Top 10 Legendary Cricket Umpires in the World

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Announcing any body out of the field or raising hands for a ‘sixer’: it’s all depending on one man, who is standing behind the crease, at the end of the bowler in the cricket ground, he is the Cricket Umpire. Deprived of having any suspicion, they are people who is responsible for keeping discipline and ensuring the following of the rules, (prescribed by the cricket council),by all the players in the stadium. Being humans they can also make wrong decisions, which can turn the situation of any cricket team in a bad mode, the conditions can go unfavorable for them even if they are near to their victory.

Regardless of those wrong decisions which are very few to count, they are the representation of impartiality for any cricket team playing in the ground, without the presence of which, the cricket match itself will be despair. Presenting, following is the list of top 10 legendary cricket umpire of all the times.

10. Ian Gould

Top 10 Legendary cricket Umpires

He was famous as Gunner among his friends, colleagues and his acquaintances. Born in England in the year 1957, Ian was appointed as the chairman of football club FC. He started his career as cricket umpire in 2007 world cup in Caribbean, where he served as an umpire for three matches; he umpired his debutant test match in Bloemfontein, where the match was played between South Africa and Bangladesh from 19-22 November, 2008. Ian Gould was then upheld to the ICC Elite Panel of Umpires in the year 2009.

He also umpired in the most hot cricket match which was played by Pakistan against India in the year 2011. Gould was also chosen among 20 umpires in the World Cup of 2015, he maintained his career with a decent approach.

9. Tony Hill

cricket umpire

He is a Kiwi by innate, he was born in Auckland, New Zealand, in the year 1951. Anthony Lloyd Hill is generally known among his circle and to world as Tony Hill. He had a high-volume profession as an cricket umpire on the international cricket stage and he carry on doing so. He was first appointed to serve as an umpire in the cricket match played by Zimbabwe against New Zealand, carrying on with his first test match career in the year 2001 where a match was played by New Zealand vs Bangladesh. In the year 2009 he was chosen as an umpire for ICC Elite Panel.

8. Daryl Harper

cricket umpire

Daryl John Harper who was born in Australia in the year 1951, was the first ever umpire to be selected from Australia into the panel of ICC Elite Umpires. Attract attention from Australia; he has moved out to notch a flawless worldwide career as an umpire. He was ongoing with his umpiring spells from the year 1983. He had an elongated officiating career from the years 1998 to 2011.

Harper was enforced in taking retirement in the year 2011, as he was blamed for having low standards of umpiring. Nevertheless, Harper had a intense job as an umpire. He carried out his umpiring services in 94 test matches and 174 ODI matches overall. He stood as amongst the ten legends cricket umpire .

7. Steve Bucknor

cricket umpire.

Among the list of cricket’s most experienced umpires, Stephen Anthony Bucknor was one of them. He was born in Jamaica, in the year 1946;Bucknor was firstly a referee of football. He then started umpiring in cricket matches when he was in his mid-forties. His debutant ODI game as an umpire was at Antigua when there were India and West indies playing against each other, in 1989, later the same year he again served as an cricket umpire, in Jamaica when then were test match again ,between the same countries India and West Indies.

Steve Bucknor has an exceptional figure of 128 test matches and 181 ODIs matches under his sash. His career ended has a very contentious end, when he gave numerous incorrect judgments in a test game played between Australia and India in 2007, he was banned from doing his job, he then made a comeback but for a short while after which he took retirement in the year 2009.

6. Aleem Dar

best cricket umpire from Pakistan

Aleem Dar was a Pakistani native born in Jhang, Punjab, in 1968. He started his job as an umpire at a very young age of 30. His career started by serving as an international umpire in the year 2000, when there was a cricket match played between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Aleem Dar has umpired in 74 test cricket matches and 151 (One day internationals) ODIs, still continuing with his job.

