Top 10 Controversial Biologists in the History

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Biology is a field of science that involves the study of life. A lot of experiments and studies are performed in this field, most of them become a theory or law, some of them remain incomplete and some of them are rejected. The scientists or more precisely the biologist have worked very hard to put forth new discoveries and proved their experiments by devoting their whole lives. However; some of the biologists failed to do so and they are considered to be as Controversial Biologists in the history.

We are describing the list of top 10 Controversial Biologists that have done crazy experimentation and odd works.

10. John Lilly

John C. Lilly was a physician

John C. Lilly was a physician and neuroscientist. Besides he was also a psychoanalyst, philosopher, writer and inventor. He is considered as one of the most  controversial biologist of his time owing to his studies on marine life. He researched about dolphin communication, isolation tank to find out their cognitive abilities. John Lilly underwent a study on psychedelic drugs as well and started taking LSD to perform experiments on him.

One of the weirdest things on his part was flooding of his house with water to continue his experimentation in isolation along with his secretary that led to many behavioral changes in his personality including sexual demands. His theory remained neglected after his cognitive deterioration.

9. Harry Harlow

Harry HarlowHarry Harlow was a psychologist and a primatologist who had done a lot of experimentation on rhesus monkeys. He is considered as one of the controversial biologist owing to his strange experiment and methods that he used for his studies. His methods included the separation of rhesus monkey babies from their mother and allowed to raise them in the supervision of surrogate mothers.

He also studied the needs of being dependent of three monkeys and also the effects of social isolation using weird methodologies like frightening of monkeys with drum and monsters. He also created rap rack for the female monkeys to study about the changes in behavior. This all put him in the list of controversial biologists of America.

8. George Price

one of the controversial biologists in the history

George Robert price is a Population Geneticist of 20th century who is considered as one of the bizarre and controversial biologist. He was basically a physical chemist but later on he worked as science journalist. He has done very influential work in altruism and game theory, to bring new theories in behavioral ecology. He also redefined an equation related to altruism of a population.

To prove his theory about altruism, he allowed many alcoholics to live with him at his place and provided them with his earning to continue his experiments. After he spent all his possessions with fear of failure in his mind, Price committed suicide in London.

7. Sergei Brukhonenko

one of the controversial biologists in the history

Professor Sergei Brukhonenko was one of the soviet scientists who had performed a lot of experiments about open heart surgery and his studies were vital in developing the procedure. However; he is considered as one of the bizarre and controversial biologist due to his weird methods and experiments used in his studies. He developed autojector for body organs to function in isolation. In his times, it was famous that he can keep the head alive after his famous experiment on dog’s head using this device.

6. Controversial Biologists Richard Herrnstein

Herrnstein was a researcher

Richard Herrnstein was a researcher in animal behavior and put forth quantitative analysis of behavior. He is added among the list of most controversial biologists and his work was immensely criticized due to his poor analysis and weird assumptions. His work also showed that he was a racist and believed that equality in society cannot be achieved owing to different genetic abilities using bell curve for cognition in US societies.

5. Randy Thornhill

controversial biologists

Randy Thornhill is considered as one of the controversial biologists of the present times. He is an entomologist and an evolutionary biologist who was a co author of book showing biological basis of sexual coercion. During his studies on scorpion flies he studies about forced copulation. Later on he gave the statement that rape is a natural act showing that its prevention is not necessary. His bizarre mentality made him a bizarre and controversial biologists and his work was widely criticized.

4. Paul Stamets

he is a mycologist

Paul E. Stamets is a mycologist belonging to America who has done a lot of work in bioremediation and medicinal mushroom and has written books about it. He has approached fungus is a revolutionary way and focused on its practical application. However some of his statements are strange like he considers that mycelia networks are most intelligent beings and fungus grow mycelia based on mathematical optimization. He is considered as one of the controversial biologists who is working on nanocomputer nowadays using fungus.

3. Morris Goodman

American Molecular anthropologists

Morris E. Goodman is one of the American Molecular anthropologists and author as well. He has worked on primates his whole life. He is also being considered as one of the controversial biologists of history. He advance the darwin’s theory of evolution that showed that human and chimpanzees have a lot of common. In 2003, his worked proved that there is 99.4 percent similarity in the genes of human and chimpanzees.

2. Robert Dunn

a writer and a professor

Robert Dunn is also considered as one of the controversial biologists. He is a writer as well as a professor in biological science in North Carolina State University. He gave hygiene hypothesis and is concerned about parasitology. He is much concerned about extinction of several parasites and the consequence of that. His experiments can lead to exposure of human species to several diseases.

1. Charles Cockell

Astrobiology at university of Edinburgh

A professor of Astrobiology in university of Edinburgh, Charles S. Cockell, is considered to be one of the most bizarre and controversial biologists of the history. He is also the director of UK Center for Astrobiology. He is of the view that if you deliberately cause the extinction of a species, then it is against ethics. He supports microbial ethics and asks to preserve and bacterial or algal growths contaminating the environment and is among one of the most bizarre and controversial biologists.