Top 10 Hardest Games in the World

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Who does not love to play games? Games are indeed the most important part of the life of a child in the modern age. He or she can live without food but not without games. We all know that there are different types of games. Some of the video games are so easy to play and they are considered the piece of cake for the gaming experts. However there are certain games that have high difficulty level and are much more challenging than other games. It can be call as Hardest Game not to play everyone.

The difficulty of a game also depends upon the person who is playing whether he is a newer or an expert in the gaming world. But there are few games that give very hard time to the expert and it is difficult to nail these as these require perfect at each and every step.

We are presenting you a cut down ten hardest games in the world that you may want to know or play.

10. Ghost and Goblins

hardest games

Ghost and Goblins also known as G’n G was not only a hardest game but also a scary one and most of the children were afraid of the game. In this game you have to win against the ghosts, demons and goblins and also your player Arthur, used to die in just 2 hits making it one of the most difficult game.

Also the kingdom used to tear apart in just a few attacks. In short, it was a hard game to play. However the funny thing was that after you have defeated the ghost and saved your army you were given the reward of being kissed by the princess to rescue her from every danger.

9. Jurassic Park

Hardest game

Jurassic park game is as difficult as one can imagine and only players with super power can beat that up. In the game you play as Dr. Alan Grant who had to ensure his survival in a park full of deadly dinosaurs. He also had to collect the eggs and key card along with the searching of the way out of the park. The field of view, when you are in the park is wide but when you enter into the building the view becomes limited and narrow.

There are certain raptors in the building hidden behind the door that attack and kill you so as the outdoor in the park that is full of danger. The game was a long and difficult one and you had to find key cards in the building keeping yourself safe in a limited number of time and lives. It is indeed one of the hardest game ever played.

8. Mega Man

hardest game to play

Mega man is one of the Hardest game created by Capcom. This game consists of ten main titles. The player should show rapid response and should have long lasting memory. Lack of checkpoints along with sporadic lethal hurdles and nightmarish enemies made it the hardest game.The story behind it is that Mega man was an android known as rock created by the scientist Dr. light as a lab assistant. As a result of Dr Willy treachery Rock was s converted into a battle robot to protect the world from Wiley’s vicious robotic threats.

Thus he became mega man. The game mega man has 2D platforming levels. The player character mega man has to fight through each level with the help of mega buster a weapon attached to his arm. The unique feature of the game is that after completing the boss level the mega man gain the ability of the robot master. Later installments give the option of commanding other player character with different abilities.

7. Demon Soul

Hardest game

This is a Hardest game known to us and is a predecessor of the latest game, Dark soul. It was released in 2010 and was a hit game of its time owing to the difficulty offered by the game. Even the initial stages of the game were extremely hard to pass through. The game was based upon new challenges that have to be completed in a certain time without any help.

Most of the players have given upon the game as they say it is impossible to get the desired challenge done. Also there are no clues except only a few left by the other players. This game is adventurous as well as challenging as hell. The game has fantastic world created in it and have very unique concept followed in it. It also involved the option to play with community and involved tragic events along with the deadly duels with squatters.

6. Contra

Hardest game

Contra was released as a coin-op arcade game developed and published by konami on February 20th 1987. It has a number of playing perspectives including fixed screen format, a standard size view and pseudo 3D view. The main character of the game is a military commando equipped with a rifle and infinite ammo named as bill and the other player lance. The hardest part of the game is that a single hit from the enemy kills you instantly.

The player can shoot in 8 different directions while standing. There are total seven stages and in some stages there is a time limit. At the end player has to fight a giant alien in order to complete the mission. Variations in sounding as the game proceed also found which make the game more interesting. In PAL the home version is localized as gryzor and as probotector on the NES.

5. Swordquest: Earthworld

hardest game of 1980s

This game belongs to the time back in 1980s when children used to have Atari as their video game world. Swordquest was basically a contest held by Atari in 1980s. The crux of this game was that clues were hidden in four different games including Fireworld, Earthworld, Fireworld and Waterworld.

The first version of the game was Earthworld, which was one of the most difficult games of all times and it was impossible to play. People are of the opinion that the game was no fun and the only excitement was to win the money. The prize for the competition was $25000 separately for each game. After completing all the clues from all the different games, the grand prize of fifty thousand dollars was fixed.

The game was disliked and did not earn much popularity. The third version of game, Airworld was released in 1983 and it did not get completed and all this competition had to shut down following that year.

4. FTL, Faster than light

Hardest game

It is considered as one hardest game but along with that it is a great game of all times. Once you play the game, it addicts you. Initially the game is easy going and goes smoothly but at the end it becomes highly difficult. The end levels require a high alertness of mind and taking care of each and everything of your crew so that you might not be knocked out by your enemy who is waiting for a mistake and you may easily be tricked by the overconfidence.

Even the brilliant players are unable to reach the end of the game most of the times. The game gives you a chance to enjoy victory off and on. Without any doubt the game has been designed excellently attracting the players who keep on coming back again and again to play this game.

3. Dota 2

hardest games

A new addition to the world of video games is Dota 2 in the recent years. Most of the people will find it strange that Dota 2 has been considered as a hard game but it is. The strategy of the game is to be devised properly as unlike other games, your enemies in Dota 2 keep on getting stronger day by day using new strategies and by buying new items constantly.

In the game you keep on anticipating that what your enemies would do next, how they evolved, what strategies they would follow etc. You also need to protect your friends in the game and fight in battle and deal with the threats. The hardness of the game depends upon your opponent. If you are unlucky enough to get a competent opponent, you are definitely playing the hardest game in the world.

The game requires a lot of practice as you need to learn about all the items and heroes, memorizing their abilities that what you need to use at what time. The coordination with your whole team and all the micromanaging involved in the game is again challenging for most of the people. As you are in front of new enemies every time so you need to be vigilant and keep yourself ready for new strategies or any mistake can make you lose against your opponent.

2. Battletoads

top no.2 hardest game

This is one of the most Hardest game of all times that have been played by everyone. The game is however unexplored by many people as most of us have not been able to reach high levels and get stuck in the initial few levels of the game. The first level involves the beating them up that is fun and easy just like stage 2 that is moderately difficult but still easy to get through.

Then comes the stage where we all get stuck, the motor cycle speeder level. A very few people who have gone past this round are of the opinion that the next stage have highest difficulty levels and cannot be played without any magic. Because of this reason more than half of the game is undiscovered and have not been seen by anyone but still it is loved by everyone and it is one of the best NES games.

1. Dark Soul most Hardest Game Ever layed

No.1 hardest game for experts

Dark soul is one of the hardest games known up to now. It is obvious that every gaming expert would add the name of this game in the lit of hard games owing to its challenging nature. The game is basically a reward system and has strict rules and regulations in which the player gets punished by the game. Furthermore we have to play against the players in the game and force them to swim and learn from their mistakes going against the system and rules.

The game is a complete package of creativity, experimentation and discoveries, totally opposite to the action games we are playing every day. There are introductory enemies in the game that might kill you in a matter of no time. This is a hard and challenging game to play and you need to be alert and open minded all the time while playing this.