Top 10 Iron Rich Foods

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Iron is one of the most important elements of our bodies. It is crucial for several body processes going on in our body. First of all iron is the most important component of our blood. The hemoglobin pigment in our blood cannot be formed without the incorporation of Iron Rich Foods that is why it leads the deficiency of anemia. It also plays an important role in formation of red blood cells. Besides, it helps in the conversion of sugar in our blood to energy to muscles.

Similarly iron is also a major contributor in enzyme functioning and immune system. But our body is unable to produce iron on its own. It requires a sufficient amount of iron to be taken in our diet to carry out the body functions. So you need to know the sources from which you can get iron in your diet.

In the later on line you will come to know  10 iron rich foods that can fulfill your iron demands.

10. Dark Leafy Vegetables

 iron rich foods

Dark green leafy vegetables are considered as iron rich foods and their eating is recommended for those who are suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Spinach is one of the rich sources of iron as 100 grams of spinach has 3.6 milligrams of iron in it especially the cooked spinach.

Other dark leafy vegetables iron rich foods include Swiss chard with 22 percent DV iron in it. Similarly Cooked turnip greens, raw kale, raw beet etc contain high amount of iron and should be made an important food in our daily routine.

9. Eggs

eggs are iron rich foods

Our breakfast is incomplete without eggs. However the eggs are rich in protein and cholesterol present in its white and yolk respectively. Besides, it has high iron content in it along with many other elements like calcium, phosphorus etc.

If you consume two eggs in your meal, you are in taking around 2 mg of iron. However this is not too much but it is beneficial if taken regularly and can prevent iron deficiency along with many other healthy benefits provided by eggs.

8. Whole Grains

rich iron foods

Whole grains are usually considered as iron rich foods. The fortified cereals and Bran are also included in such food that has rich iron in them. You can see from the amount that 100 grams of quinoa contains around 2 milligrams or 8 percent DV of iron in it.

Similarly the other grains include Oatmeal, Rice, Barley, Bulgur, Buckwheat and millet. Besides, the fortified cereals have highest amount of iron that is 140 percent DV however they should be consumed with care because of the high amount of sugar and fats. You also need to be careful while taking bran if you are already on iron supplements.

7. Soybeans

 iron rich foods

Beans of all kinds are fully considered as iron rich foods. Most important beans are soybeans that also rich in other elements like copper and manganese along with high protein and vitamin present in it. These have nonheme iron in it. If you combine it in your meals with kale, broccoli, black pepper and cauliflower as they have high content of Vitamin C that help in the absorption of iron.

Kidneys beans, Garbanzo beans, chick peas, Lima beans, Black eyed Peas etc. are among the beans that should be used and can easily be added in your salads to give it a great taste a well as high nutritious value. The puree made from soybean can be used as dips for vegetable and fried meat.

6. Pulse and Lentils

 iron rich foods

Pulses and beans being rich sources of protein and are consumed in our daily diet. But most of us are not aware of the fact that these are rich sources of iron as well. A 100 gram of pulses contains 21 percent DV of iron. Similarly 1 cup of Lentils has 37 percent DV of iron or 7 milligrams.

These belong to the legumes group. Cooked lentils contain up to six milligrams of iron in them. Along with the high fiber diet it also helps you to lower the cholesterol and maintenance of your sugar level. These can be added in any dishes owing to their versatility.

5. Beef

Meat is rich iron foods

Meat is always among the best iron rich foods for us. However even among the meat sources, some have high and others have low amount of iron. Beef is considered to be an iron rich food. One hundred gram of beef contains around 4 milligrams of iron in it or 21 percent DV.

Along with beef, lamb meat is also a rich source of iron along with Rib Eye Steak, lamb roast and lamb roast are taken to get enough iron. But these cannot be eaten on daily basis but can be eaten on weekly basis.

4. Nuts

iron rich source

The small nuts are packed with a huge amount of minerals and compounds that are good for our health. Along with many other elements, iron is present in high amounts in nuts mainly cashew nut, Pine, peanut Hazelnut and Almond. In a hundred gram of nuts, nearly 7 milligram of irons is present or 34 percent DV.

Similarly in one cup, 8 milligrams of iron is present that make up to 43 percent DV. Pine nuts has 9 percent DV, Hazelnut have 7 percent DV of iron along with pistachios and almonds. So consuming dried nuts off and on can be very beneficial for you.

3. Oysters, Tuna, Salmon are Fully Iron Rich Foods

iron rich foods

Sea food does not only taste good but also is rich in nutrients for your body. One of the elements present in rich amount in certain sea food is iron. Mainly it is the constituent of oysters, mussels and clams. One hundred gram of oyster contains around 9 milligrams of iron in it which is equal to 51 percent DV.

Other iron rich foods include Cuttlefish, Whelk, Octopus, and Abalone, tuna, salmon and scallops. These common fin fish can be added in your routine diet to prevent iron deficiency in the body.

2. Squash and Pumpkin Seeds

iron rich foods

Seeds are just like magical bags containing a lot of elements required by our body. Iron is one such element that is present in high amounts. Squash seeds are one such product that has 83 percent DV iron or 17 milligrams of iron in 100 grams of it. Similarly pumpkin seeds are also iron rich foods. 1 cup of these seeds contains 34 milligrams of iron or up to 188 percent DV iron.

Other seeds like sesame seeds with 23 percent DV iron. These seeds are also packed with copper, Vitamin E, Phosphorus and zinc and can easily uses in salads. Sunflower with 11 percent and flax seeds with 9 percent iron are considered it rich source. These can be added in your diets as well as their oils can also be used.

1. Liver

No.1 iron rich foods

The meat of all the animals has iron in it. The iron is mainly stored in liver of all organisms so if you want to eat an iron rich food, organ meat like liver and giblets are best iron rich sources along with the other vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Beef liver is said to be an important and most enriched source of iron. Similar to that to that pork liver is also a smart option as it also provides you Vitamins. But few things should be kept in mind that the liver has high levels of cholesterol so if you are consuming liver in high amounts then it is less advisable as you can develop other health issues.