Top 10 Famous Politicians Ever

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No country works without an empowered political system. To run a successful political system of a country the role of politicians is integral. In the history there were many Famous Politician who bring both good and bad impacts over their nations so as the famous politician of present times do.

We are here presenting the famous politicians of all time with their brief details.

10. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

famous politicians Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was born in 5th January 1928 and was a famous politician of Pakistan, politician and statesman who served as the 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977. He is known as QUAID E AWAM for his country. He got his education from Berkeley and Oxford and became a lawyer at Lincoln inn. In 1957 he became the youngest member of Pakistani delegation to the United Nations.

That year he became the cabinet minister by Sikander Mirza. Bhutto became the most trusted ally and advisor of Ayub Khan. In 1963 he became foreign minister and his revolutionary viewpoint forced him to embark on a close relationship with China. After resigning from the post of foreign minister he with the help of his colleagues founded Pakistan people’s party (PPP). He played an integral role in atomic bomb program.

In addition Bhutto launched the process of industrial reconstruction by establishing Pakistan steel mill and port Qasim. On 5th July 1977 Zia ul Haq deposed Bhutto and ordered his execution through the Supreme Court in 1979 for authorizing the murder of Ahmad Raza khan Kasuri, while his legacy is contentious.

9. Angela Merkel

TOP 10 FAMOUS POLITICIANS Angela Dorothea Merkel, a German famous politician and a research scientist was born in Hamburg West Germany on July 17th 1954. Merkel joined politics during the revolutions of 1989. Merkel served as deputy spokesperson for the first democratically elected East German government in 1990. Later on Merkel was elected to the bundestag for Stralsund. In 1991, she was appointed as the minister for women and youth, later becoming the minister for the environment in 1994.

She was appointed as Germany’s first woman chancellor during 2005 federal elections. She formed a coalition government with the support of the FDP in 2009. At the 2013 federal elections, she won the landslide victory with 41.5 % of the vote. Merkel appeared as the second world’s most powerful person by Forbes magazines in 2012 and 2015.

8. Winston Churchill

was famous politician Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on 30th November 1874 in Marlborough. He served as President of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945. He was not only a famous politician but also an artist, a writer and a British army officer. He won noble prize and was the first honorary citizen of United States. As a politician he arranged many cabinet and political positions.

Gallipoli campaign caused his departure from the government and he then returned back to his army service as a commander. He returned back to under Lloyd George. He became Chancellor of the Exchequer in Baldwin’s conservative government. Churchill played a great role against Nazi Germany. In 1945 elections he became opposition leader to the labor government. Churchill again won the Presidency of United Kingdom in 1951. His government laid great force on house building.

In 1953 he suffered from a great strike that led to his retirement from his post in 1955. He got a knighthood as garter knight. In his last year Churchill may have had Alzheimer’s disease. Although his health was quite poor but he remained active in political life. On January 15th 1965 Churchill was again suffered from a severe stroke that made him gravely ill. Nine days later he died at his London house on Sunday morning 24 January 1965.

7. Mahatma Gandhi

Hindustani famous politician Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a Hindustani famous politician was born on 2nd October 1869 in Porbandar. He was a renowned leader of the Indian independence movement when British were ruling the sub-continent. It was Gandhi who led India to inspired movements for civil right and independence and freedom across the world. In India he is commonly known as Gandhiji and father of the nation. He got his law degree from South Africa and came back to India in 1915.

In 1921 he got the leadership of Indian national congress and led campaigns for women’s rights, to get rid of poverty, to eradicate racism but above all for achieving self-rule. In 1942 he challenged British to quit India. He was sent to jail in India and South Africa on a lot of occasions. His vision of independent India was based on religious pluralism. In 1940s he was challenged by Muslim nationalism which was demanding a new homeland carved out of sub-continent.

Due to the mutual effort of Indians and Muslim in 1947 British granted them independence by dividing the Indian empire into two territories a Hindu majority India and a Muslim majority Pakistan. He undertook several fast in order to achieve the goal of pressurizing India to pay out some cash assets owed to Pakistan. He was assassinated by Nathuram Godse who fired 3 bullets into his chest on 30th January 1948.

