Top 10 Energy Drinks in the World

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An Energy Drink or energy beverage is a non alcoholic drink that is stimulate you mentally as well as physically due to the caffeine present in the drink. It may be carbonated and may contain sugar, amino acids or herbal extracts to enhance your performance. The flavors may also be added in the Energy Drinks which may be natural or artificial.

The youngsters like to take energy drinks that can provide them strength especially during tough times like exams days, some physical activity or some sport. In the recent years, the energy drinks became so popular and are used widely. The different brand, different flavors experience continuous competition and struggle through it to rank in the top sold energy drinks.

We are here mentioning the Top 10 Energy Drinks in the world that are popular and widely used.

10. MiO

One of the best energy drink

MiO is one of the most popular energy drink, which have been ranked in the top 10 drinks energy drinks all around the world. The energy drink is owned by Kraft Foods. The energy drink comes mainly in two flavors, one is green thunder and the other is black cherry.

The other flavors include orange tangerine, fruit punch, strawberry watermelon, lemonade, sweet tea and mango peach. In the year 2013, this energy drink made a worldwide sales record of around sixty million dollars.

9. Shark Energy

energy drink

Shark is an energy drink that has been ranked among the top energy drinks that is most commonly sold in South East Asia. It was manufactured first in the year 1965 in Thailand by Osotspa Co. Ltd. And now it is available in more than 89 countries.

Caffeine is present in moderate amounts in this drink and it has the natural strawberry extracts and natural sugar of grapes. It comes in numerous variants like shark stimulation, shark lite, still shark energy drink, shark up and much more. The drinks are available in carbohydrate forms, non carbohydrate, sugar containing and sugar free.

8. Guru

top energy drink

This energy drink was originally formed in Canada and then became popular all around the world especially among women and children because of low amount of caffeine present in it. It is claimed by manufacturers that the drink is 100 percent natural and has less calories.

It is considered one of the most powerful energy drink that contain both natural and organic substances like green tea extracts. The sugar free version of Guru is Guru lite that contains cane juice.

7. Full Throttle

Sports Energy drink

Full throttle is the top energy drink that is more popular among young people who are involved in sports like motorsports. It was launched in the year 2004 by the Coca Cola Company. Later on, it was bought by National Hot Rod Association. However in 2015, all the energy drinks of Coca Cola were acquired by Monster Beverage.

The energy drink ha high content of caffeine and it should be avoided in large quantities. It comes in various variants like sugar free, full throttle fury, blue demon, frozen fury, coffee caramel mocha and vanilla.

6. Mother

Mother energy drink

This energy drink is mainly popular in Australia and New Zealand and is manufactured by Coca Cola Company. It was launched in the year 2006 and was re launched by the company in 2008. Its high sale record gives a high competition to Red Bull.

The energy drink contains high amount of caffeine and comes with a variety of flavors like mother surge, mother big shot, mother lemon bite, mother low carb, mother frosty bear and many others.

5. 5 Hour Energy Drink

 Top Energy Drink

This energy drink is one of the most popular energy drinks and ranks in top energy drinks. It is basically an American energy shot that is made by Living Essentials Company in 2009. It contains a very large amount of caffeine even greater than NOS so it is not advisable to take the drink in large amount.

The sweetening agent, Sucralose is used in it along with taurine, malic acid, citicoline and other amino acids. It is mostly consumed by athlete and sportsmen and should be avoided by children less than 12 years of age and pregnant females.

4. NOS

No.1 Sports Energy Drink

NOS is one of the top energy drinks that is popular among young people involved in sports. Earlier it was manufactured by The Coca Cola Company in the year 2005 but later on it was owned by Monster Beverage. The high content of taurine and caffeine makes it unsuitable to be taken in large amounts. The energy drink is available in several different flavors and a special sugar free flavor is available for people who have diabetes.

Although it is available in most of the countries, but it can also be purchased through online system. NOS comes in many variants like sugar free, fruit punch, Grape, Powershot, Loaded cherry and Charged citrus.

3. Rockstar

Rockstar Energy Drink

This is one of the top energy drinks is popular mainly in the West. It was first launched in the year 2001 and became very popular energy drink in the year 2008. However since its launching in the market, it competes well with the Red Bull energy drink. Now the drink is available in more than 30 different countries and also holds sponsorship of many sports events a well.

Rockstar drink comes in around 20 different flavors and it has three variants as well, carbonated, non carbonated and RTD coffee.

2. Monster Energy

top sports energy drink

Monster, one of the most popular energy drink, was released in the year 2002 by Monster Beverage Corporation that is a United States Company. The company also supports many sports events like BMX, snowboarding, Motocross, eSports and much more. It comes in black can with green logo. The caffeine content of the drink is moderate and it comes as with sugar and without sugar but it is not advisable to be taken by pregnant ladies.

The energy drink has recently become very popular in India. There are around 30 drinks that are manufactured under the name of monster. The monster energy drink comes in several variant like, Low Carb, Absolute Zero, Assault, Khaos, M80, M3, Rehab and many others.

1. Red Bull

Most Famous Energy Drink

The one and only Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drink all around the world but mainly popular in South Asia. It is one of the most consumed drinks and is manufactured by Austrian company GmbH. The drink was basically made in Thailand in the year 1987 and became popular worldwide. It has the highest record of sale globally. In the year 2012, it made the highest record with the sale of 5.4 billion.

It contains caffeine, sucrose, glucose, and vitamin B family. It is said that the drinks provide you wing when you need to fly. Red Bull comes in sugar free form for people with Diabetes. Red Bull Cola and some limited edition like cranberry are also used. Other variants include total zero, red edition, blue Edition, red and yellow edition.