Top 10 Bizarre Inventions of the Last Decade

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Technology is making progress day by day with the help of advancement in researching tools and products. Most of the new Bizarre Invention are beneficial for human life producing a good impact on our lives however some of them fail to do so. Several breakthrough technologies have been created by unrivaled professionals, having the main aim to make and improve the living standards. Here is a list of few Bizarre Inventions of the last decade that have changed our lives to maximum in a pretty awesome way but at the same time affecting us in negative aspects as well.

10. Github


Github, being launched in April 2008, has become one of the top ten bizarre inventions of the decade. It is a revision control and repository hosting service that is used to build software. It provides source code management functionality like Git but not a command line tool. This bizarre invention is different from Git in several ways like it has a web based graphical interface (a web application in which a website is run by the client) adding to the convenience of the user.
Github provides the service of mobile integration as well as access control with numerous other features like task management, feature requests, bug tracking, and enabling users to share apps, codes and wikis. No doubt this bizarre invention has been proved very beneficial by offering plans for both private repositories and free accounts as well to host software project.

9.  Invention of Bizarre iPad

Invention of Bizarre iPad

One of the most awesome and bizarre invention of the last decade is iPad. It was designed by Apple Inc. in April 2010; however its recent models are launched in 2014. iPad is in iOS based tablet computer with multiple in built accessories and software. It has multi touch screen with a virtual keyboard around which a user interface is built.
An iPad can be used for several purposes like browsing, emailing, shooting videos, taking photographs, watching movies etc. It also provides the functions of software installing, media streaming, 3G and WiFi connection and GPS navigation as well. You can download and install any app with this bizarre invention. The popularity of this invention can be assessed by the fact that it is the second most sold device since 2013.

8. Touch Screen

Touch Screen

It is another ground breaking invention of the last decade. Yes! There was a time when we used to operate buttoned phones which were slow to use and time taking inventions. Touch screen input is a layer placed over electronic visual display of a processing system. It can receive input by simple or multi touch gestures. A stylus or finger can be used for this purpose.
This invention enables its user to directly operate or interact with display and is being widely accepted for several functional and portable electronic devices. Touch screen are commonly integrated in personal computers, game consoles, Smartphone and tablet computers. No doubt, this bizarre invention has completely taken over and changed the world of computing.

7. Prius


Prius, a Google’s self driving car was launched by Toyota in 2008. This recklessly marvelous invention is actually a full hybrid electric hatchback that has been rated among the cleanest vehicles in US. A recent model, Prius Eco is regarded as the best invention for its most fuel efficient feature.
Prius is also referred as a combined hybrid because of its ability to use both gasoline and electric powers. This driver less invention has actually no brake pedal, steering wheel or accelerator. There is a combination of digital map and sensors that make the ride smooth and fearless.

6. iPhone


In 2007, Apple Inc. launched iPhone, which is a series of Smartphone. The most recent inventions were released in 2015 that include iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. There are total nine generations of iPhone. It has several features like multi touch screen with a virtual keyboard, WiFi connection, apps for video shooting, taking pictures and playing music.
This fantastic invention can be used for surfing internet, emailing, receiving visual voice mails, solving mathematical problem, GPS navigation etc. No doubt it is much talked invention of the last decade. Within three months of its launch, over 1 million iPhone were sold, this ranks it among the most bizarre inventions of the present time.

5. YouTube


This world wide, most famous video sharing site is the invention of three employees of PayPal in February 2005. However it was sold over to Google in 2006 and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. Its headquarters are located in California, USA.
This invention is very popular all around the world owing to its features. YouTube allows its users to view, rate, upload, and comment and share videos. It makes the use of Adobe flash player to display a wide variety of videos. Content available for its user includes video clips, music videos, movie trailers, educational videos etc. individual as well as Media corporations like the BBC, Hulu, CBS and other organizations allow it to share their stuff. Rapidly increasing popularity earns the position of bizarre invention for YouTube.

4. Computer Vision Technologies

Computer Vision Technologies

Its is a field that constitutes methods for acquiring, processing and understanding images as well as high dimensional data obtained from the real world to produce symbolic or numerical information. In other words, this modern invention allows the transformation of visual images in to descriptions which can interface with thought process of a person and evoke action. Computer vision technologies are among the most bizarre invention of present times.

It includes the several sub domains like event detection, scene reconstruction, video tracking, learning, image restoration, object recognition, motion estimation and object pot estimation. Along with other applications, this invention can help in the development in fields of artificial intelligence. There are many other bizarre technologies of computer vision and further researches are under work like Google glass.

3. Bizarre Invention of Social Networking Platforms

Bizarre Invention of Social Networking Platforms

A social networking service provides a platform to form social relations and social networks among people with similar interests, backgrounds, activities or connections in real life. It is basically of three types:
1. Socializing social network services that are used for socializing with real life or existing friends.
2. Social Networking services used for non social interpersonal communication.
3. Social network services are helping users to find information or resources.

The bizarre invention was launched in 2003, with the introduction of Friendster. It was a breakthrough though, and it was ranked among the coolest websites of that year.

However, several bizarre and popular social networking websites lose their fame with time, with new web based sites taking their place. The invention of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more other social networks are being used worldwide.

2. Most useful Bizarre Invention OF GPS

Most useful Bizarre Invention OF GPS

Global positioning system was launched in year 2005 officially by department of defense USA. It is a navigation system that provides information of time and location. This has become the most popular invention since then being incorporated into many advanced phone devices. This bizarre invention is no less than a blessing for job seekers and student affecting their career building in positive ways.
GPS works in all weather conditions anywhere and provides critical potentials to military, commercial and civil users. GPS the second most bizarre invention can be used for communication, demodulation, geometric interpretation etc. Several other inventions like GPS are on their way to be launched with more bizarre but modern features.

1. Android


Here comes the most bizarre rather fantastic invention of the last century that has made its place in nearly half of the population in the world. Initially launched by Android Inc, it was brought in market by Google in 2005. An android is basically a mobile operating systems designed primarily for mobile devices with touch screen. Since its invention, it has become an integral part of Smartphone and tablet computers. Its user interface is based upon using touch gestures such as tapping, swiping and pinching.
Google has also brought in its new inventions based on android system like Android TV, Android Auto, Android wears etc. It is also used in game consoles, notebooks, digital camera and several other electronic devices. Various other bizarre uses have made it the most revolutionary invention. Android has an open nature that encourages developer to use open source code and helps technology companies which are interested in low cost, ready made operating system for high technology inventions.