Top 10 Famous Celebrities on Social Media

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Social media is an integral part of our lives without which we cannot imagine our lives. If you talk about Facebook, it allows you to share pictures, status, like and follow other people, add people and much more. Many Famous Celebrities on Facebook have accounts and pages with millions of likes and followers. Similarly Twitter is another social media with the accounts of many famous celebrities on it sharing their tweets and being followed by fans.

Instagram and Google plus are also used by many famous celebrities. The best thing about social media networks is that it keeps you updated about the life of people you like and mainly the famous celebrities. You get to know much more details about your favourite celebrities. The famous celebrities on social media have millions of followers on different social media.

we are here presenting you the ten famous celebrities on social media which have most like and followers.

10. Britney Spears

famous celebritiesShe is one of the famous celebrities on social media being an American singer as well as actress and dancer. She has appeared as a child star in many TV plays and productions and went for music after that. In 1999 she has released her first album that became viral worldwide. Now she has been ranked among the famous celebrities being a pop icon and has received many awards and titles like Princess of Pop, Grammy Award and Billboard’s ranking.

She has sold around 22 million of her singles and is the fourth best selling female singer. Her recent work, Rolling Stone, made her among very popular and famous celebrities on social media as well. She is also one of the highest paid female singers with her net worth of sixty million dollars.

Facebook likes: 39,956,142 likes.

Instagram followers: 9.4 million followers.

Twitter followers: 44,695,992 followers

9. Eminem

social media celebritiesEminem has always got much more social media following as he is among the most famous people on social networks. The man has the real name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III who is an American singer, an actor, and producer and most importantly he is one of the most famous rapper. He has also stepped into acting and among the famous celebrities with multitalented career. He has been ranked as the best-selling artist in 2000s and was called as the King of Pop World with his extraordinary work.

Eminem has sold out around 170 millions of his albums that rank him among the best selling hip hop artists all around the world. He has won the number one single award for over 12 times now. He has also won the award of Best Rap Album for his album The Slim Shady LP The net worth of Eminem is around $190 million.

Facebook likes: 91,991,971 likes

Instagram followers: 7.6 million followers

Twitter followers: 20.1 million followers

8. Beyonce

famous on social mediaBeyonce is among the famous celebrities on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc and is an American singer. She has also done songwriting, acting as well as production. Being a child she has played her role in many dancing and singing competition and became famous in 1990s being a member of best selling girl group, Mathew Knowles. Her debut album was released in 2003 and since then she has earned 20 Grammy awards up to now and is among the most nominated people in the awards.

She has also made her place among the most influential people and most powerful musician last year. She is the founder of Survivor foundation that has expanded to various areas now and has been rated among the famous people and celebrities who are doing social and charity work. It has also contributed to make her one of the famous celebrities on social media.

Facebook likes: 64,269,112 likes.

Instagram followers: 66.1 million followers

Twitter followers: 14.2 million followers

7. Barack Obama

famous personality on social mediaYes! The president Barack Obama has been ranked among the famous celebrities on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The likes and fan following has been shown that include a million of people. He is the 44th American President who held his seat in November 2012. He has promoted the use of social media for his several campaigns to keep pace with the modern tie and involving as much people a he can. He managed to be ranked among the famous celebrities all around the world.

He has his official website as well that is that works like a social network. He joined Facebook in 2007 and Twitter account in 2008. He has used these accounts on social media for various good purposes and he is always active on Twitter and now he has much more followers than his opponents.

Facebook likes: 48,095, 238 likes

Instagram followers: 6.8 million followers

Twitter followers: 72,288,805 followers

6. Rihanna

famous celebritiesRihanna has always made it through the list of famous celebrities all around the world. She is a singer as well as best performer who has managed to maintain millions of followers on social media network. She has started her career in 2003 and released her albums in 2005 and 2006 named as Music of the Sun and A Girl like Me. Rihanna is one of the best selling singer with her more than 200 million sales record.

She has been regarded as one of the fashion icon and unique style that has made her among famous celebrities on social media. She has founded an organization that works for the severely ill patients, The Believe foundation and gives a major sum to that from her net worth of $140 million.

Facebook likes: 81,634,493 likes

Instagram followers: 1.2 million followers

Twitter followers: 58,239,129 followers

5. Lionel Messi

famous sports manThe greatest soccer play of all times, Lionel Messi, is one of the most famous celebrities on social media as well with millions of likes and fan following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media. He is also among the richest soccer player all around the world and plays for the team of Argentine and Spanish club FC Barcelona. He is considered as the best soccer player all around the world with his versatile skills and has been rated as the greatest player of all times.

He is the only player to win FIFA world player award of the year five times and seven titles of La Liga and much more. Messi being a terrific player holds the record of most goals scorer in La Liga. He has also won three Ballon d’Or owing to his extraordinary performance. Messi is among the richest players in the world with a net worth of around 180 million dollars.

Facebook like: 84,248,404 likes

Instagram followers: 40.3 million followers

Twitter followers: 759,500 followers

4. Katy Perry

famousKaty Perry is one of the most famous celebrities on social media owing to her recent blockbusters. He is an American singer as well as songwriter. She started her career when she was teenager and released her first album in 2001. She has made many hit singles like I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream, California Gurls, Firework etc. Along with the beautiful and hit videos that made her rank among the famous celebrities all around on social media.

She is considered a fashion icon owing to her unique fashion sense and the use of colourful and bright themes in her music videos. She has also won many awards during her career and has also been ranked among the top earning women in music with her total sale of 11 million albums and 81 million singles.

Facebook likes: 71,705,378 likes

Instagram followers: 44.9 million followers

Twitter followers: 85,788,335 followers

3. Justin Bieber

famous singer on social mediaLoved and hated, Justin Bieber in among the most famous celebrities on social media with the most fan following on Twitter and Facebook. He keeps his account updated with his life events, selfies and even the weird posts and tweets. Bieber is a Canadian singer as well as songwriter. He released his first album in 2010 and became the first singer to be rated among the Billboard Hot 100.

He has recently been rated among the richest famous celebrities in the world with his $200 million net worth by selling his around twenty five million album all around the world and has won many awards. He is also listed among the most powerful celebrities in the world for three years.

Facebook like: 76,546,241 likes

Instagram followers: 64.1 million followers

Twitter followers: 78,505,625 followers

2. Shakira

famous celebrity on social mediaShakira is one the most talented singer as well as songwriter who belongs to Columbia. He is also a choreographer and dancer as well as a model. She is also a belly dancer and is listed among the most famous celebrities among social media and had a strong fan following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She is also among the rich people in the world with her $220million worth and is doing a lot of work for social issues being an ambassador of UNICEF.

She is also the founder of an organization for impoverished children, Barefoot foundation. She has also been ranked among the most powerful women in the world and is the first female to attain 100 million likes on Facebook.

Facebook likes: 104,554,956

Instagram followers: 18.1 million followers

Twitter followers: 37.7 million followers

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (most Famous Celebrities All Rounder)

most famous sports man in worldWho does not know Cristiano Ronaldo? He is definitely one of the famous celebrities on social media with the highest likes and fan following. He is one of the most famous celebrities owing to his career in soccer. He is a well known player who plays for Portuguese and Real Madrid and one of the most followed players. He has been nominated several times for Ballon d’Or as well as for FIFA best player of the year.

In September, 2015 he scored his 500th goal and is ranked among the best players in the world. He takes $45 million salary per year and second richest football player all over the world.

Facebook likes: 110,685,772 likes

Instagram followers: 53.7 million followers

Twitter followers: 78,431,071 followers