Top 10 Inspired Teachers of US

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For a perfect education system of a nation, teachers matter the most. It is the teacher that can inspire the students and make them shine. A good teacher engages each and every student with his best teaching methods that not only help the students with studies but also the personality of a Inspired Teacher helps to build the personality of his students. Best teachers put forth a goal in front of their pupils and help them to achieve it by clearing the hurdles in the way of learning.

Not only this, they polish the personalities of their student by teach them manners, discipline, management skills, communication abilities and much more to become an effective citizens of the Nation as well as good human being. In history you can see many successful people who dedicate their achievement to their inspired teachers.

We are describing here top 10 inspired teachers in US who had changed the lives of many students and made them to achieves highest peaks of success.

10. Chester E. Finn, Jr.

One of the Inspired Teacher

Chest Evans is one of the most inspired teacher in US and a former professor of education. He was an analyst regarding educational policies and also an Assistant Secretary of Education. Currently he is working as the president of Thomas B. Fordham Foundation in Washington.

He completed his graduation in 1965 followed by Masters in Social Studies teaching in 1967. He started his early career as a teacher followed by staff assistant of President USA. Chester worked as a professor as Vanderbilt University from 1981 to 2002 and was one of the respectful and inspired teacher to his students.

9. Ron Clark

most inspired teacher

Ron Clark is one of the most inspired teacher and educator in US who has done a lot of work for the student living in rural areas of North Carolina and New York. He also is the founder of Ron Clark Academy in Georgia; the man is also famous for his motivational speeches and one of the best selling authors along with pursuing his teaching profession.

He got his early education from Beaufort County School System and graduated from Chocowinity High School. After his graduation he became one of the best educators at East Carolina University, and four years later he started teaching at Harlem New york. He has helped his students a lot. In 2007, he established Ron Clark Academy in Georgia that is a private nonprofit organization working for the students who are less fortunate.

8. Erin Gruwell

inspired teacher

Erin Gruwell is one of the inspired teachers in US, well known for her unique and intriguing teaching method. A book the Freedom Writers Diary How a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them was written by taking inspiration from her teaching methods. Erin graduated from Bonita High School California and completed her master’s degree in English from University of California.

After completing her education she started working at Woodrow Wilson High School in 1994 and was given the duty to teach students with low performance. After her experience of teaching for many years she became a distinguished teacher in California State University Long Beach in 1998. She is one of the best teachers regard by her students. She has also written a biography, Teach with your heart, which was published in 1999 and got a worldwide appreciation

7. LouAnne Johnson

inspired teacher

LouAnne Johnson was one of the inspired teacher as well as writer. Johnson got her education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania but did not complete it and was hired in Navy in the year 1971 and was retired as United State Marine. She wrote many books showing her experience, one of which was Making Waves: A woman in Man’s Navy.

After her retirement she chose the profession of teaching English in 1989. She got her master’s in English degree and started teaching at Carlmont High School in California. She was also a subject of film Dangerous mind that was based on her book My Posse don’t do Homework in 1995.

6. Anne Sullivan

most inspired teacher

Anne Sullivan was one of the most inspired teacher and educators of her time and worked along with Helen Keller. She was a patient of trachoma that left her handicapped of one eye and she was unable to read only when she was 8 years old. She received her early education from Perkins School for the Blind and graduated from the institution after which she was hired as a teacher for Helen Keller.

Keller was 7 years old when she became the student of Anne Sullivan in March 1887 and the teacher student relation grew with time to companionship. She developed a strict schedule and continual introduction of new words in Helen Vocabulary through palm reading and owing to her efforts, Keller was able to used 575 words. Anne helped Keller to become a public figure and best student at Perkins School for blinds. She was defiantly one of the most inspired teacher and was awarded honorary degrees from several universities.

5. Clara Barton

inspired teacher

Clara Barton was one of the most inspired teacher in the history of US and a pioneer Nurse. She became famous owing to Red Cross of which she was the founder. She was teacher at patent Clerk and during American civil war she worked as a dedicated nurse. She was an inspiration for her students owing to her work for humanity and especially for women.

She started her work as an educator in 1838 in Canada and later in West Georgia. She was considered as a teacher of discipline who handled her male students well. This work was continued for 12 years when in 1855, she came to Washington and started working here. She has also played a notable role in American Civil War and helped the soldiers by medical support.

After the war she was appointed as the lady of charge in Army of the James hospitals and delivered the lectures regarding her war experience all around the country and became an activist and one of the best teacher. Red Cross was introduced in 1869 by Barton and she died in 1912 working for her cause.

4. Helen Keller

inspired teacher

Helen Keller was one of the most inspired teacher for her students. She was also an author, and activist in Politics and a lecturer. She holds the regard of receiving bachelors in arts degree being a deaf and blind girl. She owes a lot to her teacher Anne Sullivan who taught her to communicate. Keller along with her teacher travelled to remote areas.

She felt ill when she was 19 months old and at the age of 7 her parents arranged a teacher for her. With the help of her teacher, she graduated from Perkins Institute for the Blind in South Boston. Later on she learned to communicate and spent more than half of her life in delivering lectures and speeches that made her one of the most inspired teacher of history even after her inabilities.

3. Jaime Escalante

popular and inspired teacher

Jaime Escalante was one of the most popular and inspired teacher of his time who inspired his students a lot with his best teaching methods. He was a Bolivian educator who taught the subject of calculus. He performed this job at Garfield High School California from the year 1974 to 1991. He was born in 1930 with his inheritance of academic teaching and throughout his career he made his family proud.

He was a teacher of mathematics for 12 years and later on in 1974 he got appointed at Garfield High School. With the passage of time, he got popularity among his students owing to his unique methods of teaching and his hard work was shown to the Nation when 18 of his students passed the Advanced Placement Calculus examination. He was also the subject of movie, Stand and Deliver in 1988, also an asteroid was named after his name, the 5095 Escalante.

2. Most Inspired Teacher (Hank Haney)

Golf teacher

Hank Haney is one of the most famous Golf teacher in US. He is without any doubt the best American Golf instructor. He has coached Mark O’Meara, the man who won the major championship twice and also the Tiger Woods. Hank is a graduate of University of Tulsa. He advocates that the students are his own best teachers and this is what he trains to his students.

In the year 2008, he started working with Charles Barkley and helped him fix his bad swing. This show ‘the Haney Project, Charles Barkley became very popular and continued for five series featuring the golf champions. Haney has got many awards of teacher of the year, best teacher, Best Golf instructor, Inspired Teacher and many more. He has also launched his own video game named as Hank Haney’s World Golf in November 2015.

1. Nancie Atwell

most inspired teacher

Nancie Atwell is one of the most inspired teacher and one of the best educators in United States. Recently in 2015, she became the first teacher to receive the Global Teacher Prize by Varkey Foundation. She is considered one of the most innovative teachers with a high inspirational impact on her student. Nancie started her career in 1973 in New York but she was not a supporter of the old teaching methods. In 1990, she initiated a Center for Teaching and learning that was one nonprofit institution.

Later on she worked hard to develop a school at Edgecomb, Maine that was basically a book reading school where students are allowed to choose a book, read it and write about the book. It also teaches about the best methods of teaching. She donated her 1 million dollar prize from Global Teacher Prize to her school. Nancy Has written nine books on the teaching for teachers that are among high rated books.