Top 10 Diets That Went Wrong Ever

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Dieting has become more than a trend now. Many people follow it as a style even if they don’t need it. According to the studies conducted, it was found out that more than half of the population follows some kind of diets in a year. Diets can mainly help you in losing weight and if you have chosen the right diet it can give you a healthy body system. Such diets should be chosen that are healthy and simple and don’t choose such Diet that Went Wrong and comfortable to follow such diet.

But the thing is how to choose the best diet for you? You are provided with a hundred of diets for weight loss that may range from simples juices and detoxes to complex cooking broths and much more. Sometimes you start following some diet recipe blindly but that might not work for you and may even cause damaging effects to your body.

We are here mentioning briefly Top Ten Diets that went wrong and should not be followed.

10. Gluten free diet

diet went wrong

It is one of the kind of diet that went wrong. People are of the opinion that if you will stop eating gluten then you will lose weight. Gluten is present in wheat, rye, barley and many other substances which may be considered staple foods in some countries. However the story is totally wrong. Gluten has no relation with weight loss at all.

It is restricted in the people who are suffering from celiac disease and they have gluten sensitivity. So they avoid the gluten that helps them to gain weight instead of losing. People who want to have gluten free diet, start eating junk food and other such substances, but they end up gaining weight and eating food that is unhealthy.

9. The Nazi Diet

diets that went wrong

Nazi diet is one type of diets that went wrong in the past. It is said that during the Second World War, German troop attacked the city Leningrad and stayed there for 900 days. The condition of food was so poor that millions of Russian died. The Russian that time, were advised to eat bread up to 400 grams and Vodka for around 100 grams and it was considered as a positive aspect that Russians would lose their weight.

This diet has been followed even now to lose weight however this has been rejected by the health experts. They are of the opinion that it is not basically a diet, it is starvation, and every one of us knows that starvation deadly and one of the worst diets ever.

8. The Tapeworm Diet

worst diets ever

Now this is one of the worst diet that went wrong ever. It involves the eating of such capsules that have eggs or head of beef tape worm also known as Taenia Saginata. This one of the bizarre diets goes back to 1800 century when people used to follow it especially women. But to your surprise even now people use it. Such an event has been held in the near history when a woman came to know about such weight losing capsules and started eating it but later on she ended in the hospital with severe abdominal pain. On investigation, a 32 feet long tape worm was present in her intestine responsible for her symptoms.

The etiology behind this was that tapeworm, a natural resident of our intestine and can consume your diet before absorption in the blood. That’s how you would lose calories and hence leading to weight loss no matter what you eat. But this can go worse. The worm can cause excruciating pain in your stomach, and you may end up having severe malnutrition. Also the worm can come out of your anus. This tapeworm diet was considered among truly failed diets.

7. The Cigarette Diet

Cigarette diet went wrong

It goes back in time to early 20th century when Lucy Strike, a cigarette maker held a campaign to promote his brand. The campaign was encouraging the women to smoke in order to lose their weight. They promoted the awareness that nicotine present in cigarettes can suppress your appetite and can help you lose weight. This fact turned a lot of women toward smoking and made it one of the most commonly used diets that time.

However even in present times, many people especially women follow this cigarette diet to keep them smart and say no to food. But all the health experts are completely against the diet as it causes the deterioration of your health and body systems like lungs. It is said that one should not keep his or her life at stake for weight loss by following such diet that went wrong.

6. The cotton Ball diet

diet that went wrong

Yes, the same cotton our clothes are made up of can also be used as a diet but it was a totally failed diet that went wrong of his time. Cotton is a type of fiber that grows on plants and makes up the clothes we wear and easy to wash. But have you ever thought of using cotton as a diet? People have used this strategy to follow cotton ball diets for weight loss. The cotton balls are eaten as they are fibrous in nature. But to make these inedible balls palatable, dry cotton balls are soaked in water or in some juice and then eaten.

This diet was used by many people in order to lose weight but in actual it was one of the failed diets. First of all it does not provide you any calories; any nourishment and your body might suffer severe malnutrition. Secondly the cotton balls are not digestible, so they may get lodged in your intestine in the form of bezoar and block them that might lead to constipation, abdominal pain, ulcers, bleeding and perforation. So this is one of the diets that went wrong.

5. Red Bull Diet that Went Wrong

diet that went wrong

Who is not aware of Red Bull, the energy drink? It is the slogan of the company that red bull gives you wings. This drink however is also used as a part of weight losing diets. A woman in New Zealand has started taking around 14 cans of Red Bull in a day in order to lose weight. But the facts about using Red Bull as a diet come out to be totally opposite.

The analysis about Red Bull diet stated that, first of all it is expensive. If you take 14 cans of Red Bull per day, you are pending around 20 dollars for it. Secondly the major fact about this weight losing diet, you are consuming around 1700 calories per day instead of 1200 calories per day that are recommended for weight loss so all your diet is going opposite to weight loss.

The most important thing to notice I the high content of sugar present in Red Bull and may help you gaining weight instead of losing it. However the lady Brooke who started it, ended up in a poor condition of health where she had jitters, insomnia and strong addiction of caffeine and ended up in hospital stay.

4. The Acupuncture

top 10 diets that went wrong

This idea of weight loss diets came from China and it was assumed that if you locate your acupuncture points this can help you lose weight. However the acupuncture points can help you get relief from pain but how the weight loss happens? Ear stapling is a type of acupuncture that is said to be associated with weight loss. The small staples are applied in the ear, in its inner cartilage and were left there as such for a few days to few weeks.

This can help you control your appetite and hence help you in losing weight. However it lacks proof that it is effective. Furthermore people perform this procedure without medical license and that can lead to infection or in severe condition can permanently destroy your ear in shape as well as function making if one of the ever failed diet that went wrong.

3. Feeding Tube Diet

no. 3 diet that went wrong

It is one of the gross diets that were ever used as weight losing. The idea was put forth by Dr.Oliver and was called as Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition. It involved the passage of a feeding tube or a drip from your nose in to your stomach and carrying bag with you all the time.

It was claimed that using this technique that may last for 10 days you may end up having lost 20 pounds of weight. But you will look weird and horrible by wearing that. Furthermore this one of the worst diet that went wrong and can also lead to infection, constipation, halitosis and many other side effects. And the more astonishing thing is you will end up gaining weight as soon as you will get the feeding tube removed.

2. Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol diet that went wrong

It is a type of medicine that has been widely used nowadays as a weight losing diets by many celebrities. It is basically a growth stimulating hormone which is nicknamed as clen. But this drug was previously used in animals for certain illnesses like respiratory illness.

Nowadays some insane dieticians have recommended its use as a weight lose diet and its addiction is even worse that cocaine. You can end up having tremors, nausea, vomiting, palpitations and even arrhythmias. This is considered as a poison that can make your life miserable and not recommended for weight loss.

1. The Breatharian diet

top diets that wrong

Survival on air is the basics behind this diet and is considered one of the worst diet that went wrong. It is a known fact that we need air to survive but it is not possible to survive solely on air. The breatharian diet is one of the diets, which is followed by people called breatharians and the process in called breatharianism. It works on the principle that a man only needs air and sunlight to survive and require no food and no water for your survival.

It sounds not only insane but also has deleterious effects on your body. This is true that if you won’t eat you will have your weight lost, but eventually your health will deteriorate and you will die eventually. A breatharian, Jasmuheen once claimed that she had not taken any food for years. However she was challenged to prove it but in 2 days she got dehydrated and ended up in hospital. So this will happen to the people who will try to live their lives by solely depending upon sunlight.