10 Foods Which Commonly Used in the World

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Nobody can survive without food. It is not only the appetite that has to be satisfied by food, but the taste of the food we eat matters as well. The type of foods people want to consume depends purely on their own choices and taste. Some people wants it spicy, some require salty or moderate spicy, others like sweet dishes and some want to stick with their traditional dishes.

It is a proved fact that people want to make or eat such things that are easy to cook and comfortable to eat. The cost and availability of the food also matters. According to surveys, it was found out that the Asian foods are gain worldwide popularity following Chinese and Mexican foods.

Let us go through the Top Ten foods that are used commonly in the world.

10. Chips Masala

commonly used foods

This is one of the foods that are used all around the world. The food basically originated in India and is more popular among the Muslims globally. The main ingredient of the food is potato and it is made just like French fries but it is differentiated from the fries owing to their circular shape cutting. Also the potatoes are dipped in the mixture or dough that is made of different spices.

It is one of the tasty foods and can be used in breakfast and in lunch as well. However it takes longer time to prepare chips masala as compared to French fries but tastes delicious and is one of the popular foods in Asia and Middle East.

9. French Fries

popular and common foods

One of the most popular foods all around the world is French fries. This food is not only delicious, but also easy and quick to cook. French fries are more popular among children and teenagers mainly. The food is basically made of potato which are cut in the shape of mall sticks and then fried.

The option of applying corn flour to make it crispier is used by many people. However some people like the soft French fries. You can eat you French fries with chili sauce or tomato ketchup depending upon your taste. It comes in the category of fast food, and is widely given along with burgers, fried chicken, rice and coke.

8. Ice cream

ice-creamOne of the most commonly used foods all around the world and its ranking is without any question. Any happy occasion is incomplete without ice cream. The variety of flavors and attractive colors along with such a refreshing effect, provided by the ice cream makes it one of the most loved foods all around the world. The most commonly preferred flavors include vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Although ice cream is not considered a healthy food and affects your throat and the artificial products used in it can be harmful for body systems. But still nothing can compete with a chilled ice cream that is not only refreshing in summers but also enhances the enjoyment of winters.

7. Chicken

Chicken popular and commonly used foods

No cooking is complete without chicken. It is one of the most commonly used types of meat all around the world. There are numerous rather uncountable dishes and food you can cook using chicken. The quick and easy cooking of chicken has made it a major component of fast food that is much more common these days. You can add any kind of ingredient to chicken depending upon your priority.

You can bake chicken, fry it, make salads from it and combine it with fruits as well as vegetables. Also it can be served with rice, puree, French Fries and chapatti as well. Other meat are also used widely but chicken holds its place all of the above. It is the part of nearly every traditional dish.

6. Bacon

most commonly used foods

One of the most commonly used foods as well as one of the tastiest foods all around the world. However it is not consumed by Muslims, but it is still the most commonly eaten food in Europe and America. Bacon makes the best breakfast and is also nutritious.

Another quality of bacon is its high calorie content that satisfies your appetite well. Bacon is one of those foods that can be used in several dishes to enhance their taste and also serves as the top most delicious pizza topping that is used world widely.

5. Chocolate

one of the favorite food, chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It may be said that chocolate is only consumed by ladies and children however this is not a true statement. Men equally love and consume chocolate. It is used as a sign of love and affection and makes the best present given to loved ones. Chocolate can be used in nearly all desserts including ice cream, pies, smoothies, shakes, cold coffee, cakes, brownie, custard, biscuit and what not.

One of the highly consumed foods all around the world is not only delicious but also easily affordable and available. There are certain substances present in chocolate that have proved to make you tension free and makes you feel happy. But it can have adverse effects on your teeth so avoid its excessive consumption.

4. Rice

commonly consumed foods

The rice is without any doubt the most commonly consumed foods. It is the staple food of many countries and the third most produced crop. Rice is a part of many traditional and cultural dishes all around the world. You may serve rice with puree, soups, porridges and many more. Porridge is a common breakfast and also popular to be used for sick people.

Rice can also be well combined with vegetables and seasoned according to your taste. It is a major part of many dishes all around the world including Arabian, Mexican, Italian, Singaporean and many more dishes. Rice flour has also been utilized to make dough for meat pieces.

3. Pasta and Macaroni

most commonly used foods

Pasta and macaroni are one of the most commonly used foods. The easiest cooking method of pasta or macaroni makes it commonly consumed foods. The packet of macaroni has all the cooking method description on it that can be easily followed and you may end up with deliciously cooked macaroni.

It has high caloric value as well and can satisfy your appetite. You can also add chicken, beef, vegetables and other seasonings to make it more delicious and yummy. Pasta or macaroni salads are also available in wide variety and are liked by everyone making it one of the best foods globally.

2. Tacos

Taco is a Mexican meal

Taco is a Mexican meal that is one of the most consumed foods use. It is delicious taste makes it loved by everyone and is a traditional dish in Mexico. It is basically made of a tortilla that has wheat or corn in it and is mostly handmade and is folded around the filling present in it.

The filling can be made of anything that may be made up of small pieces of bacon, fish, chicken or beef cooked in light oil along with some regular veggies like onion, salsa, green chili, tomato or any other thing you would like to be added in it. Seasoning can also be done according to your choice and you can make it spicy. Most commonly tacos are used in breakfast but can also be taken in lunch.

1. Most Commonly used Foods is Pizza

no.1 foods used in the world

It would not be a surprise to see pizza at the top of the list among most commonly used foods all around the world. This flatbread with its delicious toppings is the most commonly consumed fast foods. The use of tomato sauce and cheese makes it more delicious.

Although it is not that time saving as French fries or other easily cooked dishes but still it is eaten the most. The topping of pizza depends upon your choice. Wide variety of pizza toppings are available, the most commonly used are pepperoni, chicken, extra cheese, bacon, ham, onion, green chili, olives and many more. You can take it with tomato ketchup or chili sauce and coke is a must.

One of the widely used foods, pizza can be made at home or easily delivered at call service. However the increased consumption of pizza and other fast foods have introduced many problems in our society like obesity, high blood pressure which should be checked by restricting the consumption.