Top 10 Countries for Helping Strangers

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We are here with another top 10 for you. Different nations, and their citizens help strangers at varying degrees. Some people are just softer hearted towards strangers and others in need through the culture inculcated in their national society whereas others have different opinions when it comes to helping strangers in need. Some countries people prefer helping people who they know rather than trust and help strangers. There point of view may be that they do not know the stranger and so if the strangers need is valid. Or if it would be safe helping the stranger. Furthermore there are nations present who are so far below the poverty line that there citizens can barely help themselves, while otherwise they are very helpful and welcoming people.

Had they had the ability to help strangers, they gladly would have. This top helping countries is based on a leading UK based charity called Charities Aid Foundation (CIF). They are the publishers (WGI) world giving index. This index is based on three basic deeds, helping a stranger, donating money, and volunteer time. Since when time is volunteered and donations are given, they are mostly to; help as a whole society or underprivileged individuals who are strangers therefore we will take WGI as the bases of this top 10.

10. Malaysia

helping strangers

Malaysia is one of the countries which has most improved its position recently on the WGI. It has increased it giving, helping and volunteering for strangers a great deal from the previous year. Also it is the only Islamic country in the top 10 list whereas other Islamic countries do have a good position in the WGI but did not make it to the most recent WGI (such as United Arab Emirates and Bahrain).

Malaysia is a country populated with Muslims. According to the religion of Islam it is a form of worship to give donation, help another (whether stranger) in need and to volunteer to help others. One of the basic pillars of the religion of Islam is ‘’Zakat’’ which is basically a form of charity the fortunate once in the society give to those that are less fortunate. Therefore Muslims of Malaysia go a great deal of charity, volunteer and helping in small and large ways (according to each person’s ability)

9. Ireland

IrelandThe ninth country in our top 10 countdown is Ireland .The country famous for the colour green, pots of gold and four leaf clovers. The Irish are a very helpful people according to the CAF, WGI, Ireland has a 67% in donation a 41 % in volunteer work and a 59% in helping strangers. But in the 2014 WGI Ireland was fourth place, it has fallen 5. Although it’s is a small country in Europe it has made its presence felt throughout the years with its helpful ways. We wish Ireland luck in restoring its previous higher position.

8. Sri Lanka

helping strangers

Although Sri Lanka has recently come out of troubled times itself (with the Guerrilla warfare). Its people are generous and helpful towards strangers. They have lived in not so good times for some time thus they know, how important help is to a person, even a stranger in need. Therefore they do not fail to help. Even though they are just stabilizing themselves recently.

The country has a strong commitment towards volunteering with a highest position (apart from Myanmar’s 50%) in volunteering at 48% .There people work together to benefit one another, stranger or friend. The country also has a substantially high 60% in helping others and a 59% in donations.

7. Netherland

helping strangers

A small country located in Europe, Netherland following its first ever placement outside the top 10 last year ,the country has returned with a bang at number seven, with rising percentage across all three measures in the WGI (helping strangers , donation and volunteer work). It a substantially high 73% in donation a high 59% in helping strangers and a reasonable (as compared to other nations) 36% in volunteer work.

6. United Kingdom

helping strangers

The United Kingdom being one of the high income countries comes in at sixth place in the top 10 helpful countries to strangers. With 75% according to the WGI for donation. As United Kingdom is known to give a large amount of donations even in terms of scholarships to the large amounts of students that apply to their world renowned universities. One of the major reasons why UK is not doing much better on our top 10 list in the low percentage it has in terms of volunteering. The United Kingdom citizens better pick up there volunteering to help others and strangers if they want to pick up their rankings in the coming years.

5. Australia

top in helping strangers

Australia makes it to number 5 in helping strangers with the highest percentage in donating from all 3 sections of the WGI at 72%.The company is known to help strangers as it is a country rich with various people of various cultures living together in harmony. Australia has in the past opened its doors to various immigrants, as one example of helping strangers.

4. Canada

helping strangers

Canada makes it to our fourth position for the top 10 countries for helping strangers. This should come as no surprise as the nation is full of peaceful and helpful people according to other polls and statistic as well for example it has held very high positions in many of the past years for most peaceful nations in the world. Also the country takes in, welcoming a large amount of strangers and helps them rehabilitate in the form of immigrants from war torn or developing countries. Canada has a 67% in donations, a 69% in helping strangers (the highest among 3) and a substantially high as compared to other nations 44% in volunteer work.

3. New Zealand

helping strangers

The country  with the highest ranking in helping strangers is New Zealand. With a 65% in helping strangers, a 73% in donating money and a 44% in volunteer work according to the WGI score of CAF in percentages. The country’s citizen make a great effort through various ways,and have thus made their country the top country, for being the most helpful .

2. United States of America

helping strangers

The United States of America is well known for helping strangers even in terms of countries ( for example with USAID).Therefore it is no shock that the united states of America has come second in the recent WGI but was first place in the previous WGI. It has ever so slightly come second place to our first placeholder.Their place has been taken primarily because of the reduction in money being donated from 68 % in the last WGI to 63% in the present WGI .United states of America although still holds the first position in helping stranger with a 76 % in the CAF, WGI.

1. Myanmar (top in Helping Strangers)

no.1 country in helping strangers

Officially the Republic of the union of Myanmar, and more famously known as Burma Is located in Southeast Asian. According to most recent data Myanmar is ranked the highest (first place) as the most giving country. Whereas according to the last data it shared this place with United States of America. NowUnited States of America rates 5% below them. Myanmar ranks at a 66% in the WGI of CAF. When divided it ranks 92% in donation (the highest) and 50% in volunteer work (the highest). Also it holds a 55% in helping strangers. Myanmar is one of the first countries to some first in 2 areas within the WGI since Liberia in 2010.Almost 5 years later.

It is to be notes that the majority of Myanmar’s people are highly devout Theravada Buddhists, regularly giving money and time to ordained monks and nuns, and for the upkeep of temples. Such charitable giving is integral to religious observance among Theravada Buddhists (much like many other religions) .In many cases, the amounts given will be very small, they still have significant religious meaning and so individuals give regularly, sometimes even on a daily basis Another point worth highlighting is that Myanmar is classified by the World Bank as a lower middle income group country. Thus there are many other high income countries it is outshining with half the resources such as for example the united states of America and the United Kingdom.

Therefore they are breaking the assumption that wealth leads to increased generosity. They are proving to the world that even if you give, help and volunteer a little every day you can make a great difference. Helping Is based on inner will rather than wealth. Kudos to Myanmar for becoming the top 10 country in helping strangers and breaking the wealth and generosity stereotype. We hope you will keep up the good work in the future, may you hold your position as number one top helping countries, In the coming years as your good deeds of helping others through general help, volunteer work and donation increase through times.