Top 10 Highest Paid IPL Players

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Cricket is a craze, Cricket if fun, there is cricket fever everywhere, sometimes, World cup, other times T20 or other series one day, test matches, and this time it is IPL fever. It’s cricket in the air. A budget is always high for these events; IPL also has a biggest amount that is paid on its promotions and players. As the love for cricket is getting intense, so does the love for players is increasing among the spectators. All the IPL Players earn well during such series among them some get the maximum of it for their extraordinary performances and charisma.

A list for you is than compile for the top ten highly paid IPL players of 2016.

10. Chris Gayle

Highest Paid IPL Players

Born in the year 1979, Jamaican big man, Chris Gayle is a famous and most loved cricketer and is well known for making the fastest centuries in the T20 cricket series, he is a Jamaican batsman, who is charismatic enough to make thousands of heart pounding. His performance is always outstanding; the man is a thunder storm, who is also a handy off-spinner.

He is the part of the team Royal Challengers; he is the one man show who steals the entire victory single handedly for his team Royal Challengers. In the year 2012 he crushed all the limitations and scored 733 runs, giving bowlers a tough time, his striking rate was 160 for 100 balls. He is among tenth most paid ipl players in 2016. The man is the backbone for his team, making new records the cricketer is a gem.

9. AB De Villiers

ipl players

A player with an extraordinary proficiency in his work, he is also known as amongst the best wicket keeper but a better batsman. He entered in the league of IPL in the year 2008, he was then became a part of Delhi Daredevils for initial three years, this south african cricketer is well known for his snatching of the victory from opponents jaw in the year 2012, IPL by hitting two fours and two sixes on Dale Steyn’s over .

He was south africa’s one day captain, also recognized as the fastest scorer of 100s in the one day international match, he is now a part of team Royal Challengers and is unpredictable. By the end of IPL 2016 he will get waged by $ 1.43 million, which is the ninth most paid IPL players of 2016.

8. Suresh Raina

one of the top ipl players

The player in IPL from Gujarat Lions, oozing out with a burst of talent, middle order batsman, with a quality of an off break bowler sometimes, is none other than Suresh Raina. He is best known for leading the team till end, the player is a talent born in November 1986, a 30 year old cricketer is capable enough to lead the team in IPL.

He made his debut in Indian Premiere League in the year 2008. He was a part of team Chennai Super Kings then moved to the team Rajkot, which was a surprise for all. Standing in eight position as the most earning of IPL players, Suresh Raina is going to get 1.43 million dollars in this IPL of 2016.

7. Kieron Pollard

ipl players

The batsman with a band! He is the man with an athletic body, broad shoulders and tall height makes an impact on the field, not only his appearance his appealing but when he plays, my, my! The player is a true essence of the cricket world, he is a true entertainer, made his debut in 2010 IPL, and he was a part of Mumbai Indians and still is. He has a striking rate of 163.67and proved himself when he hit 41 runs off 17 balls.

The cricketer has many great performances and achievements under his tag. He stands on number 7 amongst the top ten highest paid IPL players list. He is a true all-rounder and excels both in batting and as well as bowling. The player is an integral part of the Mumbai Indians team, with earning of 1.45 million dollars.

6. Gautam Gambhir

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Left handed batsman, who made his debut in IPL, in the year 2008, is a man who is a part of Kolkata Knight Riders a team of Indian premier League. The cricketer excels in his batting line; the player is the main part of the cricket match. Gautham has a lot of international experience and when he comes to the batting line he is well aware of what he is doing. Expectations become high when he enters the ground.

The gentleman is skilled enough to lead from the front, he played for Delhi Daredevils in the initial three years of IPL, he is the sixth most earning ipl players, his compensation is $ 1.5 million Dollars. The player is 35 years old and is credited as the person lead the Kolkata Knight Riders with the victory twice.

5. Rohit Sharma

ipl players

The world class cricketer with an elegance and attitude, Rohit Sharma is believed to be the rescuer in the time of hardships team has to face. He is a natural talent; no Indian cricket is complete without him. He is famous for striking 2 double centuries in One day internationals, he was the part of Deccan Chargers in IPL, but then he became an important part of Mumbai Indian since the year 2011. He is the right arm batsman and considered as the target chaser, another title given to him is ‘game snatcher’.

He is ranked as the fifth batsman who is earning highest in the IPL playrs of 2016. He is getting compensated with $ 1.7 million Dollars. The run getter is a man, when comes on the pitch, bowler feels the pressure. The player is only 29 years old and having so many triumphs under his belt. A long way to go in the road of success, this man is par excellence.

4. Shikhar Dhawan

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He is in spotlight from sometime; this fame is due to his earliest performances that made him among the highly remunerated batsman of India. He is a part of IPL and playing from the Indian Premiere League team, ‘Sunrisers Hyderabad”, he is also recognized as the opening the batting line with the popular Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the international cricket.

The batsman is 30 + years old and played various matches against the world class teams. He is earning $ 1.8 million that is 12.5 Crore Indian Rupees in the Indian Premiere League in 2016. Achieved the fourth position, in the race of top ten highly paid ipl players. Still, far more successes to have.

3. MS Dhoni

most famous ipl players

India’s most beloved cricketer is MS Dhoni. He was the highest earning cricketer in the years 2014 and 2015 consecutively, but this year this tag is a crown to someone else’s head, but still he retain his position amongst the top ten remunerated players , stands on number three is the player well recognized by the world. MS Dhoni is a cricketer considered to be a bowler and a batsman; in short he is an all-rounder.

Excels in his field, the player is nicknamed as Mahi in the cricket world. Gentleman is 33 years old, born in Ranchi and having a brilliant record of his achievements in the cricket history. Dhoni is a part of Chennai Super Kings this year in the IPL, and is earning the third most earning IPL players, which is $ 1.8 million.

2. Shane Watson

2nd top ipl players

Another devoted player from the IPL league, he is a part of the team ‘The Royal Challengers’. The player is from Australia and considered as the most enthusiastic player who worked as a backbone for the Australian team in winning the title of Champions of 2015.

He also played in the Pakistan League and was the highest earning player there and is part of the Indian premiere League also. He is the second most highly paid IPL players in the year 2016. The player is the best striker of the team; he is earning 1.85 million Dollars and scoring the second position in earning.

1. Virat Kohli Top Earner among IPL Players

No.1 ipl players

The player is from the team Royal Challengers, retains a worldwide fame for his consecration and contribution towards his game and country. His dedication stands him out of the queue, he wins the title of the highest paid batsman for his performances in the IPL of 2016. The batsman is 27 years old and a personality when enters the crease, makes millions of hearts pounding, the baller from the opposite team is than frightened.

He is tough on pitch and he is the most popular and loved cricketer for his performances from couple of years. He beat MS Dhoni, who was the highest paid cricketer of IPL last year. He is earning 15 Crore indian Rupees that is 2.6 million US Dollars and is the highest paid Ipl players of 2016.