Top 10 Great Leaders Who Changed The History

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If you turn back the pages of history you will be witnessing with so many Great Leaders of the past periods that have somehow bring about great sum of changes in their nation. Some of the leaders put forward their nation to be one of the strongest and powerful with great wisdom and vision. Most of the leaders were sentenced to prison for their actions and deed but still they didn’t left back the mission which was known out to be in favor of their people and its nation. These leaders had worked so hard in their entire career of being a leader which cannot be denied and erased from the history at any cost. They are an inspiration for the whole world and for the coming leaders in future.

Now you would be thinking in mind that who are those top ten great leaders in the world who have changed the history! Well, below we will be highlighting down the complete list of the top ten great leaders who did change the world and the history so far.

10. Julius Caesar

Top 10 great Leaders

On the 10th spot we have the name of Julius Caesar! He was known out to be the Roman military commander and a genius. He has played one of the major roles in the death of a Roman Republic and even at the time of the rise of the strong Roman Empire. He was not just known out to be smart and fast at the time of battle but at the same time he has the excellent power to devise great strategies and plan for the purpose of the expansion of the empire.

His finest quality of was that had the abilities in terms to out-wit his competitors and hence his this main quality made him to add up with the strong following. He was eventually assassinated by his friend Brutus. The famous Shakespearean tragedy known with the name of ‘Julius Caesar’ is based on his life.

9. Franklin D Roosevelt

great leaders

On the 9th spot we have the name of Franklin Roosevelt. He was also known with the name of FDR. He was an American statesmen as well as a political leader who helped out the America during the time of some of the worst years like the The Great Depression. Roosevelt was diagnosed with the polio at the age of 29 years old and this made him left paralyzed in both his legs.

Then he grabs much attention when he became the President in 1933. It was said that he was the only President who was elected four consecutive times. In the year 1945 he died. He also lead away with the American military into World War II and made America to rise to power. He is no doubt he is one of the great leaders from the history.

8. Napoleon Bonaparte

great Leaders

Napoleon Bonaparte was famous and reputable known as the French military leader. He became much famous and travel to the heights of power after the French Revolution which overthrew the monarchy. He has the qualities of being very much cunning. He had small armies in amount but his small armies has always grab the victory over larger armies.

The Napoleonic Code of Legal Reforms was came into formation by him that is used even today. His qualities of the military leadership and the nature of being the common man has made him very much famous. He came up to be the true inspiration for so many forth-coming leaders.

7. George Washington

great Leaders of history

He was famous known as the Founding father of The United States Of America. Even today he is known out to be one of the great leaders which history will never get before. He has led with the coverage of the American Revolution and after that he led the USA into the first few years just at the time of his independence as being the First President of US. He was a man with great vision and it was just because of his vision that has led the America with the new superpower even today.

His true ability in terms of making the decision at the time of the complicated hours made him turn out as being one of the top most successful leaders of the history. Do you think that he was one of those great leaders who changed the history?

6. Adolf Hitler

most powerful great Leaders

On the sixth spot of most great Leaders list we have the name of Adolf Hitler! Our list would be incomplete without this name! Some of the people still don’t agree that Hitler was one of the top great leaders. But still one has to believe on the fact that although his actions and deeds were not best but still his qualities of leadership were incredible to talk about. He became the chancellor of Germany in the year 1933 through which he rise to the new journey of success.

It was just because of his skills that his nation witness with great military expansions all along with the economic growth plans. His inner qualities of the propaganda and strategizing has surely shaped the whole world into a new development. This made him to place up at the 6th spot on our list!

5. Mao Zedong

great Leaders

Coming to the next we have the name of Mao Zedong! He was known out to be the great leaders of the Chinese Revolution and the founder of People’s Republic of China. He was the one who withheld with the Japanese invasion all along with the man who started with the economy of China and helped it become the superpower that we witness today. His has the brilliant vision for China.

Along with it his ideologies and principles of governance and economics are known out with the name of the Maoism. He has given his nation a new way out towards the progress and development and fight until the end of his life.

4. Abraham Lincoln

one of the Great leaders

This was the leader who has the ability to lead the country take out from the bad times. He was known out to be the 16th President of USA that was accountable to led the whole country through the US Civil War. He worked so hard and did the best efforts in order to bring his country together. If such things would not happen then surely the America today would have been divided into smaller parts.

He signed the Emancipation Proclamation due to which it came with the ending slavery in US. He had the abilities of being humility as well as oratory skills that made him appear to be one of the great leaders we have ever had. Even though after being sentenced and releasing from the prison he didn’t left behind his mission and fought with great bravery.

3. Mahatma Gandhi

Great Leaders

3rd spot of our list has the name of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. No one had ever think about the fact that an ordinary man would be one day knew as being one of the great leaders of the world. He is known out to be the Father of the Nation or ‘bapu’. Mahatma Gandhi was the one who led India just as against the tyrannical rule of the Britishers. He fought his each single battle in a silent way.

He had a strong belief in truth and he do believe that victory can be gain without giving any damage and harm to the people. Civil disobedience movements along with the boycotts of foreign goods were some of the main abilities introduced by this leader. Today he is known as the face of the nation.

2. Nelson Mandela (all Time Great leaders)

best leaders of history

He is one of the leaders of history that does not need any kind of introduction! He was the very first democratically elected President of South Africa. He was known out to be the actual face of the Anti- Apartheid movement. In his entire leadership career he has tried the best to fought for the racial discrimination. In favor of his actions and deeds he was sentenced for the long prison sentence but still he didn’t left his passion and hard work.

He was the hero for the South African nation. After staying 30 years in jail his will power was still so strong and passionate. After releasing from the prison he continue with his mission and made his country even more stronger.

1. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

legendary great leader of Pakistan

On the last and yet at the top we will add up the name of legendary leader of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah as known with the name of Quaid-e-Azam. He was the one who gave a new nation to Muslims in the face of Pakistan. He saw a dream of Pakistan and along with supervision of Allama Iqbal he gave this dream a face of reality. He lost his breathe by working so hard day and night for achieving a separate nation for Muslims.

He was a founder of Pakistan, a politician as well as a lawyer. He was the one who put the foundation of All India Muslim League which was the first political party of Pakistan. The leader like him will never going to appear in Pakistan again.

Well this is all we have ended up with the names of top ten great leaders of the world who brought enormous change in the history pages! Each one of the leader has done something great and best in favor of their nation development and prosperity and no doubt that today all those nations are considered to be powerful and stronger one in their places!