Top 10 Countries with Healthiest Food

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Health is related to our eating habits. To remain healthy, the Healthiest Food is required to be taken. Many countries have unhealthy cuisines that are responsible for food related diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and many more. High fat and salt content of the food over long term along with high spices used and lack of fresh food like vegetable salads, fruit juices etc is responsible for the poor health of people of modern time.

The fast food has taken over the healthy food and is responsible for the emerging disease. But still there are countries which are promoting their healthiest food as compared to the fat food and other cuisines not good for health. So you should choose your food carefully.

Here is the list of Top T0en Countries in the world with healthiest food that helps in maintaining good health and longevity.

10. Indonesia

healthiest food

Indonesian cuisine has been ranked among the healthiest food all around the world as they offer some really healthy and fresh meals. Along with the colors and variations in the flavor present in Indonesian food, the numbers of healthy ingredients like rice, soups, noodles which are made up of meat make their cuisine not only delicious but healthy as well.

Rice is the rich source of protein and is the major staple food in Indonesia. Similarly the use of grains like maize, potato, breadfruit, sago etc in their daily meals is responsible for health of the people. The main vegetables preferred by Indonesian people are green leafy vegetables like spinach, cassava, eggplant and many more to make their soups and curries is important.

Furthermore, most of the people in Indonesia are vegetarians and the use of meat is far less and they only use seafood in their cuisine to fulfill their protein requirement. All the substances used by Indonesians, make their food the healthiest food all around the world.

9. Israel

healthiest food around the world

The food products used in Israel make their food among the healthiest food all around the world. Israeli people prefer the usage of healthy substances like beans and other legumes and fresh vegetables that are cooked in olive oil. Also it is a compulsion in their cooking that they use a number of herbs and spice which don’t only enhance the flavor but also have high nutritious value.

The delicious hummus is cooked by using taijin that have high content of micronutrients. A specific vegetable call yellow ginger that is mainly found in Israel is widely used in its food that not only tastes great but also helps in digestion and maintenance of metabolism. Similarly the use of mint in their salads saves them from the deficiency of vitamins A, C and manganese.

8. South Korea

healthiest food and best eating habits

South Korean people are considered among the healthy and most active people all around the world. The main reason behind is their healthiest food and best eating habits. Korean meals are usually low fat meals that mainly include fish, vegetables and noodles. In addition to that, the use of kimchi in their meals three times a day helps them to maintain their health. Kimchi is made up of pickled vegetables and is usually spicy.

Although some unhealthy substances are also included in their meals like the grilled meat but this is eaten only on special occasions or on holidays. However the amount of beef is still far less than that consumed by Americans. Owing to that, the rate of obesity in Korean people is only 10 percent which is far better than many other nations.

7. Spain

healthiest food in Spain

The food of Spain ranks among the healthiest food all around the world. The ingredients that make the foundation of Spanish food include vegetables and fruits that are rich in fibers and other products which are low in fats. The cooking of Spanish food is done in olive oil to cook their legumes and vegetables that enhances the nutritive value of the meals. The excessive use of sea food is also a main reason for the health of Spanish people.

Furthermore Spanish meals are also rich in citrus fruits and dry fruits like almonds that are among the best foods for health. Their method of cooking and the ingredients they use all help to make the healthiest food in Spanish cuisine.

6. Italy

italy has healthiest food

Who doesn’t like Italian food? It is loved by the palates of each and every food lover. But the traditional dishes like pastas and pizzas are not among the routine meals in Italy. Such high caloric meals along with meat and cheese are served on special occasions. The main and regular meals of Italian dishes constitutes of legumes and fresh vegetables along with the pasta that is made up of wheat.

All these food substances make Italian food among the healthiest food all around the world. The use of olive oil in nearly all the dishes enhances their flavor and makes the meals healthy as well because it is made up of unsaturated fats. Cooking methods like baking, grilling or steaming also help to make the food healthy.

5. France

low calories french diet

You might not agree with the fact French food is among the healthiest food in the world. The reason is the cheese food along desserts containing high amount of sugar and chocolate which are among the French cuisine. But still the people of France are active and healthy without gaining weight.

The main reason behind all this is French people do not take snacks in between the meals and along with that the serving size of their meals is sufficient for daily caloric requirement and they don’t eat huge amounts of food. This all is responsible for maintaining their health. Also they prefer those food items that have undergone high temperature processing like stewing, baking etc. which are among the healthiest food making methods.

4. Sweden

dairy food of sweden

Sweden, although a small country, but has less obesity rate in their nation along with higher life expectancy i.e. around 81 years. The healthiest food of Sweden mainly consists of dairy products along with brown bread. There is also the usage of fresh fruits and vegetables like cherries. The protein component is balanced by the addition of fish in their food.

The increased amount of calcium present in dairy products is helpful to burn fats and bread along with cherries contains antioxidants. The presence of fish in their food is the main source of vitamin E that keeps the skin and heart in proper function. Also the exercising habits of Swedish people along with the healthiest food are responsible for their healthy lives.

3. China

healthiest food in World

Chinese cuisine has become so much popular all over the world with its offering of the healthiest food. The Chinese restaurants can be found in every country even in your own hometown. But to your surprise, the food we are provided at these restaurants is much more different from the original food in China.

The healthiest food of China is made up of mainly fresh vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes mainly. You are going to find cabbage, soy, daikon, garlic and ginger in nearly every meal in china. The substances are not only added up to bring out the delicious taste but also have immense benefits for our body. Another important aspect of Chinese food is that it is fried in less amount of oil which keeps the nutritious value of food intact.

2. Singapore

healthiest food Singapore

Who does not love the healthiest Singaporean food? Although it lacks the various variety of food as present in other countries’ cuisine still it presents you the healthiest all around the world. The main component, rice, which is also the staple food in the country, is present in more than 80 percent of dishes.

The presentation of fresh vegetables cooked lightly in Singaporean rice makes it the healthiest. The protein sources like eggs, meat and fishes are also widely used in their cultural food while vegetables and rice are most commonly used at homes.

Another healthy habit of Singaporeans is their avoidance of heavy sweet meals and desserts instead they prefer fruits and simple puddings without adding sugar to it. Singapore, with its healthiest food has lowest degree of obesity just like Japan.

1. Japan No # 1 in Healthiest Food

No.1 healthiest food of world

Without any doubt, the healthiest food in the world is found in Japan. Japan is known as the country of the Rising sun owing to the freshness it has in its environment as well as in its cuisines. This healthiest food keeps the Japanese healthy for life and also they live longer lives with the life expectancy of 82 years.

The main components of Japanese food are fresh vegetables like broccoli, Kale, zucchini and many more. The higher content of proteins present in the form of fish, soy and other sources. All these habits are responsible for the best health of Japanese. Furthermore, it is a tradition over there that they don’t fill their stomach during meal times so their obesity rate is around 1.4 percent only owing to their healthiest food and best eating habits.