6. Barack Obama

American famous politician Barack Obama II was born in Honolulu on 4th august 1961. He is an American famous politician. He is the 44th president of the United States and is the first African to hold the office. He got his education from Columbia University and the Harvard law school. He got his degree of constitutional law from the University of Chicago Law School.

He became prominent in his country owing to his victory in Democratic Party primary and won his presidential nomination in the year 2009 he became the president of USA. Since then he took many domestic legislative. He was reelected in the next election as well held in November 2013 and is considered the famous politician of all times.

5. Adolf Hitler

famous politician of all times Adolf Hitler was one of the famous politician of all times. He was born in Austria and later on moved to Germany where he joined the army and was honored owing to his services in World War I. He was made the leader of Nazi Party. He also served as the Chancellor of Germany for 17 years from 1933 to 1945. Hitler also tried to seize power in 1921 by attempting a coup in Munich and was ended in prison owing to his conspiracy.

The main fame of Hitler came from his act of initiation of World War II in Europe. Being a dictator, he ordered his army to invade Poland in 1939 leading to the beginning of the war. He is also one of the promoters of racial discrimination and was determined to throw out Jews from his country. He was the man behind the killing of innumerable people during his dictatorship. This famous politician of all times died in Germany on 30th April 1945 at the age of 56 years.

4. Muhammad Ali Jinnah

famous politician Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the great leader and famous politician of Pakistan was born in Karachi on 25th December 1876. He got his early education from Karachi and Mumbai and went to England for higher studies. He trained as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn University. He entered politics in 1904 by attending the 20th annual meeting of congress. He was a modern member of modern group of congress, favoring Hindu Muslim unity.

He helped in shaping the Lucknow pact between congress and all India Muslim league. Soon he came to realize that congress only work for Indians right and showed no concern for Muslim so he left congress in 1920 and joined All India Muslim League. He became a key leader in the All India Muslim league and purposed fourteen-point constitutional reform plan to safeguard the political rights of Muslims. By 1940 Jinnah had come to believe that Indian Muslims should have their own state. In the same year Muslim league passed the Lahore resolution with the help of Jinnah.

After Second World War and Muslim league won most of the seats reserved for Muslims. Ultimately all the parties agreed on separate independent states for Hindu majority and Muslim majority state Pakistan. As the first governor general he worked day in and day out for the progress of Pakistan despite of his poor health. Therefore he is known as father of the nation. Jinnah died at the age of 71 in September 1948 just over a year after Pakistan gained independence from United Kingdom and India.

3. Nelson Mandela

famous politician One of the famous politician, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, belongs to South Africa. He was also a philanthropist and served as the first President of South Africa for six years. The man was selected after the democratic elections and was the first chief executive who was black. During his tenure, he focused to eliminate the racism from his country. He was born in 1918 in the royal family, Thembu.

He completed his education from Fort hare University and got his law degree from the University of Witwatersrand. In his early life, he became an activist and became a member of youth league and ANC. Mandela has spent around 27 years in jail and was released in 1990 after which he joined his political party again and became President in 1994. He died in December 2013 and was considered a controversial figure and was also given the title of father of the nation.

2. John F. Kennedy

famous politicians Without any doubt the name of John F. Kennedy is placed among the list of famous politician of all times. He was born in May, 1917 in USA and became the famous JFK. Kennedy served his country being a famous politician who later on became the President in 1961 as the 35th President of America. He had been associated with many major events in the country like Cuban Missile crisis, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, The Bay of Pigs Invasions, New frontier domestic program and many more worth mentioning events in the history of USA.

He also gave the orders to build Berlin Wall and the Trade Expansion Act. The military services were provided by him in World War II in United States Naval Reserve. He was the first person of 20th century to become the president and served his country for 2 years as President and was assassinated in 1963.

1. Abraham Lincoln Considered Famous Politician Ever

most famous politician Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He was the 16th president of the United States. He got his law degree from Illinois he led the united states through the civil war. During this he preserved the union, strengthened the federal government modernized the economy and abolished slavery. Lincoln rapidly promoted modernization of the economy through tariffs railroads and banks when he elected to the United States house of representatives.

After that he returned to Springfield and started practicing law again. He reentered politics by becoming a leader of near republican party in 1854. He was elected president in 1860. Due to his victory seven southern slave to form the confederate states of America.