Top 10 Facts about Watermelon

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Whenever summer knocks around, everyone starts looking for something that soothes the thirst and keeps them hydrated as well. If you want to find these benefits along with a relishing taste, Watermelon is the best to choose. It is one among the healthiest foods of the world, and mostly eaten fruit in summer. Not only a Watermelon is delicious, but it also has a plenty of water in it that’s offers protection in summer.

Watermelon is a flowering plant of southern Africa. It has a green outer shell like covering with dark green stripes with a deep red internal pulp having plenty of brownish black seeds. No doubt you may already know many facts about it, however there may be plenty that are out of your knowledge. Here are some wonderful facts about, that will surprise you and make you fall in love with your favorite watermelon even more.

10. Enhances Sexual Performance

eat watermelonsYes! You have read the right fact; It improves your sexual drive. In 2008, it was found through various researches that watermelon contains Viagra like properties in it. Citrulline, an essential amino acid, is present in large quantity in it. When taken, citrulline is converted in arginine that promotes the formation of Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the most essential part of initiation and maintenance of erection by causing the dilation of blood vessels and relaxation of smooth muscles. Owing to this fact, it has become widely popular among men with erectile dysfunction. Many researches are under conduct to find out more facts about watermelon in this field.

9. Cures Cardiovascular problems

watermelonHeart diseases have become one of the most common causes of death in recent era. The reason behind this fact also includes unhealthy eating along with many other facts. The American Journal of hypertension in 2014 published the results of their researches conducted on the uses of watermelon for high blood pressure.

The fact supporting this research is high potassium content of watermelon although citrulline also plays an important role in lowering blood pressure by relaxation of smooth muscles in vessels. Other compounds present in watermelon like lycopene, vitamin A, Vitamin C and cucurbitacin E also help in proving this fact about watermelon by their hypertensive properties. Recently watermelon has been declared as the best and healthiest food for heart patients as it lowers your cholesterol levels as well.

8. Protects from Ultraviolet Radiations

Ultraviolet Radiations

UV radiations are the most unavoidable hazard faced by people. You cannot sit all the time at home to save yourself from damages of UV rays like sunburn and this is a fact that excessive exposure to sunlight also can lead to skin cancers. Watermelon can help you with this too.

Lycophene is present in watermelon in a large amount that saves you from ultraviolet radiations. It is a carotenoid compound that is present in watermelon that possesses strong antioxidant properties. The fact has been supported by many studies that this compound provides protection against several skin diseases caused by sun exposure.

7. Reduces the Weight

watermelon helps to reduce weightMany foods, fruits and vegetables are used by people for reduction of weight by health conscious people. If these fat burning properties are added with taste, it makes a great combination. Watermelon is among such food that is a best package of delightful taste and weight loosing properties. Many facts have been found regarding this feature of watermelon that it reduces the fat accumulation in our cells.

It has low calories and low fat content that can help you to loose belly fats. It imparts a feeling of full stomach and prolongs the fullness by its high water content. You can add a watermelon with any other citrus fruit and can make a delicious drink and smoothies. It is among well proven facts that by making watermelon smoothies a part of your daily routine, you can lose up to several pounds a week.

6. Makes your Skin glow

melon helps to glow skinBeside other facts, skin care provision is also one of the benefits provided by watermelon. It is a naturally occurring astringent that adds moisture to your skin and keeps your face well glowing and hydrated. This is why it has proven best for skin treatment. It also reduces acne, pigmentation and scar marks formation by it free radical neutralizing properties. Another supporting evidence of this fact includes the presence of vitamin C that with its healing properties can prevent scar formation.

Eating a watermelon has its advantage no doubt, but it can be applied directly on skin in the form of masks. It’s puree can be mixed with other skin caring substances like cucumber, lemon etc. that gives an additional glow to the skin and makes it healthier looking than before. If used for prolonged time, it can impart long lasting anti aging effects.

5. Good for your Vision

for better eye sightVision is an integral part of our health system that requires special care. Along with the other beneficial facts about watermelon, its role regarding vision improvement has a special role as well. Beta carotene is a compound essential for eye care. Vitamin A is formed by beta carotene that improves the vision.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness and dryness in the eyes. Excessive amounts of vitamin A present in watermelon can not only prevents these vision disorders but also improves eyesight. Presence of vitamin C also supports the fact as it increases immunity and provides protection to skin and mucous membranes. If you take 100g of watermelon daily, your eye health problems will not be an issue anymore.

4. Protects against Cancer and Liver disease

watermelon for liver and cancerIt is a well-known fact that cancer causing substances are part of our food like nitrosamines. However we cannot deny the fact that many foods can provide you protection against cancers. It is among the foods that can protect you in this regard. Various phenolic compounds are present in watermelon like carotenoids, flavonoids etc. that ensures protection against cancer through their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function. These compounds also neutralize free radicals which can cause damage to the normal cells. It protects you from colon cancer, lung and liver cancers mainly.

Regarding the health of liver, watermelon detoxifies ammonia the liver and cleanses it. The processing of several liver diseases like cirrhosis and hepatitis can be slowed down by watermelon owing to the fact that it contains Vitamin B.

3. Cures Kidney diseases and infections

melonRenal stone and other kidney diseases can occur if you are not well hydrated. Watermelon saves you here too. Along with the hydration it provides, the minerals present in watermelon also improves the renal function as well. Increased amount of potassium and calcium present in it support this fact. It also has a diuretic action that increases the urine output helping in detoxification and maintaining a perfect electrolyte balance in the body.

As already discussed in the facts given above, several vitamins and minerals are present in watermelon that improves the immunity of body hence preventing infection. Vitamin A, B, C and minerals like calcium are among those substances present in it. Also the healing power of skin and other body systems is improved.

2. A Brain Booster

brain healthYour brain in functioning all the time. It needs strengthening substances that help it to process in a better way. It is among well known facts that watermelon has its beneficial effects on brain as well. Large amount of vitamin B series increase your brainpower. The high percentage of water of watermelon helps the brain cells to keep themselves properly hydrated.

It also helps to produce certain compounds that help you to develop better sleeping habits. Also the people who are stressed and depressed can use watermelon as it produces various compounds to maintain balance of neurotransmitters.

1. Watermelon Keeps you Hydrated

eat watermelonsThe most important among all the facts given above is the incredible hydrating properties of watermelon. It contains around 92 % of water. Yes! 92%! This is much more than you have expected. Dehydrated body cannot function properly and makes you prone to get affected in several ways like decreased brain activity, lethargy, kidney stone, skin problems etc. These dehydration effects are amplified during summer season, and then the watermelon comes to your rescue.
Most of us do not drink enough water to keep ourselves hydrated and well-functioning. In summers, we can have watermelon drinks and smoothies with soda, lemon, citrus fruits, cucumber and any other thing as per your choice and can enjoy a deliciously tasting stuff to have as well as a better hydration state.

All the above facts conclude that, it is among the superior foods for your health and body functions along with mouth-watering taste.