Top 10 Historical Drinking Games From Around The World

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Drinking habits are running in humans from centuries. Many bars and clubs started Drinking games for their publicity and to invoke the fun of competition.Drinking games are in play for centuries. You are wrong if you are of the opinion that these have been invented now. Drinking games are a part of our history and range from messy games to well civilized games. Unfortunately we are not aware of all the drinking games of our ancestors however; a few games of history are well known.

Here we are presenting you the top 10 historical drinking games from around the world that you may find interesting. Also you can play any of your favorite drinking games of the following even now:

10. The Wager Cup

famous drinking games in United Kingdom

This is one of the famous drinking games in United Kingdom, Germany and other countries of Europe. Wager cup also known as Maiden’s cup was popular in 16th century. It was one of the events included at wedding ceremonies that time. There were cups made of silver or wood and were shaped like a woman’s skirt upside down. The woman was also a part of the game holding a bucket over her head that made two cups at the same time. The participant has to drink from both containers without letting a drop spill. In case of spillage, the drinker had to pay penalty for that.

Wager cup was one of the drinking games that apart from wedding ceremonies, was also a social event. The game was an important part of European culture since 19th century. However; later on its name was replaced by many other modern names and activities of the game were modified.

9. Passatella

Passatella is popular drinking games in Italy
Passatella was one of the popular drinking games in Italy that was also an important part of Italian culture in 19th century. It consisted of five members who had to submit the money in the start of the game. A method was chosen then like padrone, boss or cutting deck. The padrone had to buy drink with the collected money and get drunk. In case of allocation of an idiot, he had to listen to the abusive language and he was not allowed to drink. Those humiliated in the first round were chosen as padrones in the next.

But most of the games were used to end in quarrels and violence. The game involved violent acts and humiliation of the participants and also people used to get injured so it was banned however; at some places people continued to play it.

8. Kottabos

kottabos earliest drinking games that are known to us

It is among the earliest drinking games that are known to us. Greek drinking parties in fifth century used to hold this game. The messy end of Kottabos was responsible for the decline of its popularity.

There was drinking cup known as Kylix which mimicked a bowl with handles on both sides and wide opening. The kylix was thrown by the drinker by one hand and the other hand is used to throw the dregs. The central area of the cup had vulgar picture and other funny drawings on it.

Kottabos was one of the funny drinking games and the players modified it in their own way at many places. However; this game is not famous now.

7. Dudo

Dudo belongs to one of the historical drinking games
Dudo belongs to one of the historical drinking games that were famous throughout the Spain in sixteenth century. It is said that the game was invented by King Atahualpa. The drinking was based on the rules of Cheat that is a famous card game. The player needs to be such a liar who can convince others. However dudo was played by dice that are shaken in cup. Each player shakes his five dices in the cup and asks other participants about the numbers shown on the facing side. Whoever lost, by telling the truth, the other players gets to drink.

This is one of the simple and interesting drinking games and you can play it even now.

6. Sumbel

Sumbel drinking games of ancient time
Sumbel was one of the drinking games of ancient time. It is not a game but a complete event and a Nordic tradition. Sumbel was considered as a social event in which all the participants would drink from the cup, share the toast and hand the cup over to the next person. The earliest game includes the drinking of mead present in horn but later on it was changed to wine and cup respectively.

There were total 3 rounds in this drinking game; in the first round toast was related to the gods and their praising. Second round consisted of toast to the heroes of the people or any legend belonging to their history and the third toast was related to family, friend or lovers usually to the personal life of the person.

5. Buffalo

Buffalo Chug most interesting drinking game
It was one of the most interesting drinking game in which long term participation was assured. The players had to commit seriously for the rest of their lives and they were made the active members of buffalo club and adopt buffalo lifestyle. Although the origin of this game is not known but here are many such clubs in America, Europe and Africa.
Buffalo is one of the simplest drinking games in which participant had to drink the beverage by using their non dominant hand. If the rule is violated, the onlookers would shout buffalo and any of them would shout out loud the name of his favorite drinking beverage.

4. Jiuling

jiuling is at no. 4th drinking games
This was one of the drinking games that belong to china and was originated in 10th century BC. It was regarded one of the best pastime game in the country with various modifications with the passage of time.

Jiuling was basically of two types. One was common jiuling that was famous among the ordinary people and other was literally that was the game of elite class of the country. The rules of the game was simple. Every player used to drink at his or her turn and perform an interesting act that could be singing, telling a story or cutting a joke. In high class, literate people used to participate and they used to share poems, ask a riddle etc.

3. Drinking Games Pitch-pot

Pitch Pot was also one of the Chinese drinking games
Pitch Pot was also one of the Chinese drinking games because of its origin from China, later on it became famous in other countries like japan and Korea and its name was changed to toko and toho respectively. It was included in one of the interesting drinking games of ancient times.

The rules of the game was simple. Players had to stand at a distance from the pots and had to throw arrows in the pot on their turn. In case the arrow was thrown in the pot, the players were given a cup to drink. When the arrows used to be finished, the cup of the loser was filled with drink. However; three chances can be given to the loser. This was one of the drinking games in which females used to take part enthusiastically.

2. The Fuddling Cup

The fuddling Cup has much similarity with Wager cup
It is one of the famous drinking games of its time and has much similarity with Wager cup. The game was originated in 17th century in United Kingdom. In this puzzle like game, the player had to find a way to drink beverages without spilling a drop. The difficulty of the game was due to it specially designed cup in which 3 cup are connected to one another through various holes and the participant had to use all the cups one by one. The player had to find the hidden way to drink the beverage otherwise it would spill. The game was very famous in England and invoked the interest of people to watch and participate in this one of the historical drinking games.

1. Pennying

Pennying the famous drinking games in history
With its simple nature, it is one of the famous drinking games in history. However; the origin of this game is controversial. Cambridge and Oxford both claim to be its creators.

The rules of the game was simple and it involved throwing of the coin in someone’s drink and that person had to drink his beverage in one go showing that he or she is trying to save the queen on the penny. Later on there were several modifications in the game like in case of refusing to pennying, the person was humiliated. This game has now been banned because of violent behavior of some participants but till it was one of the best drinking games of its time.