Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers

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In the developed countries the profession of wrestling is known out to be one of the highest paid professions in the world. This is the main reason that even if you are one of the biggest fans of this profession then each single year you will be witnessing so many new superstars who made their way into this profession just for earning handsome amount of money. But this handsome amount can be earned back with great hard work and passion for your skills. Among the kids the action sequences of these wrestlers are so much famous that they love to try them at their homes again and again. Their wallpapers and desktop covers are one of the biggest demands of the people.  Do you want to know who are the highest paid WWE Wrestlers?

Below we will be having a quick look at the top ten best and famous highest paid WWE wrestlers! We will be highlighting their net worth details as well. Check out the list given below!

10. Dolph Ziggler

10 Highest Paid WWE's Wrestler

He is among to be one of the leading and top most hard working WWE Wrestlers. He is paid with the $900,000 annually. The company is even involved in paying for the purpose of his travel and accommodation. He has won so many championships and titles in his so far career as being the wrestler. In just the least time period of the career this wrestler has won great sum of fame and success.

In the year 2008 he returned back to the profession with his ring name. His return proved to be a big success for him as he won the title of World Heavyweight Championship twice as well as the Intercontinental Championship four times along with the United States Championship once. He even came up to be the 2012 Money in the Bank winner.

9. Rey Mysterio

WWE Wrestlers

On the 9th spot we have the name of Rey Mysterio. He was very much famous among the kids but the sudden shocking was that he left the WWE just few months back. He was paid with the amount of $985,000 annually. He has remained the part of WWE for the last so many years. But for the last few months he had been going through a bad injury for which he could not take up for one year and left it.

Now he is taking active part in the independent bookings. Before being the part of WWE he was even involved in working with the AAA in Mexico, from the year 1992 to 1995. He wrestled in ECW from the year 1995 to 1996 and then he made himself to be the part of WCW from 1996 to 2001 as Rey Misterio Jr.

8. Big Show

WWE Wrestlers

Big Show is another one of the fastest growing popular and well known wwe wrestlers in the world. He was paid with the $1.2 million on the annual basis. He was an experienced wrestler and a great entertainer. He has been involved in the wrestling business for nearly two decades. He had his own personal tour bus. Now he is involved in playing few of the championships.

His fan following is so great that fans are not permitting him to take the retirement. In his so far career as being the wrestler he has been honored with his so many titles. He was the only wrestler who matches with the height of undertaker and Great Khali so fans love to watch his match with these two wwe wrestlers.

7. Sheamus

leading WWE Wrestlers

Sheamus is the newly upcoming wrestlers in the WWE world. In just the least time period of his career he has made himself to be very much famous and leading. He has the star power of earning almost$1.3 million annually. He is a good friend of Triple H and this is the main reason that he is getting a huge payment as in comparison of some top best wwe wrestlers in this profession. In the year 2009 he made himself to be the part of WWE main roster.

He was honored with the winning title of the four-time world champion in WWE, all along with the (World Heavyweight) Championship three times and even the World Heavyweight Championship once. He even won up with the two-time United States Champion. He even came ahead as being the winner of the 2010 King of the Ring tournament as well as the 2012 Royal Rumble match and yet the 2015 Money in the Bank ladder match.

6. Randy Orton

highest paid WWE wrestler

On the 6th spot of our list of highest paid WWE wrestlers we have the name of Randy Orton as famously known with the name of RKO. He is paid with the amount of $1.6 million on the annual basis. Since the time he has made himself to be the part of WWE he has always faced the success and victories. He ruled over the World Championship titles for so many years.

He has always remained a strongest competition for the John Cena. No doubt that in just the start of the career he has established himself as being one of the major player in the WWE roster in a short time. Today he has a big name in this profession.

5. Brock Lesnar

WWE Wrestlers

Next we have Brock Lesnar! He is paid with $2 million on the annual basis. This WWE superstar earned with the amazing payment amount during his last contract with the WWE. It got expired in March 2015. WWE has given him with the services of a better package. The former UFC heavyweight champion left the profession soon after he was diagnosed with diverticulitis.

But just for his fans he made an amazing big comeback this time to WWE all through the big news at Wrestlemania XXX in the year 2014 taking the Undertaker’s undefeated streak of 21 consecutive wins.

4. Triple H

WWE Wrestlers

On the 4th spot we have Triple H! Triple H is the son-in-law of the WWE chairman. But at the same time he is one of the longest serving stars of WWE. He has a $1,000,000 per year talent contract. He has even made up with his transition into the movie industry all the way through the Chaperone. He is married to businesswoman and WWE executive Stephanie McMahon.

3. Undertaker

WWE Wrestlers

Undertaker is one of such wrestlers in the WWE world who will always be written in the golden words. He was popularly known with the nickname of “Dead Man Rising”. Since the year 1991 he has been associated with the WWE world. He has given his whole life in this profession and with each single year his fan following grab up the increase amount. He is paid with $2.25 annually. He give a big appearance just once in a year.

He has not yet given out with the successfully transitioned into movies or other ventures. But no doubt that he is earning big in the WWE. Undertaker has always remained as the feel of horror among his fans. His coffin appearances has always made the his fans to get horrified from him. He has one half brother fellow in this profession named as Kane. He has been the part of so many pivotal storylines as well as matches within WWE history.

2. John Cena

Most famous WWE Wrestlers

On the 2nd spot we will add up the name of heartbeat of millions of women John Cena. John Cena has the annual paid amount of $2.75 million. This superstar has been the part of the WWE for the last so many decades. Among his fans he is famous known with the name of “You Can’t See Me”. He is among the hard working superstars. He has now featured himself out in the Hollywood films too including The Marine in 2006 and 12 Rounds in 2009 all the way through the production wing of WWE.

In his so far career as being the wrestler he has won with almost won 24 championships all along with 15 reigns in the face of world champion plus three times as World Heavyweight Champion. He has even came ahead as the 2012 Money in the Bank ladder match winner all along with the two-time Royal Rumble winner as in the year 2008 and 2013. He has great sum of fan following on the internet and hence he is one of the most sought after searched wrestlers on the internet ground.

1. The Rock (leading Paid Wwe Wrestlers)

King of WWE Wrestlers

On the last we have the name of King of WWE known as The Rock. Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Douglas Johnson earns about $3.5 million annually even besides the fact that he just give his appearance once in a year. He is getting all his revenue from pay-per-views. He has won with so many titles and championships in his so far career as being the wrestler.

Still people love to pay hundreds of dollars for buying the tickets for his shows once in a year. The Rock has an estimated net worth of about $125 million that was estimated in the year 2015. Besides being the wrestlers he has made himself the part of so many Hollywood blockbuster movies such as Scorpion King and The Mummy Series.