Top 10 Countries in the World with their Best Food

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Food is the basic need of life. Not only required for living, but also the taste of the food matters a lot. A well presented, delicious food is liked by everyone. Best Food is what not only appeals you with its appetizing odor but also makes you fall in love with it and you end up eating it again and again. Every country offers you its best food.

However it is a known fact that the some countries have Delicious variety of food as compared to other countries food. Although the ingredients used are more or less are same but maybe it is the combination of ingredients, quantity, and way of cooking that makes the food in different countries unique.

Then go through the list of these Top Ten Countries in the world that offer you best food with their delightful food flavors and appetizing dishes.

10. Turkey

best foods in the world

The Turkish food is one of the best food all around the world and it goes back to its history that is related to Ottoman Empire. The best Turkish cuisine came from its history and has also influence of the culinary culture from Middle Eastern countries. The association of European cuisine with Turkish food also holds a strong position.

The Turkish food is mainly cooked by using olive oil giving it a great aroma and delicious taste. Many of the dishes in its cuisine were invented during Ottoman Empires time. Fish is also used in Turkish cuisine Most of the Turkish cuisine dishes have spicy taste and contain dishes like kofte, kebab etc that are among the best food in the world.

9. Spain

one of the best foods

Spanish food is considered as one of the best food all around the world with its influential taste all around the world. The use of cheese and ham and other food products from sea make their dishes a specific taste with their unique seasoning. Most of their dishes are served with a glass of wine.

If you are food lover, you must have tried Spanish food. The number of best food variety in Spain showing the culture of different countries is because of their history. Most of the Spanish food belongs to the Roman times like the use of mushroom in their dishes. Nearly 90 percent of olive oil in the world is produced by Spain o they use olive to cook their best food.

8. Thailand

food of thailand

Thailand is among the top countries with the best food available there. It is although a very small island. The food of Thailand gives a perfect mixture of several delicious flavors combined in the perfect way. The salty, sweet and sour tastes in a single dish give you the best taste and best food.

Most commonly Thailand cuisine uses rice, fish, pork, noodles and chicken which are among the staple food there. Thai food is more tradition and is soothing to the palate of food lovers. The exotic flavors and appetizing odor of their food along with the delicious bulk of food in your mouth urges you to eat Thai food again and again, making it among the best food in the world.

7. United States

best food of America

The best food of America actually belongs to other several nations which were invaded by Americans and also those countries that came to settle in America adding their cuisine flavors in American cuisine. All the mixture of food in America was molded into their own flavor by their chefs who utilized the various cuisines and brought out their best food flavors and quality. Basically the American food is like British food.

The seafood and grilled vegetables and meat along with the fast food make the important part of American cuisine. Hamburger that basically belongs to the Germans is famous all over in America. Similarly pizza which is Italian in origin has become one of the famous foods of America’s. No doubt, America took the ideas from other cuisines, but modified it in their own way putting forth the best food.

6. China

there is best food in China

Chinese food has gained a lot of popularity all around the globe and is considered as one of the best foods. In every restaurant menu, you are going to find a special section of Chinese food in it. Along with that, new Chinese restaurants are being opened in every country in the world. The Chinese food attracts you owing to its colorful looks and one of its own kind tastes.

Chinese recipes usually involve the usage of vegetables that make them fresh as well as healthy. For seasoning, you are provided with a variety of Chinese sauces. The Chinese food is usually not too spicy and they are easy and simple to cook. Main ingredients used in Chinese dishes include rice, vegetables, noodles, beef and chicken making its cuisine the best one with the best food for meal lovers. The usage of eggs and milk in their desserts makes them delicious and healthy as well.

5. France

famous salad and desserts of france

French food has dominated all over the world with its best food quality and taste. It has been given the name of Kitchen of Love among all the other European countries cuisines making it both sophisticate and modern at the same time. France keeps its pace with the other countries in modifying its dishes and keeping its traditions along with its cuisine.

The best wines and loveable desserts like pastries after a variety of delicious main courses and salads would make you fall in love with their cuisine. This goes back to history and is taught in many cooking schools as the French food is cooked in different way than usual food. The main dishes include French fries that are famous all around the world, Bisque, terrine etc. The cheese which is a part of every cuisine now has basically the invention of France.

4. India

indian/ asian best food

Asian food gained a lot of popularity in the recent times and is moving high up in the list of countries with best food. The food has a variety of flavors to offer owing to its history which led to the mixing of different cuisines from different countries. Asian people are peculiar about the choice of the food and always want best food. The religious and cultural values are different however in different parts of the countries and the addition of vegetables and meats depends upon that. Most of their dishes are spicy.

The history of Muslims, Mughal Emperor, has added a number of delicious and excellent flavors in their cuisine. Similarly the European touch in their food and increased use of potato owing to the Portugal history adds a great quality and flavour to their food.

3. Japan

best food of japan

Japan is well known for its best food all around the world. The main ingredient of Japanese cuisine is fish as it is the largest producer of fish and other seafood all around the world. That is the reason that most of their dishes are made up of seafood in various forms. They usually present their seafood in the form of grilled food or fried food.

Japanese food mainly use soy sauce in their every dish nearly and also use white boiled rice which is considered their staple food along with seafood. The use of little oil and less spices makes their food much healthier. The salads are popular in Japan and they use fish and other seafood in them.

2. Mexico

top best food countries | mexico

Mexico has been include in the list of top ten countries with best food and is moving towards the top of the list being at number three now. Mexican Cuisine is basically a mixture complex of various European cuisines as well as Spanish cuisine. The ingredients mainly used to make the best Spanish food is corn, chili, beans along with the meat which may be chicken, beef pork, etc.

The Mexican food did not use milk, cheese and other dairy products but this came owing to the Spanish food inspiration. The use of Africans and Asian ingredients also gave the Mexican food a different and unique flavor. The best food quality the flavor and taste of Mexican food has conquered the food lover’s palate and they end up becoming addicted to this best food.

1. Italy with their Best Food

Italian foodsNo doubt, if you are in search of the best food all around the world, then Italy is the best option. The simplest yet tastiest foods available in Italian restaurants deserve much appreciation. Italian food constitute mainly of staple foods mainly like tomato, olive oil, pasta, tuna fish and beef.

You can find immense varieties of pizza, pasta and seafood in Italian cuisines that are cooked in a variety of delicious ways. Italian coffee which is called espresso is famous all over the world. The target of Italian chefs is to provide the best food to their visitors by using the best ingredients. Most commonly they use olive oil in their food to give it a peculiar taste.