Top 10 Cheapest Cars in the World 2016

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Welcome all car lovers. We know you all want the best luxury car but that will remain a dream for many of us including myself. Although we dream about Ferrari’s and other such beauties our pocket just does not allow us this delight. Around the world cars are a passionate topic for car fanatics and even for the common man. Because for life to move on a large chunk of us have to move from point A to point B. Public transport may not always be suitable or available. Therefore Cheapest Cars is a topic that is pertinent to us all. Whether driver or rider, young or old.

Coming to the point now we all want a car, we all want the best, but not all of us have money for the best car. Then what should we do. Just like all other good things you have to start small and from there build. So if you do not have the large sums of money to buy your dream car right now do not worry we have just the thing for you. A list of the cheapest cars in 2016. All your needs can now be met.

Cheapest cars, are easy to buy. The common belief is if you paid less for it, it is probably not that good. Car companies around the world are now trying to change that perception they provide their brand proposition in all price ranges. So even if you pay less you will get a car with modern facilities , it will be fuel effective and robust. Most of the cars mentioned even come with a warranty to further ease you apprehensions.

10. Toyota Yaris

cheapest cars

Toyota is a Japanese car company. Famous throughout the world for providing us with robust, good quality cars. Their cars will last you years. They reflect the Japanese work ethic. The Japanese are aefficientand effective people much like their car. Toyota is one of the biggest companies in the automotive industry for many years. They have one of the best research and development departments in the world that provide us with some of the best innovative new cars.

So it is no shocker that a Toyota made it into our top 10 cheapest cars in the world 2016. The experts in Toyota have produced a high performing car for us on one of the lowest budget with great performance. The car has a 1.5 L engine. It has 16 valve and 4 cylinders. The car also comes with a 5 year warranty. According to customer reviews it has a very comfortable drive and gives great service for such a low price of 16,395$. If you want a trustworthy brand name and a good quality and cheapest cars buy the Toyota Yaris.

9. Mazda2

9th cheapest cars

Coming in at number 9 is also a Japanese car. The Mazda is a cult favourite car. It has chiselled good looks and upscale interior. It also shows that downsizing no longer means compromising. The 1.5-liter four-cylinder makes just 100 hp, but the 2 is more a carver of corners anyway. In addition, Mazda developed the 2 from the ground up using lightweight Skyactiv technologies to help boost efficiency while amplifying driving fun.

A six-speed automatic is available, but we recommend the six-speed manual for maximum amusement. Customers that are buying the car are very pleased with its performance. The car’s invoice price is 16364$ with a low annual cost at 1300$.

8. Chevy Sonic

cheapest cars

Chevy an American automobile company has cars in various price ranges. All of them give a great drive the brand inculcates its brand proposition, its promise to its loyal customers through all its products. Although this Chevy is priced in accordance to the common man’s income it has not compromised in quality. The car has the engine of 1.8L. The cost of the car is 16320$. Furthermore it is a good selling point for the economic common man that the car has a low annual cost of 1350$.You get all the modern facilities at such a low cost along with a great drive.

7. The Scion IQ

cheapest cars

Although this is not a famous name, do not be let down the car has a 1.3 L engine. It has a very low annual fuel cost of 1050$. Because it is not a famous name you may be worried to purchase this car but do not worry as the company has got you covered, they provide a 5 year warranty or a 36000 miles warranty. Thus if you want an affordable car with a good payback I would definitely invest. Also scion is a marque of Toyota started in 2003. So if you trust Toyota you can trust scion as it is there product. Toyota has a great market image.

6. Kia Rio

 cheapest cars

Number 6 on the cheapest cars list in the world is another unknown name. The Kia Rio is a subcompact car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Kia since August 2000. All great companies were once unknown . So do not worry, why because the company gives a 10 year or 100,000 miles warranty. What else can a man ask for? At such a low price of 15,632 $ with a very low annual fuel cost. According to the market it is a very good car plus the company gives a 10 year warranty there is no risk. I say go for it !

5. Ford Fiesta (one of the Cheapest Cars)

cheapest cars 2016

Ford is a huge name across the globe. The American car company first took over the American automobile market and is now, slowly but surely taking over the world especially markets such as that of the United Kingdom. Not only is the Ford Fiesta one of the most cheapest cars of 2016 it has also come as the number one bestselling car in the world in 2016. Just by that you can see the high demand for such an affordable car. The car has a 1.6 L engine. The car gives a great drive and is one of the best cars for long drives.

4. Mitsubishi Mirage

 cheapest cars

Mitsubishi another Japanese car that has made it to our list. The Japanese sure know how to make some of the best and affordable/cheapest cars in the world. When we think they just cannot do any better than this, they just prove us wrong.The Mitsubishi mirage is one of the most attractive cars in the market. The car has a 1.2 L engine .The annual cost of fuel is $950. This car also comes with a 10 year warranty and has great reviews in the market. Another interesting factor is that is comes in various colours. So chose your favourite.

3. Chevy Spark

cheapest cars

Another Chevy in our list, much like the Chevy mentioned before the car provides the company’s promise just at a lower price. The car seats are very good so you will have an exceptional journey. The car has a 1.2 L engine with a market value of 1440$. it is an 84 horsepower. Also comes with a 5 year warranty.

2. Nissan Versa

 cheapest cars

The Nissan is also a Japanese car and it has made it to our second most cheapest cars in the world. This car has exceptional review in the market and online. It is the perfect price for a common man who needs private transport. Because the price is so low I would even recommend it to young adults. The car has a 1.2 L engine and a market value of 1300$. Isn’t the price just astounding especially for a car with a 5 year/60000 miles warranty. The company is consistent with its great image even at such a low price this car gives all the suitable services. If you have a family and you want an affordable car, this should be your top pick!

1. Smart Fortwo Coupe

cheapest cars 2016

Coupe are loved by many car fanatics.Number 1 on our list of cheapest cars in the world in 2016 is a smart car the smart fortwo. This car is the best for single people or couples. The perfect car for a young aspiring individual at such a low price. So you don’t have to spend all your hard earned cash just on transportation. This car will satisfy your private transportation needs and even provide other facilities included in the car. The car has a 1.0 L engine. With a 4 year/5000 miles warranty. With a low annual fuel cost of only 1250$.

The only con of buying this car is that if you are a family man the seating will be insufficient in that case we recommend you buy our second top cheapest pick of 2016. But if that is not a problem for you I recommend you buy the car.I hope our top 10 was helpful for you in choosing your car,it sure helped me in buying my car. Good luck on buying the best affordable car!