At present-day, he is cricket’s most prosperous umpire. He was awarded for three continuous years 2009, 2010 and 2011 for the best ICC cricket Umpire of the Year award. He gave 15 best decisions in the year 2011’s World cup which helped in winning the combat against DRS.

5. Billy Bowden

famous cricket umpire.

Billy Bowden popularly known name of the person Brent Fraser Bowden, who is one of the great names in the history of umpiring, he was born in New Zealand , in 1963. This kiwi umpire made remarkable achievements in the international levels of umpiring. His career was started with an ODI played between Sri Lanka and Zealand in the year 1995, his debutant test match as an umpire was in the year 2000 when Australia and New Zealand played against each other.

He is still serving and giving his services in the international cricket played by world class bowlers and batsmen, till date he officiated for 181 test matches and 75 ODIs, with an addition of 19 T20 series. He was selected in the ICC Umpire Elite Panel in 2003. He stands out of the queue for giving unusual signals about the sixes and twisted index finger for giving the ‘out’ signal for a batsman.

4. Rudi Koertzen

cricket umpire.

He is an innate South African, who was born in 1949; Rudi then started serving as an umpire in the year 1981, at a domestic level. He then crashed into the international cricket grounds in the year 1992, where he debuted in the match played between South Africa and India as rivals. Throughout that similar trip, he made his test introduction, which was again a match played by South Africa against India. Rudi was an outstanding umpire who has highest level of judgments, adjudge in 108 test matches, 206 ODIS and 14 T20 matches under his belt.

He was then appointed as the full time ICC cricket Umpire in 1997. He is the only professional who played in 200 ODIs, he has many achievements but one is the ‘slow-death’ which is memorized by everyone when he was slowly rising his finger to adjudicate the batsman, ‘out’.

3. Simon Taufel

best cricket umpire

He is Simon James Arthur Taufel, but known to the world Simon Taufel, he was born in South Wales. He started his profession as an cricket umpire in the year 1999 in an ODI played by Australia against Sri Lanka, his test career then started later the next year in 2000, where Australia was playing against West Indies. He took retirement in the year 2012 after the World Cup, he had a very promising career, he is also well known for achieving five sequential awards as the ICC Umpire of the Year award from 2004 to 2008. 74 test matches and 174 ODI cricket matches are on his credit.

2. David Shepherd (all Time Legend Cricket Umpire)

cricket umpire

David Shepherd, is a prominent name in the list of finest umpires in the world, he was born in 1940. Before starting his career as an umpire David was middle order batsman for 14 years, from Gloucestershire. He was qualified for being an umpire in 1981 and his efficiencies pushed him towards the international cricket, he made a debut as an officiate in the year 1983 World Cup in England, where his debutant cricket match was when Pakistan was playing against Sri Lanka.

He then started for the test matches umpiring in the year 1985, Ashes Series, the fourth Test played at Manchester. He officiated for 92 test matches and 172 ODIs, including three consecutive world cups from 1999-2007. He died in the year 2009 due to Lungs cancer.

1. Dickie Bird

cricket umpire.

Harold Dennis Bird was improved recognized as Dickie Bird he was born in the year 1933 in Yorkshire, Bird is the finest and legendary cricket umpire in the history of cricket and umpiring. He was school loafer and he was an occupant in a coal mine. His passion was football which he had to left due to an injury. He then started playing cricket and initiated playing county from his home town Yorkshire. He initiated umpiring as a profession in a test match played by England against New Zealand, later on, he made adjudications for 66 test matches which was a record once, and 69 ODIs, he adjudged for consecutive three World Cup Finales of 1975, 1979 and 1983.

Dickie Bird acknowledged the Officer of the OBE in the year 2012 for his assistance to the game of cricket match and contributions. He was given Guard of Honor, in his final test match, by the players of both teams that were England and India, in the year 1996. Umpire Dickie Bird is unquestionably cricket’s supreme umpire, as he received plenteous of admiration in the cricket dome.