Top 10 Cheap and Family Cars of 2016

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Family cars are in demand in all times. Everybody wants a cheap family car that is comfortable and look good as well. As we all know that not all families are same in number, size and shape. Similarly not all the family cars are same and posses a lot of diversity. The car you choose depends upon what you want in it, some people prefer the luxurious look, some go for big sized family cars and other look for Cheap Cars.

We are here presenting you the top ten cheap cars that you might be interested in. The selection of these cars has been made on the basis of the safety, convenience, finance as well as the comfort level the car provides. The list includes both sedans and SUVs that may be two rows as well as three rows. So here we go.

10. Chevrolet Tahoe

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The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe is a truck based Chevrolet with its new offers and is one of the best family and cheap cars of the year. The off road capability and roomy comforting interior of the car has no match. The car has been redesigned to give it a fresh and new design giving the best looks to this three row SUV. It can accommodate up to nine people and can give you a comfortable and smooth ride.

The folding of its three rows to flat is a new exciting feature of the car and it accommodates the child seats very well. This family and cheap car is also fuel efficient and weather capable along with the best designs. The car also provide you best connectivity system 4G LTE, Apple CarPlay, wireless phone charging as well as five USB ports. All this can be enjoyed in $40,000 making it one of the cheap cars.

9. Nissan Pathfinder

SUV cheap cars

It is an SUV that with its three row crossovers is a new best introduction in the car market. It is among the favorite cars for the accommodation of families. The features like view monitor that allows you to park and pull out your car from the space has made it popular and no other brand has nailed this feature yet. The EZ Flex & Glide system provides a child seat latched to provide easiest access to the third row that is not present in other family cars and saves you from Child Seat Hassle.

But it does not provide you the cargo capacity like its other competitors but allows the folding of backseats to provide a spacious rear area. Along with the other features, one of the best features is the road manners adapted by this cheap car and provides you the most comfortable long rides. The CVT system of the car is altered and improved in this new model. This is one of the cheap cars with price starting at $30,000 only.

8. Kia Optima

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Kia Optima is an award winning car that is a best example of a family and cheap car. The advanced and much more established Kia is basically a moderate sized Sedan. The car saves fuel and is very efficient as well as cheap car that accommodates a family in a homely way. The 4 cylinder engine is powerful and the car also possesses best safety system including air bags for driver, automatic alert systems and various warning systems.

The interior of this Sedan is much more spacious and can be compared with a full size car. The trunk of this Kia Optima is one of the largest trunks present in any car. Other features of this car include premium audio system with 10 speakers, 8 inches high resolution display, Android Auto integration as well as voice recognition. All this can be bought in the price starting from$23000 that makes it’s a cheap car lodged with wonders.

7. Subaru Outback

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This SUV is one of the most favorite family cars but it is used in many ways by people. However most of the time it is said to be the best family and amongst cheap cars with the best packages and features. The highly efficient 4 cylinder engine provides you the powerful drive without the exhaustion of the engine. It is considered to be a cross line between an SUV and Wagon owing to its size, shape and functions.

Other features of the car include 2 row crossovers, hill descent control along with the X Mode system to handle the power output and control traction. There is wide room for the passengers in the car and for cargo, child seats have feature of reclining making it a single vehicle with several assets. Indeed it is a cheap car with several best features.

6. Toyota Highlander

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This car has been ranked among the best family and cheap cars for a long time. The best convenience it provides along with the solid body and spacious interior make it a well suited car for family. The car can be bought starting from $25000 making it a cheap car. People usually call it another home after leaving home because of its family friendly features. The accommodation system for the driver makes it a comfortable choice for people without getting tired for long rides.

Other features of the car include its high power engine along with a center din in the interior, an under dash tray, Entune multimedia system and six inches touch screen display. You can also enjoy the Bluetooth music streaming, wireless charging, a USB port and a rear seat Blu Ray DVD entertainment system with it is offered.

5. Kia Sedona

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Kia Sedona is one of the best family and cheap cars of the recent year that has improved a lot from the previous model. It offers a new technology SX model with its 8 passenger accommodation in just $40,000 price that makes it a cheap car as compared to the same sized cars. However you may find the price as high but the features provided by it is this price makes it a cheap car.

The features provided by this car include around view camera, lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, Bluetooth, clear navigation system, modern interior and safety system and many more. The folding of third row makes the cargo spacious. Most of the benefit is provided to the driver in this car to drive it comfortably for long rides. No doubt it is the best cheap cars offering the best packages, styles, functions and utility.

4. Honda HR-V

cheap cars with roomy interior

This is an SUV that meets your family needs in the best possible way. If you are a tartar with SUV this is best for you. Being a cheap car whose price range from $20000 to $ is highly recommended for families owing to the added size and power of its engine.

The car has a roomy interior along with all wheel drive automatic transmission to accommodate its users. The exterior of the car is well suited design of the modern times. The high quality and reliability along with then excellent resale values serve your mall family well. It is indeed the best and cheap car.

3. Honda Accord

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The midsize sedan, Honda Accord of the year is a family prototype car that is also among the cheap cars of the year. It attract owing to its roomy interior and high quality rating. Also this cheap car provides you a good resale value. The other feature present in the car includes split folding rear seat that adds to its style unlike the previous cars and also gives plenty of space to your young ones.

Talking about the look of the car, it has been given a facelift and a solid chrome bar is present on the nose along with the LED lights. The streamline design of the car, usage of premium material in it and the stiff body of the car gives you a good and comfortable ride. The additional safety features are also responsible for the popularity of this cheap car like forward collision and lane departure warnings. The 4 cylinder car with automatic start can be bought in just $23,725 that makes it a cheap car comforting your family.

2. Chevrolet Malibu

Cheap cars |Chevrolet Malibu

This is one of the best sedans that is most suitable for families the Chevrolet Malibu has beautiful exterior as well as interior and it is also regarded as a cheap car whose price start at$ 23000. If you are looking for a mid size sedan to meet your family need then this is the best choice I fuel economy and safety.

The car is available with two robust 4 cylinder engines that increase it efficiency. There are certain safety features like a rear view camera, standard air bags and various alerts and assistances. The car is a complete package that provides you comfort and bet accommodation with it spacious interior, Apple CarPlay, USB ports, Bluetooth 4G and Wi-Fi and wireless charging. Indeed it is one of the best and cheap cars.

1. Honda Civic one of the Cheap Cars

Honda Civic,top cheap cars

Without any doubt, Honda Civic has turned the tables again being the most comfortable and cheap cars that can easily be afforded for your family. It is a roomy sedan whose prices start from $20,000. It is a great car with standard equipments in it to facilitate the family like Bluetooth, backup camera, automatic climate and cruise control. Also the car has an excellent resale value along with the best features it provides.

The fresh looks of the car beats the other cars in every way. The interior is roomy enough and provides enough space for convenient babysitting. In this cheap car you can find quality and reliability as it has won all the comparison tests. The new package of Honda Sensing for $1000 provides you extra safety like cruise control and other warning systems. The Honda Civic is a cheap car that is durable and reliable and is the best choice for family.