Top 10 Famous Brand Failed in the World

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It is a matter of time, when new product or service that comes in the market is not less than a breakthrough. The products launched are the loved by everyone. However; sometimes the Brand failed. The same product that was a hit of its time becomes flop. The same brand that enjoys a golden fame can suffer from the deepest pits of failure.

We are here describing the top brand failed in the market but that were quite famous but later on faced failure or still experiencing it owing to their poor quality, inability to satisfy the customers  or meet their demands.

10. The Sharper Image

failed brandOne of the famous American brand that serves with the production of electronics and other lifestyle products like air purifiers. The brand was basically found in 1977 in California. The brand was said to be expensive and its gadgets were considered obscure but still it managed to survive for 31 years. Its decline started after the negative reviews it started getting for its customers. ‘

In the year 2002, many articles were published that criticized the brand regarding its specific air purifier called the ionic breeze professional owing to the release of excessive ozone gas that was not safe for global environment. In the following year the company suffered severe loss in sales and got bankrupted in 2008 after that it was completely banned.

9. Polaroid

polaroid failedPolaroid Corporation was one of the famous brands of America that is associated with the manufacturing of electronics and eyewear along with film makers and instant camera making. The brand was once the leader of the instant photography who had done a lot of research in 1960s and after 20 years of the research and work, the brand was launching new digital projects.

However the studies conducted in Yale University suggested that all the work done by Polaroid was nothing but a false assumption that led to the list of the failed brand. The false reasoning of the famous brands led to the decline of the Company. The production of the camera was checked in 2007 and later on the company also stopped the film production in 2009.

8. Atari, Inc.

gaming failed brand

This is one of the famous brand  failed poorly. Atari Inc. was basically a gaming brand that released the game Pong and was considered the pioneer of video gaming. It was experiencing enough popularity in1970s and was one of the rapidly growing companies of USA. The gaming console known as Atari 2600 was one of the most sold console in the world.

Later on in early 1980s Atari faced a major failure. It releases two video games that were completely flopped. Those games were considered to be the worst games and the gaming brand suffered a major loss in that year and brand failed completely. Later on the company couldn’t catch the same fame again so it was sold to Tramel Technology.

7. US Airways

failed airwaysUS airway was a famous brand of America and a popular airline that was renamed after becoming a part on American Airlines. It flies to around 193 different domestic and international destinations. The airway got defamed owing to a tweeted picture in which a female was using an airplane model as a sex toy.

The advice given was that one shouldn’t tweet anything when you are a famous airline. However someone from the staff of airline posted the picture accidently leading to the defaming of the US airway. Later on the airway apologized by regarding this tweet as a serious mistake.

6. DiGiorno Pizza

failed pizza brandDiGiorno was one of the famous pizza brand in USA and currently working as a subsidiary of Nestle and deals with the supply of frozen pizza. It was started in 1991 with the production of pastas and sauces and pizzas in 1995. But in the following years, it came in the list of brand failed. A tweet was posted in 2014 that stated that #whyIStayed You had pizza.

It was considered as one of the scandal related to domestic abuse. This tweet was really criticized among the fans and led to the demoing of the pizza brand. In the year 2013, the company suffered from low sales as well. However; now the brand is trying to regain its position by working on new projects.

5. Circuit City

top 10 failed brand

Circuit city was one of those famous brands that have been failed now. The brand was founded in 1949 and deals in electronics. It was a pioneer of electronic stores in America that have enjoyed actual fame in 1970s and later on it became the second best electronic brand after the Best Buy.

Circuit city was flopped for a number of reasons, the main reasons were inability to manage inventory. It also failed to handle its website, and these were the main reasons for its failure and led to it in the brand failed list. In the year 2007, many of highly paid workers were fired and were replaced with the workers who were willing to serve the company in small salary. The early 2009 was a complete ending for the circuit city brand and it’s all stores were closed.


failed pets was one of the famous brand, which was launched in 1998. It was one of those brands that were the poster child of the catastrophic bursting. The website was made public and supplied the pets in 2000. The marketing effort of the company was huge and it was responsible for the decline of company.

The brand invested a huge amount of money in the website associated companies. As a result, there was overvaluation of website. The sock puppet spokesman was well known but still the company was not able to maintain its brand and went brand failed in a year of its launching.

3. DeLorean

failed brandDeLorean was one of the famous brand that were basically a motor company. It was well known for the launching of its sports car DMC 12 that appeared in the movie back to the future. But the car was a disaster. Its high price and poor quality of production led to it in the brand failed list. Also the scandal of drug trafficking became one of the major factor that was responsible for the decline of the famous brand.

In the year 1981, the car DMC was released and it was only bought by some people who had hobby to buy cars. But it did not gain any popularity in the public and its sale was not even half of its expensive. Later on in 1982, John DeLorean was got arrested for smuggling of cocaine to save his company. But the company could not survive the trauma of both these major failures and was busted in that year.

2. U2 (most Demanded Brand Failed)

U2 failed irish brand

The biggest failure of the latest years was U2 brand worldwide. U2 is an Irish brand that was formed in 1976 and contain 4 people. It has recently forced a new U2 album into iPhone and desktops making it a total of 500 even if it was unwanted.

People have criticized the addition highly and it was least appreciated. People stated that their beautiful idea did not work beautifully with Apple. Later on the brand admitted that they got carried away and put forth a failed project.

1. Hummer

featured imageIt was one of the famous brand that deals with the manufacturing of trucks and SUV. This brand was founded in 1992 and started selling M998 Humvee that was the civilian version. The brand also manufactured the largest SUV of the town although it was not easy. However in the year 2010, the General Manager of the brand actually concluded that with the help of evidence that the idea was rather impossible to pursue in the modern environmental.

The latest reports published in New York Times, stated that hummer was not a status symbol anymore and faced the failure for good. The GM of the brand tried to sell hummer to Chinese Company but they rejected to buy it owing to the massive pollution it produced. Now the Company has been closed after working for 18 years.