Top 10 Hollywood Actors who Changed their Profession

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Most of the people dream of becoming a Hollywood star. This is something which cannot be achieved by everyone and people idealize the superstars. Being an Hollywood Actors has its own perks and you can earn good money by this profession as well. If you are passionate about it, then you would enjoy your work. But have you ever thought that if you become a star and at the peak of your career you would leave your job to peruse some other business? It seems so strange as well as stupid but in Hollywood you would find many such examples.

Some of them prioritize some other profession over acting, whereas others leave it after completing their respectful career being an actor in Hollywood. The below mentioned list includes such actors who left Hollywood and changed their professions. You might be surprised to read it.

10. Jonathan Bennett

hollywood actors

Jonathan Bennett is one of those Hollywood actors, who left acting and started some other profession. He was also a model. He started his acting career from his role of J.R Chandler in 2002 and after that he appeared in many other plays. One of the most famous roles he has played is that of Aaron Samuels in the comedy movie, Mean Girls. He also became the main role in Van Wilder.

Nowadays he has been working as an instructor for indoor cycling saying that he was always passionate about working out and fitness. He said that the group fitness worked well for him after his mother passed away. However he is not able to give his full time to acting but still he manages to go where he is invited like Dancing with the stars, Hit the floor, Romantically speaking etc.

9. Jack Gleeson

Irish actor

Jack Gleeson was an Irish hollywood actors who began acting in Independent theatre at the age of seven. He played his first role in 2002 in Reign of Fire. Later on he made appearance in movies like Batman Begins, Shrooms and A Shine of Rainbows. He became famous owing to his leading roles in All Good Children. The main reason of his fame was his appearance in the TV series Games of Throne where he played Joffrey Baratheon.

After his work was completed in Game of Thrones, he announced his retirement from being an actor and said that he wanted to continue his academics and acting is not what he wanted to do. So he is one of those actors who left his acting for other chores.

8. Lark Voorhies

Hollywood actor

Lark Voorhies is one of those American hollywood actors who attracted towards painting that she opted as her main profession. She has done work in acting, music as well as writing. She made her debut role when she was 2 years old and then she appeared in Small Wonder’s episode in 1988. Her main recurring role in Good Morning, Miss Bliss gave her much more fame.

She was starred as Lisa Turtle in saved the Bell sitcom at NBC and rose as a star. She has been interesting in writing for so long and has written 3 books until now named as Reciprocity, True light and Trek of the Cheshire and spends most of her time in painting.

7. Kevin Jonas

hollywood actor

The music band, Jonas Brothers, was found by Kevin Jonas along with his two younger brothers that was one of the rock bands. He is an American musician as well as an hollywood actors. The man started his career in acting by his guest appearance in Hannah Montana episode and that became very popular. He appeared in many plays, movies and shows like Camp Rock, Jonas Brother Living the Dream, When I was 17 etc.

A reality series was released in August 2012 named as Married to Jonas in which he appeared along with his wife and two brothers. This series was ended in May 2013. He has been interested in the work of contraction and he said that contraction is his new passion. The actor has left acting and is working as a contractor now.

6. Edward Dunn

hollywood actor

Edward Teddy Dunn is one of those hollywood actors who left his acting for other profession that is law. He was born in Australia and moved to America. He started his career in acting form theatre and worked in plays like The Zoo Story and The Misanthrope. Later on the man appeared in the series Veronica Mars and played the role of Duncan Kane. Unfortunately he did not complete his series and left it incomplete in season 2 episode, Donut Run.

Although he appeared in finale of season 2, Not Pictured. On and off he has made guest appearance in Gilmore Girls, Grey’s anatomy and the movie Jumper. He completed his law education and graduated from Boston College Law School in the year 2013. He has left acting because of his practice in law. He works as a lawyer and is working currently as an Associate with Dechert in a law firm of New York, LLP.

5. Nicole Eggert

famous actress

Nicole Elizabeth Eggert is one of the famous actress belongs to America. The actress started her career at the age of eight year when she played a role of Bergen’s young daughter in the movie Rich and Famous. Later on in teenage, she has played prominent roles in ‘Who’s the Boss?’ a TV show Charles in Charge, and a movie Secret. The real fame came from the show Baywatch in which she appeared in seasons 3 and 4.

After that she left her work, she reappeared in the reunion of Baywatch in 2003. The list of her work as an actress went on like Boy meets the world and the celebrity fit club that was a reality show aired recently. In 2014, she started her new profession and is an owner as well as an operator of an ice cream truck named as scoop. She says that it is her family business and it is fun for her to operate this unique business.

4. Phoebe Cates

phoebe catesPhoebe Cates Kline is one of those Hollywood actors who left acting and chose another profession. She is an American model and film actresses. She started her career in acting after doing modeling as her father was an Hollywood actors too. She played her first role of Sarah in 17 years of age in Paradise that made her famous but she regretted her work in the movie. Later on in 1982, she was starred in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

After all the work she has done in acting, she left her career in 1985 for her children. She said that she wants to raise her children. However in 2001, she played the role of Sophia Gold in the movie The Anniversary Party. Now she is working as an entrepreneur and looking after her family.

3. Amanda Bynes

she changed her profession

Amanda Bynes has been present in the list of the Hollywood actors who chosen another profession and discontinued acting. She is an American actress who has appeared in a number of TV commercials and plays. She started acting when she was 7 years old and appeared in the ad of Buncha Crunch candies. She became a prominent child star then and performed in The Amanda Show.

Later on for four years she was starred in What I Like About You. During her career she has played many roles in several movies like What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, and Sydney White and in 2010 in Easy A. In the year 2012, she became one of the actors who announced their retirement from acting. She is recently working as a fashion designer and was taking classes on fashion designing and illustration.

2. Well known Hollywood Actors Michael Schoeffling

one of those actors who left acting

He is one of those hollywood actors who left acting to pursue his work in other profession. He belongs to America and was a male model. He started his career in acting when he was 23 years of age and played the role of Jake Ryan in the teen’s movie Sixteen Candles. His character was of a high school athlete. His character was one of the most discussed characters, on Valentine’s Day 2004 after 20 years of the movie launching.

After his famous role in Sixteen Candles, he appeared in eight more movies and did his last movie Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken before his retirement from acting. He owns a wood workshop now and continues the handcrafted wood work and lives happily with his wife and two kids.

1. Danica McKellar

writer and actress

Danica McKellar is one of those Hollywood actors who left her acting profession and gained fame as an writer in hollywood, she is really a brilliant author. This American actress started her acting career when she was 7 years old when she went to take acting classes in Lee Strasberg Institute. When she was a teenager she played a main role in an American television comedy drama, The Wonder Years. This went on for six years with its six seasons.

Danica played the role of Gwendolyn Winnie Cooper with her hero being Kevin Arnold the real Fred Savage and became very famous. After that series, she left her acting career and said that she did not want the child Danica to become adult actor. Although she made guests appearance in many shows later on.

But she focused on her studies and graduated from UCLA. Along with that she has written four books named as, Kiss my Math, Math doesn’t suck, Girls get curves, Geometry takes shape, and Hot X Algebra exposed, to guide the children and high school students that how they should succeed in Mathematics. Three of her books have been regarded as the best selling books for children in New York Times.