Top 10 Calcium Rich Food/Diet across the Globe

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Calcium is among the most abundant elements in the body. More than 98 percent of our skeleton is made of calcium and its salts. Being an important part of teeth and bone, it gives them strength. Similarly for adequate cellular functioning, the optimum level of calcium in body should be maintained. From the contraction of the muscles to nerve conduction, enzymes functions and release of hormones, it all is dependent on Calcium Rich Food.

That is why it is said that calcium rich diet is very important for all ages. Deficiency of calcium leads to rickets in children and osteoporosis in older people in which bone erosion takes place. Recent studies also showed that it helps in weight maintenance. It is said that dairy products are the main sources of calcium along with dark leafy vegetables and are sufficient to fulfill the daily requirement of 1000 to 1200mg daily.

In this remaining line you will come to know about ten calcium rich food and you should include these foods in your routine.

10. Fish Fully Calcium Rich Food

10 calcium rich food

Calcium is present in sufficient amount in seafood especially in Sardines cooked in oil or canned along with the bones. If you take a 100 gram of this canned fish, you are taking 38 percent DV calcium or 383 mg of calcium. Similarly 1 cup provides you around six hundred milligrams of calcium.

However not all the calcium we take in is absorbed, but still it makes a large quantity. Other canned fishes which have high amount of calcium include pink salmon with 8 percent DV calcium, Anchovies with 6 percent and shrimp with 4 percent calcium.

9. Fortified Cereals and Beans

beans are calcium rich food

Cereals which are fortified have high amount of calcium in them and should be used in breakfast. It basically depends upon the brand of cereal that you are buying. Oats, rice, millets, corn, barley, frosted flakes, Farina and many more fortified cereals have considerable calcium rich food.

Similarly beans are among the rich sources of calcium. Green snap beans have high calcium levels, as 100 grams of these contain 4 percent DV. 100 grams of winged beans have 442 milligram of calcium. Similarly white beans and navy beans have increased quantities of calcium up to 200 mg and should be included in daily diets.

8. Almonds and other Dried Fruits

calcium rich food

Almond is one of those dried fruits that is fully calcium rich food. A 100 gram of almonds in any form like raw or butter, have around 270 mg of calcium. Similarly eating five figs a day can give you 140 mg of calcium. Other dried fruits like dates, raisins, prunes etc have calcium but it is lower than present in almonds and figs. But adding these in your diet won’t harm you in any way.

7. Okra

also known as lady finger

Okra is one of those vegetables that is considered fully calcium rich food. It is also known as lady finger. A 100 gm of Okra contains 82 percent DV calcium or 77 mg of calcium in it. Similarly if you cook a cup of Okra, you will get 172 grams of calcium that is much more than any meat. You can also use okra after frying and boiling to minimize the calories.

6. Soy Products

calcium rich food

Soy food products or more specifically fortified soy products are among the calcium rich food. Soy proteins are used in all corners of the world in various forms. These include tofu, which is the most commonly eaten product, soymilk, green soybeans, soy nuts and many more. 100 grams of tofu contains 350 mg of calcium. Owing to their high content of calcium, they should be added in your daily food.

Other main soy products include Nonfat Soy Milk that has 24 percent of calcium and unsweetened Soy milk contains around 30 percent of calcium. Soy proteins are used in baked goods, breakfast cereals, pasta, beverages and other toppings.

5. Broccoli

calcium rich food

Broccoli is one of high calcium rich food containing vegetables and 100 grams of broccoli contains 47 percent. However there are other better sources of calcium which are easily digested and absorbed in our alimentary canal. Broccoli can thus not be used as a sole provider of calcium.

If you cook 1 cup of broccoli, it will provide you with 20 milligrams of calcium. With steamed kale cooked with chicken the amount of calcium in your meal is increased. Similarly the use of broccoli along with other vegetables in salads can raise the calcium content of your food.

4. Chinese Cabbage

 calcium rich food

Also named as Pak Choi or Bok Choy is one of the Chinese leafy vegetable that is used in various cuisines there. They are basically the variants of turnip, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. It possesses the highest amount of calcium among the similar vegetables, such that 100 grams of Chinese cabbage contain 104 mg calcium.

1 cup of shredded cabbage has 74 milligrams of calcium in it. This is widely used among salads but can also be cooked. Other cabbages include green cabbage and red leaf cabbage that contain calcium but in lesser amounts.

3. Watercress (Dark leafy Greens)

 calcium rich food

Watercress basically belongs to the aquatic plants and has high content of water as well as other minerals in which calcium is the most dominating. These dark leafy green vegetables include kale, turnip greens, collards, Dandelion greens and many more. 100 grams of raw vegetables include 120 mg of calcium in it that makes 12 percent DV.
Soup, salads, sandwiches and sauces of various kinds can be made by using these natural food substances.

2. Low Fat Cheese

 calcium rich food

Low fat cheese is considered among one of the richest sources of calcium and mainly include part skim mozzarella, farmer’s cheese, string cheeses etc. Goat cheese, cheddar and Swiss cheese are mainly present in low fat forms.
A hundred gram of the low fat or mozzarella Non fat cheese contains 961 mg of calcium that is indeed a high quantity.

Similarly if you contain 1 cup of shredded cheese, you will have 1088 mg of calcium. These can be considered among the foods to lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

1. Low Fat Milk and Yogurt

No.1 calcium rich food

Milk is among the richest source of calcium in dairy products. 100 grams of milk contain 183 milligrams of calcium in it and 448 mg is present in one cup of milk. Similarly other dairy products like non fat yogurt has 49 percent of calcium, whole yogurt has 30 percent, non fat milk has 31 percent and low fat milk contains 30 percent of calcium.

Owing to the highest content of calcium in milk, it has been widely recommended to give children milk for their proper bone growth and teeth eruption. Elderly people are also advised to use dairy products on daily basis to prevent the bone diseases.