Top 10 Business Tycoons in the World

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Do you know that who are the best and top ten Business Tycoon in the world? The whole market has been crowded with so many brands and companies that are being run by so many business tycoon. Some of the business holders have given the market places with new turns and twists. They worked day and night and hence after that they have build up a new place in the market with the exceptional net worth.

Now you would be thinking in mind that who are those top ten most business tycoon of the world! Without wasting any time here we will be discussing with the complete list of famous well known business tycoon.

10. A.G. Lafley

Top 10 Business tycoon

On the last spot of business tycoon list we have the name of A.G. Lafley who is the chairman and CEO, Procter & Gamble. He has been holding this charge since the year 2000. He has been working with the best efforts and day and night in order to refocus upon the consumers and rejuvenated core businesses.

P&G now boasts 23 billion-dollar brands in which we have the products of Tide, Crest, Pampers, Gillette as well as Olay, Pantene, and the latest addition of the Gain laundry detergent. This company has even taken the step in terms of pushing the P&G toward higher-margin areas like the sectors of health, beauty, and personal care. This company is no doubt one of the largest companies working in the world with the sales record in the market place.

9. Katsuaki Watanabe

among business tycoons

He is acting upon as being the president of company named as Toyota. In the year 2005 he became the president of the world’s most admired company. He took the company to the new level and hence earned $14.1 billion last year. He even came ahead with the launch of the latest quality-improvement campaign that helped make the debut of the 2008 Highlander SUV. Currently Toyota is one of the best automakers in the whole world.

His main aim is to introduce with the car who can drive across the U.S. on a single tank of gas. In just the beginning of the career start he proved that he has the capability of working with great passion and enthusiasm. He has given new developed twists in the Toyota and automaker sector.

8. Jeff Immelt Leading Business Tycoon

one of the business tycon

Next we have Jeff Immelt who is the chairman and CEO of GE Company. General Electric’s chief executive is the most powerful business tycoon all over the world for so many reasons. This company has been facing with the great sum of advantages in the finance-related businesses that bring in most of its profit. The company has been involved in selling with the products of big-ticket products – jet engines as well as industrial turbines, CT scanners along with locomotives, and so many more.

They have spent so many centuries just for the sake in developing the world’s best managers and management practises. Jeff is even acting upon as being the chairman of the Business Council that is the group of top-tier CEOs that influences government policy. Plus he is on the board of the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

7. Bill Gates

7th rank in business tycoon

On the 7th rank of business tycoon list we will add up with the name of Bill Gates! He is the founder as well as chairman of Microsoft. He is also the founder and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since the time he started his career and until now he has remained as one of the perfect examples of the entrepreneur, and business leader of his generation. He came ahead with the invention of the software industry along with the rise of the PC.

Now he has been making up with some plans where he can handle with all aspects of office communications right from your phone to e-mail to instant messaging. Moreover he has even link himself up with the Facebook to channel the energy as well as advertising potential of social networks. In the year 2000 he even set up with the charitable foundation along with his wife named as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It has been expected that he will retire from Microsoft next year and will be giving all his attention in running the foundation.

6. Rex Tillerson

leading business tycoon

On the 6th spot we have the name of Rex Tillerson! He is the chairman and CEO of the company named as Exxon Mobil. He is the founder and running the world’s biggest non-state-run oil company. Exxon Mobil has been given with the high marks for the purpose of quality of its operations. He has even come ahead with the introduction of the modest PR splash by acknowledging the global warming.

5. Warren Buffett

Business tycoon

He is identified to be the Chairman and CEO of the company named as Berkshire Hathaway. This man has made his company to be one of the massive holding company with interests ranging from 2006 revenues that was about $98 billion. Since the year 1965 he has been showing with the massive and impressive sort of success. Plus he even managed up in order to help broker a deal between A-Rod and the New York Yankees.

He is famously known with the nickname of “Sage of Omaha.” Warren Buffett was always passionate about doing something interesting in his life and finally he did this by the way of becoming the Chairman and CEO of the company named as Berkshire Hathaway.

4. Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, & Sergey Brin

Business tycoons

These three businessmen are the CEO and President, Products; President, Technology; Google. Three of them are 34 years old and had united themselves with the aim to bring great sum of technological development in the Google world. They have given a new turn to the advertising industry. But the journey of success does not stop here! They have bring about with some of the good deal of management maturity.

They have been playing an important role in terms of building up the AdWords as their their search-based advertising service as well as buy the YouTube. He is on the 4th spot on our list of powerful businessmen! No doubt that whatsoever success has been grab in the social media networking it has been just made possible because of these three!

3. Lloyd Blankfein

business tycoon

On the 3rd spot we have the name of Lloyd Blankfein. He is the chairman and CEO of the company named as Goldman Sachs. He has been working as being the American business executive. He even served in the task of being the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since the year 2006. He earned with the total net worth of the $54.4 million in 2006 that made him turn out to be one of the highest paid executives on Wall Street.

At the time of being the CEO of Goldman Sachs Group in the year 2007 he earned with the amount of total compensation of $53,965,418. He has grab with such a high status in the society as being one of the powerful businessman through the way of hard work. This is the main reason that he has been placed at the 3rd spot on our list of the business tycoon.

2. Rupert Murdoch

business tycoon

He is one of the famous and top known among powerful businessmen, Chairman and CEO of News Corp. News Corp. has been basically known out to be the global force across the board including the film, television, print, and even online. He even owns the social networking site MySpace. In the year 1953 he grab much fame at the time when he inherited control of two Australian newspapers.

In the place of Britain he hence owns the biggest tabloid known as the Sun, and in the U.S. the New York Post and his Fox News Network. In addition to it he got the remarkable fame soon after the purchase of the Wall Street Journal. In just the least time period of his career start he has made himself to be one of the top most successful businessman in the world.

1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

On the top spot we have the name of Steve Jobs! He was the Chairman and CEO of the company Apple. In the beginning of his career of two decades he has undertaken the career of 39 years and in these 30 years the well known Apple Inc. founder twice altered the direction of the computer industry. In the year 1977 Apple II bring about the amazing PC era in the market places. Its graphical user interface was launched by Macintosh in 1984.

In addition to all such achievements Steve Jobs has even conceived of “desktop publishing,” that has given the world with the provision of the laser printer and pioneered personal computer networks. He has played an important role in introducing with the brand-new business model for creating computer-animated feature films. He was the one who introduced the Apple Iphones series in the world.

So these have been the top ten best business tycoon in the world! Each single businessman has made the best place in the market places through the hard efforts and passion of working each day and night. Which one of the businessman do you think is the most powerful!