Top 10 Digital Camera Brands in the World

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Digital Cameras, an ordinary piece of equipment, that captures your extra-ordinary moments of life. The world has come a long way, starting off with old film roll cameras and coming to cameras the size of your palm that can not only operate for long hours but also capture every second in pure HD quality. Since, the birth of digital camera, they have gained significance place in our lives. In today’s generation that roams around social media, having a digital camera has become a necessity, every person needs one to let the world know about their social life.

For that purpose, a handy smartphone camera can also do the job, but any smart phone camera cannot compare to the quality of a digital camera. In today’s era, there are digital cameras available that match the requirement of every person be it casual photographs, food blogger, travel enthusiast or just any person who loves to shoot photos, there are digital cameras that suit everyone’s needs.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Many pictures that were taken by professional photographers shook the world, for instance, the picture of the amazing Afghani Girl that took the world by storm which was captured by Steve McCurry. Digital cameras that are used by professionals, whose full time job is dealing with photography, use the most advanced and top of the line digital cameras. These digital cameras are not only equipped with the most technical and modern features and technology, most of them even come at a hefty price.

Even after loads of research and collecting data, buying a digital camera is a tough job. Digital cameras have become quite complex and not everyone can understand with what they are dealing with. Beginners, who strive to become a professional photographer one day, might not need these advanced features. With a growing market for these digital cameras in an ever-shrinking world, many brands from all over the world have popped up. The quality of a digital camera majorly depends on the brand name, so it is very important to understand what brand you are buying.

Here is the list of 10 digital camera brands in the world.

10. GoPro

digital camera

Taking the number 10th spot is relatively newer brand in the market as compared to the others, GoPro. The idea behind the GoPro is to take HD pictures and videos in extreme action situations. The camera is very small and easy to use and is mounted onto vehicles which is then used to record adventurous moments. It is becoming very popular day by day.

9. Samsung

famous digital camera

One of the brands which has highly known for their top of the line electronic products. Samsung which is also famously known for their line of popular Smartphones, it comes to no surprise that they also produce one of the best and most innovative digital cameras. They offer a variety of ranges and there is always something for everyone.

8. Kodak

no.8 best digital camera

When it comes to which brand really excelled in the world of photography since its birth, Kodak is up at the top. Kodak was famous for their rolls which were used in digital cameras and then developed for the pictures. The brand was so popular at one that a “Kodak Moment” was used to express a photo being taken.

Kodak was most definitely the best in its time, but as the world undergoes technological advances, the brand has taken a beaten at the hands of other famous digital camera brands. Still, Kodak is one of the top brand and has a great product catalogue.

7. Fujifilm

digital camera

Taking the number 7th spot in our list of the best digital cameras, is Fujifilm. Fujifilm is the pioneer when it comes to digital cameras and digital imaging. Since, its birth, Fujifilm has greatly innovated itself to become one of the top brands in photography and has come up with great ideas to give the best picture quality. Fujifilm has one of the best selling DSLR cameras due to their features and amazing quality. Some of the famous models are X-E1 and X-

6. Pentax

digital camera

Pentax is one of the underrated brand of digital cameras today. It might not be in the same league as Canon and Nikon but they offer great picture quality and are used for modern photography. The retro design of the Pentax digital cameras, sets them apart from the others. They are known for being reliable and easy to use while being easy on the pocket.

5. Olympus

oldest brand of digital camera

Coming at number 3 in our list of digital cameras, is a brand that lives up to its Godly name, Olympus. Olympus is one of the oldest producers of digital cameras, the brand started off in 1936 and quickly made a name for itself. Since then, for many years Olympus has ruled over the kingdom of digital cameras. Famous for their innovative designs and great technology, the brand value has multiplied over the years.

The compact digital camera that Olympus produces are one of the best in the world and it is particularly known for them. They are ideal digital camera for amateurs, because they are very simple to use doesn’t mean that the picture quality is compromised. Olympus has maintained its standard over the years.

4. Panasonic

famous brand of digital brand

Panasonic has been around from a long time and it is still the global leader in electronics, which range from household appliances to Smart phones. Panasonic has been known for providing the best experience in terms of cameras. The digital cameras produced by them are very user friendly and offer the best features. Panasonic video cameras are highly used in the world for recording unmatchable HD videos, same as with the digital cameras. Panasonic, is truly innovation at its best.

3. Sony

leader in digital cameras

Taking the world of electronics by storm and being the leader of quality products is Sony. Sony which is famously known for their high end electronic devices and Gaming consoles has always been on top of their game when talking about innovation and product quality. Sony has launched a number of products since its birth that have set the standard, so it isn’t shocking knowing that the digital cameras produced are as great as anything else made by them.

Sony has revolutionized how pictures are captured, the camera there smart phones offer are top class. The digital cameras produced by Sony are very user friendly and easy to use. Sony digital cameras are extremely popular in both amateurs and professionals. The Cyber-shot series and the newly introduced Alpha series by Sony was a real game changer in the world of digital cameras, some of the best cameras offered by Sony are Cyber-shot RX100 Black, the Sony Alpha NEX-F3 Black and NEX-7 Black.

2. Nikon

digital cameras

Taking the number 2 spot is also the Japanese produced giant, Nikon. The class and style that Nikon has to offer, is matched by a very few number of brands in the world. Nikon is famous for producing the world’s first ever digital cameras in early 1917. In today’s world, Nikon is still one of the top manufacturers of Digital Cameras. Nikon actually started off making optical equipment and imaging products, after which they started producing digital cameras.

Presently, Nikon is the brand that most of the professional photographers around the world stick by, because of the amazing picture quality and cutting edge technology. Professionals aren’t the only ones who love Nikon, the digital cameras have developed a love and gained massive popularity with regular camera users. Nikon is truly one of the best digital camera brands in the world.

1. Canon (leader in Digital Cameras Brand)

No.1 digital cameras

The top spot in our list of the top 10 digital camera brand in the world is conquered by the undefeated king in the world of digital cameras, Canon. Canon has set the standard for digital cameras, starting in the early 1930’s, Canon still has the lead in the race of the best digital camera brands. It easily stands ahead of any other brand of digital camera.

The Japanese brand is so popular that every aspiring photographer or any professional photographer prefers a digital camera by Canon over any other brand. The digital cameras produced by Canon have loads of features and have the most advanced technology. For the newbie’s, Canon digital cameras are very simple and offer the most basic interfaces while maintaining the absolute best quality of the picture. For the professionals, the digital cameras offer the most advanced features that give out an absolute gem of a picture.

While there are so many options to choose from, the best digital cameras that Canon produces are the Canon Powershot G12, Canon EOS 70D and the Canon Powershot S100. Canon is easily the best go to brand for digital cameras and is by far the absolute best.