some person doing a thing that intrigues you, may you will end up doing the same. Like if your neighbor walks in the morning, you may also make it your habit. Similarly some habits are allocated to Americans as every other person in America has these habits.

We are describing here some habits of Americans that are bizarre in actual or are considered bizarre by others.

10. Being Obsessed with being the Best Country in the World

bizarre habits

This is a bizarre habits that is nearly the part of life of every American. Whatever they are, black, white, they also think they are the best nation in the world. Although there may be racism between states, between people but when it comes to the comparison with other nations, Americans stand out.

Even the presence of many different people, black white, Hispanics, Asians, Indians and many others, they still are considered open minded people with their ability to eradicate the differences among people. This is a common habit in all Americans and they are all obsessed with their country being the best country in the world.

9. Pet Culture Considered as Bizarre Habits

Bizarre Habits

Having pets is a very common indeed viral habit in many Americans. This habit is considered bizarre by many other nation especially China. It is considered strange that Americans love their pets more than they love their relatives. Most of the Americans have one or more than one pets in their houses. They provide not only maximum attention and affection but also take care of their feed, regular bathing, medical checkups and much more.

Even if they are not well off still they manage to take care of their pets in an extraordinary way. Unlike other nation people, who think that keeping pets is wastage of time as well as of money, Americans are willing to devote their lives to their favorite creatures. This one habit is however considered bizarre by other nations.

8. Taking Showers in the Morning

Taking Showers in the MorningThis is not however strange if you take shower in the morning before going to work. This habit is present in Americans and is worth appreciating. But some other nations are not supportive for this habit as they think that shower is more importantly required when you come back from your work.

Americans think the opposite by holding an opinion that taking shower after the work is not important as you are sitting or working in the air-conditioned rooms and offices. However those people who work outdoor need to take shower in the evening. This one bizarre habits is shared by most of the Americans.

7. Taking Coffee EverywhereCoffee habits in americans

Yes you might be familiar with this habit of most of the Americas. Coffee is not only an integral part of their lives but also they consider it legal to take their cup of coffee any time anywhere they want. Unlike other nation people who think that coffee should be taken at coffee shops or homes, Americans are not bound to any restrictions while taking coffee.

Even they are walking, sitting, relaxing, watching movie, attending a meeting, cooking, driving or any other task, coffee is included as an essential part and can be taken everywhere which is rather considered as an odd habits.

6. Baggy Pant Style

wearing pant lower than underwear

This baggy pant style means that you are wearing pant lower than your underwear. Although it seems strange, but still is a common habit in American youngsters. The style was basically adopted by some of the African American communities that later on become viral and more than a trend. This habits is labeled a bizarre by many other nations and some call it vulgar too.

However this style cum trend is more than a culture to America. Not even the street people follow this but also the celebrities are following this style and promoting the showing of underwear above the pants as if the pants are going to fall any moment.

5. Tipping even after Paying full for the Service

giving tips in America

In United States, it is considered a common habits to give tips. Tips can be given to the waiters in the restaurants after you have paid for the meal, tips can be given to the taxi driver or to a bellboy who has helped you with your luggage. It is considered as an act of kindness by Americans. Even some people have granted tipping as fifteen percent of actual amount paid for the service.

However this kind of habits is considered odd by other nations and they hold the opinion that why anyone should pay extra for a service after paying the full amount. In America it works in totally opposite way and if you don’t give the tip, you are regarded as an impolite and unkind man. Although a bizarre habits but still it promotes kindness and makes you a welcomed guest.

4. Wearing light Clothing in Winters

bizarre habits of Americans

Yes you have read it right. It is a common habits of most of the Americans to wear light clothes even in winters when you are having baffling cold all around you. The reason might be the common habit of casual dressing present in most of the Americans. It may also be related to the laziness of people in America where they don’t want to shift or buy new clothes for winters.

Even in severe cold weather, you may find people with t shirts, short sleeves dress or may be a thin long coat with mini skirt. This is considered strange by people of other countries. However on asking, many Americans told that they do so owing to the central heating system present in their houses as well as offices and other workplaces.

3. Hitting the Hay with Shoes on

Habits of hay with shoes

One common habits to all Americans is that they don’t feel the need to put off their shoes anywhere. Whether they are lying on sofas or going to bed, they do not bother to put off shoes. This kind of odd habit is dislikes by many other countries people who think that home is a clean place and should be kept clean by keeping off the dirty shoes taking along all the dust from outside.

However the Americans think that their country is clean so as their shoes even if they have walked miles in these. They also hold the opinion that bed sheet and sofa are the things that are to be replaced continually so there is no need to make one’s self inconvenient. They can even sleep with their shoes on which is regarded as a bizarre habits though.

2. Diet Beverages Combined with Hamburgers


Fast food is much more common in America than in any other country. To keep pace with the fast routine, people in America rely on fast foods. Whenever you take a heavy meal like hamburger you would like to have a soda with it that is a normal and common combination with its high caloric content.

However it is also not uncommon for Americans to take diet coke with hamburger. The increased rate of high blood pressure and obesity associated diseases has made the Americans diet conscious. For that, they take high caloric hamburger with diet soda. Diet Soda contains very less calories as compared to regular sodas though it really negates your diet consciousness when you take diet soda with high calorie fries and hamburgers.

This is one of the most bizarre habits adopted by nearly every American in order to reduce the caloric content of their fast food.

1. Drinking Cold Water in every Season

Top 10 bizarre habits of Americans

One of the most bizarre habits of nearly every American is their use of cold water for drinking throughout the year. In hot summers this habit is justified however in cold season, drinking icy cold water does not make much sense but still it is the habit adopted by most of the Americans that is rather strange. The water coolers present in their houses have only two options of cold water and hot water.

The hot water option is used for making tea or coffee and is never used for drinking warm water. Americans can drink tap water but can never drink warm water. This habit is in contrast to many other nations that promote the drinking of hot water to maintain a healthy body and proper functioning. However American can never give up on their habits of icy cold water even if they know the adverse effects.