10 Issues Facing Our Youth Today

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Youth of any nation is the pillar of the nation. Without youth, social, political and economic development of a country is not possible. They are the active power of a nation that provides energy and strength to develop a prosperous and progressing country. The youth of present times enjoy much more facilities than previous times, with progressive development in science, technology and social attitudes. However the present time is not free from   problem for youth, there are many Issues Facing our Youth today.

These issues facing our youth today need to be fixed as a society cannot progress without the contribution of a healthy youth. Here we are going to explore some of the major and basic issues facing our youth today and the challenges the youth is going through in the society we are living in.

10. Single Parent Households

 issues facing our youth

This is one of the major issues facing our youth today. This miserable condition of single parent household of the society has been grown since the mid 20th century and is progressively increasing day by day. It is not easy for the kids to see their parents living in separation that not only disturb them emotionally but also affects their activities.

This disastrous trend is making the condition of the society difficult and ratio of social problems is increasing. According to the research conducted over this issue facing our youth today, it was found out that there are near 14 million single parent home that is responsible for 28 million children living with single parents. This one has the worse issues facing our youth today, it is not only difficult for children but also for parents as well.

9. Drug or Substance Abuse

issue facing our youth

Drug or substance abuse has not been new in any society. Since ages this has been a major problem however in the modern times drug abuse is one of the main issues facing our youth today. To overcome the emotional trauma from single parent household, unemployment, bad company, lack of attention from family and desire to look cool, it all deviate the youth towards drugs.

According to the conducted studies more than 20 percent school students are suffering from drug abuse and more than 40 percent of student are involved in drinking making it one of the major issues facing our youth today. Substance abuse has been causing a lot of problems to the health and intellectual abilities making the youth suffer.

8. Achieving early Maturity

one of the major issues

The world is growing so fast. We miss the times when kids used to be kids. All their activities used to show that they are enjoying the childhood to its maximum. Nowadays growing up too fast is one of the issues facing our youth. Children start taking part in adult activities from their early childhood due to the media. Televisions and internet play a very main role in this early onset of maturity.

The exposure to the adult content to children in young age spoils their innocent mind and this leads to change in their mindset. This has completely changed the meaning of childhood in children. Sometime the economic condition of the family is also responsible for this issue facing our youth today. The children are involved in responsibilities and start taking part in earning money from little ages.

7. Violence in Schools

causes issue

Whenever a child is born, the parents start thinking that he will be a doctor, a pilot, an engineer or any such high profile profession. To achieve that parents want to choose the best institution for their children so that they get high quality education. School plays and integral role in the development of children and the foundation of their future. However the condition of education system is one of the main issues facing our youth in this modern time.

Most of the schools treat their students badly and are involved in activities like shooting, fighting, stabbing and suicidal activities making it one of the major issues facing our youth today. The role of school has been changed from a learning zone to a violent zone where children are beaten upon. According to the conducted research, around 280 kids have been killed due to violence in school; no doubt it is one of the main issues facing our youth today with increased ratio of crime in the schools.

6. One of the Issues Facing our Youth is Materialism

Materialism in youth

The world we live in has been changed a lot. Our society is promoting materialism with every progressive day making it one of the big issues facing our youth today. It is a bitter truth that our children are being brought up with the strong impact of materialism in their minds. The concept of happiness has been replaced by buying expensive luxuries of life. The sense of becoming better and increasing demands of children has become a major problem in society.

Parents are also obliged to fulfill the desires of their children without thinking that this is not the right way to guide children. This materialistic mentality has become one of the major issues facing our youth today. Materialism has created a chaos in the society and the parameters of happiness and success have been completely altered owing to this materialistic way of thinking.

5. Obesity

Obesity in Youth

Earlier the children used to be active, and play ground was used to be one of their favorite places. The children today are totally opposite and that has led to many issues facing our youth today. One of these problems is obesity. The ratio of obesity has been progressively raised in the children. No doubt the major reasons for this issue is the increasing of technology. The children have developed a high interest in video games, movies, internet and TV shows that they prefer staying at home sitting on their sofas instead of going out and get involved in some real sports.

The parents are also very much busy in their routines to take the children out of home and provide everything essential at home showing that they are fulfilling their responsibilities well. However it is not the way it looks. This sedative lifestyle is not only responsible for obesity but it can lead to many other diseases like depression, diabetes, hypertension etc. as the children grow up making it one of the major issues facing our youth today

4. Education Inequality

Education inequality in youth

Everyone has right to get the best education. However in the present time it does not work like this. All the people living in the same society are not provided with equal access to high quality education making this one of the main issues facing our youth today. Proper educational facilities are not provided to everyone equally.

However it has been tried to reform educational system to make it accessible to every child equally irrespective of their economic condition. This is still in process and will take a lot of time to get accomplished. More than 20 percent of the children all around the world are deprived of even primary education; indeed this is one of the main issues facing our youth today.

3. Inadequate Employment Opportunities

Major issue in youth

Earning money for you and your family has been a major requirement of every time. Every person wants to have the best job to earn a good amount of money to make their lives comfortable and easy. In the modern era, the better educational facilities and easy access to higher education is available that is accessible to everyone easily. Everyone tries to attain high education to get better jobs but this is not working the way it should, and it is one of the main issues facing our youth today.

You have best degrees but no job, indeed this is a worst scenario of our youth. Even if you find a job, it does not match your qualifications. Unemployment has led to a social state of depression and has become one of the major issues facing our youth today.

2. Stress and Social Issues

causes major problem in youth

The modern time has brought a lot of facilities to make life easy however there are many issues facing our youth in this modern time. To cope up with this fast life style brings only stress and increased tension. You are worried about your job, family, responsibilities and many other things related to personal life. It is difficult to work in a competitive environment and youth is facing time management issues.

Not only this, there are many social issue as well building up the tension and affecting the business and job condition. The rising political problems are also a major cause of stress affecting both personal and social lives. These are one of the major issues facing our youth today and they need to be fixed effectively for progress of a nation.

1. Poverty and Shifting Economy

major problem

In this modern time, poverty has become one of the major issues in our society. Nearly fifty percent of children come in the range of poverty and have poor life standards. The poverty is a major problem giving rise to several other problems like poor education, lack of food and water, growth problems, changes in social and behavioral issues impeding the progress of a country.

Poor families cannot afford basic facilities of life like health, education etc. Although the governments of different countries try to provide aids to poor nations but still it is one of the main issues facing our youth today. The rise of globalization has led to many changes in the economical conditions and people are shifting their business to the areas where it is cheap. That has also led to job issues and several other problems in the lives of youth. The shifting economy is one of the major issues facing our youth today.