Top 10 Freakiest Coincidences in History

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Weird and freakiest things are constantly happening all the time, however sometimes they are noticed and sometimes they do not catch the attention. A Freakiest Coincidence is actually an unplanned happening or any situation without apparent connection. It is remarkably true that many coincidences are weirder than the facts and it is hard to believe in such things. Many such freakiest coincidence in the history have taken place which is difficult to summarize about. Such things which are not planned amaze us more as compared to planned events and happenings.

Here are some of the freakiest coincidence in history; you will have fun going through these and speculating on the reasons behind these.

10. Violet Jessop

Violet Jessop
Violet Constance Jessop was a nurse who was famous for surviving three disasters in her life over Olympic class ocean liners. All the three ships were the largest of their time. Violet Jessop was on board, traveled in RMS Olympic including On June 14, 1911. It crashed in HMS Hawke and was the largest liner in the word.

Violet was a passenger on RMS titanic on April 10, 1912. After four days, the ship was hit by an iceberg and sank in Atlantic. She was saved and took sixteenth lifeboat.

On November 1915, Violet Jessop was on board the HMHS Britannic that collided with a mine. The ship could not survive this collision and engulfed by Aegean Sea. It was also the largest ship. However violet was rescued that time also. Isn’t it a freakiest coincidences in history?

9. King Umberto’s fate

King Umberto’s fate

King Umberto was the king of Italy for 22 years nearly who was very famous during his reign but was hated by anarchists. Let us read his freakiest coincidence: one day he went to a restaurant near Monza along with his co presidents or aide de la camp precisely. When the owner came to greet them, King Umberto observed that he and the owner had so much in common. Anyone who would see them would call them twins or exact copy of each other.
Both the most probably separated twins, out of curiosity asked details and start discussing their history to pick out other similarities. You would be surprised to know about this freakiest coincidence in history that both of them had same birth dates, were born in the same town. Other coincidences were that they both had wives of same name and the day King Umberto was enthroned as King, the owner of restaurant inaugurated his ownership. Now to the freakiest coincidence, on 29th of July 1900 King was told about the death of that restaurant owned and to your surprise, the king was assassinated the same day.

8. Freakiest Coincidence of God and Devil’s Church

Freakiest Coincidence of God and Devil’s Church

Here is another freakiest coincidence in history. In 1950 Nebraska church was exploded at 7:25 pm but all the people who were supposed to be present there were saved. How? Let us read about all the fifteen people: one member Reverend went for dinner. He was coming back to church with his wife and daughter but his daughter had a muddy dress, and choosing another dress delayed them. Vandergrift was having issues with his geometry homework. Although she was never late but that day she stayed late to solve the problem. Royena Estes and Sadies Estes’ were ready but their cars did not get start.

Mrs. Leonard Schuster would ordinarily who was never late before, went to see her mother that day. Herbert Kipf was to send an important letter that delayed his arrival time. Joyce Black was having cold, so she stayed in her bed and was about to leave when the coincidence happened.

Harvey Ahl had to look after his sons. Although he dropped them to his relatives but he got stuck in talking with his relatives and couldn’t reach on time. Marilyn Paul and her mother were planning to arrive early but Marilyn kept on sleeping. Two High school students Lucille and Dorothy were late because they had to listen to their radio program up to 7:30pm. That was how all of them were saved. Indeed it is among the freakiest coincidence in history.

7. Killing of My Way

my way

Karaoke bars are present at near every street corner in Philippines. Singing is popular in Philippines and an important part of their culture. Karaoke is an enjoyable activity but some people have considered it a murderer. It is one of the freakiest coincidences of the history that on many occasion, people were murdered while singing a song My Way. My Way was a sung by Frank Sinatra that was released in 1969. No doubt the deaths had taken place coincidentally, but it was considered as a cursed song and was banned at many places over the country. One boy Romy who was 29 years old was shot by a security guard because he would not stop singing that song. Since these coincidences many singers refused to sing this song at concerts and bars.

6. The lucky Old lady

The lucky Old lady

Drothy Flethcer was a sixty 7 years old day who was travelling on a flight in 2003. During the flight she suffered a heart attack. It is usually unlikely that you find a doctor on board but a freakiest coincidence in history happened over there in her case. When the call for help was made, fifteen doctors’ came to her rescue. Yes! Fifteen, and you know what they were all cardiologists. These all cardiologist were off to a conference of cardiology. They stabilized her condition until they landed on in North Carolina where he was admitted to the hospital for a few days and was cured.

5. The Bullet

The Bullet

Here is another freakiest coincidence in the history. Henry Zieghland, was shot by her girlfriend’s brother who used to blame him for her suicide in 1883. After shooting him, the Girlfriend’s brother shot himself as well, but Henry was not killed at that time because the bullet hit his face and ended up behind him in a tree. Later Henry went to chop down the tree; unfortunately that tree had the bullet. As soon as he blew the tree up, that bullet came out and Henry was shot in the head and died at the spot.

4. Halley’s Comet

Halley’s Comet

Mark Twain was the man who announced the day of his death. It is among freakiest coincidences in history. Twain was born in 1835, when Halley’s Comet came into existence. However in 1920, Halley’s Comet was to make its appearance again According to Mark Twain’s statement, he came with Halley’s Comet and would go with it. Keeping his words, mark twain died on the same day of next appearance that Halley’s Comet made.

3. Chelybinsk Metero and 2012 DA 14

Chelybinsk Metero and 2012 DA 14

Events related to meteors are rare but a freakiest coincidence in history has happened. An asteroid entered and exploded in Russia on February 15, 2013. It hit the surface of earth with high power and caused extensive damage all over. It is strange that the asteroid was not found before the air burst. Such an event is a very rare happening. But it is not all. After nearly 17 hours of this explosion, another asteroid, 2012 DA 14 was about to hit the surface of earth. It has the highest record of being closest to the earth’s surface until now. Although through researches have shown no relation between two asteroids but such occurrences are rare and among one of the freakiest coincidences in the history.

2. Lincoln and Kennedy

Lincoln and Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln served his nation for around 4 years, as he was the president. John F.Kennedy was among famous politicians who remain America’s president for 3 years. Among the freakiest coincidences in history, is also this fact that both these President have a lot of common in between them.

Starting from their height, both were around six feet tall, both were law students and both served military. They both had a genetic disease and to your surprise they both were assassinated on the same day, Friday. Being shot in head and dying next to their wives was also a freakiest coincidence in history. Let me tell you another thing, on his death day, Lincoln was in ford’s theater in Box 7 and Kennedy was travelling in car number 7, isn’t it too much of a coincidence?

1. Presidential Aide

Presidential Aide

Read this other freakiest coincidence in history. Robert T. Lincoln was the first son of the famous Abraham Lincoln born in 1843. He was a lawyer, politician and businessman as well. He was with his father Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated in the year 1865 . It does not look like a big deal as he was son to him. However coincidentally, Robert Todd Lincoln was also in one of the eyewitness of President James’ assassination.

This is not the enough stories; it is written in history that after Robert T. Lincoln received an invitation by President William McKinley to an exposition after around 20 years and the freakiest thing is, President William McKinley also went through assassination that day. Later on he refused to accept any presidential function invitation saying that he was fatal for presidents. Do not you think it is among the freakiest coincidence in the history?