World’s 10 Famous and Deadly Swords

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Swords have been used for fighting, killing and defense since humans have come into being. Earlier people used to make pointy edged sword with wood. However with more development and discovery of metals, these metals were used to make Famous and Deadly Sword of ancient times. The swords have been replaced with many weapons of modern times, however; the ancient swords are kept in the museum to depict history and to symbolize the honor we have for our military and leaders of ancient times.

The first sword was found in Harappa located in Pakistan and was made from copper. Later on, iron and steel were used to make famous and deadly swords. No doubt swords are the one of the most ancient weapons that is our heritage and belonged to the kings in our history.

Here we are providing you with a brief description of most famous and deadly sword of our history which are still preserved in museums. You may find it interesting to read about these 10 famous and deadly swords.

10. Napoleon’s Sword

one of the famous and deadly swords

One of the great leaders in history, Napoleon Bonaparte was the owner of this famous and deadly sword. Napoleon was one of the well known military leaders in France. During his times, he fought many wars against European powers that proclaimed him Emperor. Owing to his victories, France held a dominant position in Europe but was invaded by Russia in 1812 and they captured Napoleon and he died in the island of Saint Helena.

The famous and deadly sword was carried by Napoleon in many Battlefields. He had a large collection of legendary weapons. This sword is made up of gold and it was handed over to great leader, generation after generation. However it was regarded as National treasure of France and was kept in museum since 1978 as one of the historical weapons.

9. Curved Saber of San Martin

famous and deadly sword

The famous and deadly sword belongs to the possessions of Jose de San Martin. He purchased the curved Saber of San Martin in London and he admired the weapon a lot. Jose Martin was one of the famous General if Argentina, who is the hero of Southern America and fought many wars of independence against Spain. He owned may legendary weapons, of which this famous and deadly sword is the one. After his death, it was handed over to General de la República Argentina.

Now the legendary sword lies in National historical Museum located in Buenos Aires as one of the most beautiful decoration, however this great possession of the leader was stolen two times.

8. Tomoyuki Yamashita’s Sword

Tomoyuki Yamashita’s Sword

Tomoyuki Yamashita was the owner of this famous and deadly sword that was named after his name. he was the General of Japanese army during second World war and had conquered many colonies in Malaya and Singapore and was given the name of Tiger of Malaya. After the Second World War, he was sentenced to death owing to his involvement in criminal activities. This sword was one of his legendary possessions and was made by Fujiwara Kanenaga.

The famous and deadly sword was made up of iron and its handle was repaired in 1900. Now the sword is being placed in West Point Military Museum among the other collections of other military weapons

7. Seven Branched Sword

honor king Eastern Jin's sword

The seven branched sword was one of the legendary weapon that was made to honor king Eastern Jin. The famous and deadly sword was given to the king for ruling over 3 kingdoms in Korea as a tribute from king Geunchogo. The Seven branched sword was not made for battlefields instead it was for the ceremony to praise the king.

The sword is special in its form with its six branches arising from the central blade of sixty five cm, reflecting the beautiful relation of Korea and Japan. This famous and deadly sword is made up of iron and steel and is seventy five cm long.Recently it has been placed in Isonokami Shrine located in Japan.

6. Wallace Sword

famous and deadly sword of wallace

Wallace Sword is one of the most famous and deadly sword that is owned by William Wallace. He was a Scottish knight who had leaded many battles for independence against English armies. Main wars in which the sword was used include Battle of Stirling and Battle of Falkirk.

The famous and deadly sword was made up of iron with dark brown leather used to make its powerful grip. After the execution of its great owner, William Wallace, by English King Edward l, the famous and deadly sword was handed over to other famous leaders. The sword is being kept in a renowned museum in Spain as an honor for their great leader.

5. Tizona

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. Hewas a Castilian nobleman

Tizona a legendary sword belongs to Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. He was a Castilian nobleman and a great military leader of his times. The brave man had owned many famous and deadly sword during his leadership and Tizona was one of those weapons. The importance of the sword in history belongs to its usage by El Cid to fight against Moor in Spain. El Cid was one of the most popular military leaders and the hero of Spain. After those most important relics, it was added in the list of most famous and deadly swords and one of the swords owned by the leader.

The sword is around hundred cm or 40 inches in length, with a weight of 1.14 kg. Its manufacturing date is inscribed on it with some quoting of Catholic prayer. The famous and deadly sword is now placed in Museo de Burgos located in Spain.

4. Sword of Mercy

belonged to the Confessor Edward

One of the famous and deadly sword, the sword of Mercy belonged to the Confessor Edward. Edward was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. The sword of mercy consists of a broken blade in short and square shape. It is said that the tip was broken by an angel to prevent unjust killings. A name ‘curtana’ was given to the sword since mid 13th century owing to its usage in royal ceremonies. It was regarded as a compassionate gesture and was given to the king before crowning.

This famous and deadly sword is considered as a crown jewel in United Kingdom and is among the top five swords that are used during the coronation of British monarch. It is also the only sword that survived during the reign of Oliver Cromwell from being melted down.

3.Honjo Masamune

famous and deadly swords|HonjoMasamune

Honjo Masamune, is one of the most famous and deadly sword that was created by one of the greatest metallurgists named as Masamune. This man belongs to Japan and was one well known sword smith for his magnificent contribution in the formation of legendary weapons. The popularity of Honjo Masamune lies in representation of Shogunate in Edo period of Japan. The name of Honjo was added to the name of sword because of General Honjo who used it in battle.

The great sword was passed over generation to generation; with the last owner being known was Tokugawa Iemasa. It was considered as a national treasure of Japan however after being handed over to the police, it went missing in a mysterious way and until now, no whereabouts of this famous and deadly sword are known surprisingly.

2. Joyeuse

Charlemagne's Joyeuse

This famous and deadly sword, Joyeuse, belongs to one of the greatest rulers of history, Charlemagne. Also known as Charles l, this brave man was born in 742 and became the first king of Roman Emperor in 800 and was given the title of Emperor of Romans. During his life, the great ruler expanded his kingdom to an empire covering a vast area of Europe. He has been given the name of Father of Europe.

Joyeuse was one of his personal famous and deadly swords that were passed from one ancestor to another as inheritance over centuries. The shape of the sword is difficult to interpret, however it was made of gold having two halves and a long gold made handle with diamonds engraved in it. It is present at the coronation processional of great French Kings.

1. Most Famous and Deadly Sword | Zulfiqar

zulfikarZulfiqar is one of the most famous and deadly sword belonging to one of the greatest Islamic leader, Hazrat Ali . Ali is the most famous Warrior and well known scientist and mathematician of all the time. He was the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and also was His son in law. This history shows that this one of the famous and deadly swords was given to Ali by Angel “Jibrael” a.s during Battle of Uhud as an admiration of his strength and bravery. The legendary sword is a symbol of Islamic faith and is appreciated by people all around the world.

Zulfiqar has double edged vivacious blade that is curved in nature. This famous and deadly sword has been kept in the famous collection called al Jafr. It is said that Hazrat Ali fought many legendary battles with this sword to bring victory for Islam.