Top 10 Favorite Pizza Toppings in US

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Who doesn’t love pizza? One of the most eaten foods in the world, Pizza is the favorite fast food. However most of us order and eat plain pizza with simple cheese topping and do not bother to try new flavors. May be we are too lazy to try new flavors or maybe we are scared that the new Pizza Toppings might ruin our pizza craving. However the data collected from the pizza delivery providers and reviews taken from some people who are interested to try new pizza toppings.

we are here describing the top ten favorite pizza toppings that are liked and ordered by people in US. You might be interested to know where your favorite pizza topping ranks.

10. Spinach

favorite Pizza Topping in US

It is one of the top ten favorite pizza topping among the people of America. Not only a creative pizza topping, has it also given your pizza craving the best satisfaction. Especially the people who are vegetarian and want green veggies in their diet, it is the best option for them. The spinach pizza topping is mostly ordered in combination with garlic and cheese that make it a more divine topping.

If you are making the pizza at home, you can also add the herbed garlic mixture in your dough to add flavor to it and then the spinach pizza topping over it will make it the best thing the green conscious people will ever had had.

9. Pineapple

pizza topping

One of the favorite pizza topping in America is the pineapple topping. It can be combined to several other flavors but the most commonly used is ham topping along with pineapple. BBQ chicken, bacon and onions also work wonders with pineapple pizza toppings and are ordered by many people in US.

Pineapple adds a sweet flavor to pizza is mostly a part of Hawaiian pizza where ham and pineapple makes the delicious combo. Although you may be surprised to see this pizza topping in top ten favorites but you may also try it once where the juiciness of pineapple works great.

8. Green Peppers

most commonly used pizza topping

The green peppers are one of the most commonly used pizza topping that are liked in US. This pizza topping is on top of the list for those who are veggies loving people. The green peppers provide a crisp in the pizza, a yummy taste along with the colorful amazing look. The smell is awesome and it can be combined with onions and tomato cheese topping to make it even more delicious. The fresh green look attracts every person and makes it one of the favorite pizza toppings.

7. Black Olives

black olivesAlthough Black olive is a rare pizza topping; however it is one of the favorite one that is ordered by Americans. The flavor richen olives provide you a yummiest pizza experience. The juicy tangy black olives can be combined with other pizza toppings like cheese, green pepper and any other flavor you want.

The pepperoni, extra cheese and olives work wonders and make one of the most amazing combinations with its best taste and divine flavor of black olives will make you try this pizza topping again and again.

6. Extra Cheese

top pizza topping

Cheese and pizza are made for each other. For cheese lovers, extra cheese is the best pizza topping ever. It enhances the flavor of pizza and can be used in combination with other pizza toppings like green pepper, olives, hams and any other topping of your choice.

People say that it is kind of obvious that if you want to add something to your pizza then it is cheese. You can try other flavors but the topping you always want is extra cheese pizza topping that with its rich flavor, smooth texture and yummiest taste makes it one of the best toppings ever.

5. Bacon

most favourite pizza topping

One of the most wanted pizza topping is bacon. Most of the people have no concept of pizza without meat and that meat is bacon. It does not only add to the flavor of pizza but also makes it more pleasant and taste rich food. The yummiest taste of pizza is enhanced by the salty bacon that can be combined with any of the other toppings.

Bacon strips and bacon crumbles are also used as toppings. Extra cheese topping can make the best combination with bacon and is the most wanted of all times. Also people love to take it with tomato that enhances the flavor of bacon.

4. Sausages

most favorite pizza topping

Sausages are one of the most favorite pizza topping in US. The combination of sausages along with pepperoni and bacon is used worldwide and is liked by everyone. Sausages are the best options the meat lovers and can make their pizza taste like divine. Spicy Italian sausages and chorizo sausages are among the most common pizza topping used and can be used with other toppings to enhance the flavor.

3. Onions

Onions pizza topping

Yes! You have read it write, its onions, having one of top ranking in favorite pizza topping in US. Chicken, mushroom along with onions is the most commonly used trio. The fried onion can be used with any other pizza toppings. The sweet red onions not only adds flavor to your pizza but also makes it one of the most delicious pizza topping and it is one of the most unexpected favorite flavor.

2. Mushrooms

Top Mushrooms pizza topping

This is one of the most commonly used flavors and also ranks among the top favorite topping. The subtle and earthy flavor of mushroom can be combined with any flavor you want like onions, ham, extra cheese, bacon, tomato and any other flavor of your choice. It feels like mushrooms are made for pizza topping. The thin crusted pizza works well with the mushrooms and if you want to make it more divine and is loved utmost by vegetarians.

1. Pepperoni Widely Used Pizza Topping in US

No.1 Pizza Topping

The number one ranked and the most favorite pizza topping is the one and only pepperoni. It can be dry cured flavor in Sinatra style along with the traditional pepperoni that is seasoned with spices that enhances the flavor of your pizza. The juicy sensations offered by pepperoni makes it melt in your mouth and the tenderness of the meat makes you feel heavenly.

Also the crisp taste of pepperoni combined with the spice is all time favorite. It can also be combined with any of the other pizza topping that makes it taste more delicious.