10 Lesser Known Transport Disasters in Last Decade

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Unlike natural disasters, over which we have no control, most of the Transport Disasters occur because of human error but not all. Sometime the machinery fails and other times surrounding situation leads to fatal incidents. The transport disasters can involve aircrafts, ships and ocean liners, buses, train and many more. Earlier in time, it was not possible to know much about a disaster but with the passage of time, media lets you watch the whole coverage and the advancements in technology lets you know the causes as well.

No doubt the transport disasters occur all the time so we are here describing a few of them as all of them cannot be described.

10. Bluffton University Bus Crash

Transport Disasters

This is one of the automobile transport disasters that took place in Atlanta Georgia. On 2nd March, 2007, a motor coach was carrying 33 members of the baseball team of Bluffton University. They were headed towards Sarasota, Florida for their tournament game. According to their plan, they had to travel without any overnight break for 18 hours. The trip went safely from Bluffton south to Adairsville, Georgia where the driver was replaced by another one.

Early in the morning at around 5am in Atlanta metropolitan area, the driver accidently entered in an exit ramp that was ending at T junction. There was a stop sign marked at ramp. Reaching to that point, the driver lost the control of the bus because he was travelling it at a high speed and it collided with the sideway of concrete bridge wall and security fence resulting into the transport disasters.

Around 21 passengers survived and other 7 were died. Later on investigations were conducted and it as found out that it was only the mistake of driver and his inability to use occupant protection system.

9. Sherman Texas Bus Accident

transport disasters

The bus accident took place in Sherman Texas in United States. It was hired by Vietnamese pilgrims and the crashed on August 8th, 2008. The bus was carrying fifty five people and was passing through a bridge of U.S 75 near midnight and the crash took place near North of Dallas.

There was the death of 17 people and more than 37 people injured in that transport disasters. It is said that the tire of the bus blew and was responsible for the driver to lose control of the vehicle that resulted in the transport disaster. Also the bus did not have seatbelts, so after the incident, new license were not issued.

8. Air India Express Flight 812

terrible transport disasters

The Air India Flight 812 was travelling from Dubai to its destination Mangalore with the aircraft Boeing 737-800. The transport disasters took place that was one of the major incidents with a high number of causality. On 22 May, 2010, the plane overrun the runway during landing and collided with a cliff. The collision resulted into fire and wreckage was spread all over the surrounding hillside.

This transport disasters took place due to the mishandling of the pilot. Also the hilly area of Mangalore is considered as a critical field. The total number of passengers was 160 out of which only 8 were able to survive with minor injuries and there were around 152 deaths. It was one of the deadliest transport disasters that took place at Mangalore and had highest number of fatalities in the following year.

7. Amagasaki rail crash

deadly transport disasters

Amagasaki rail crash was a dangerous transport disasters that took place in Amagasaki, Japan. The incident took place on 25 April 2005 around 9am in the morning on Fukuchiyama Line. It was a commuter train that left the train track on JR West Fukuchiyama Line in Hyogo prefecture. The first two carriages of the train were rammed in the nearby apartment building.

The front carriage was slipped in the garage of the building in the first floor. There were around 700 passengers in the train on board and the number of casualties was massive in that transport disaster. 107 passengers were died and around 562 were injured. The bystanders told that the train was travelling at a very high speed. It was among the most serious train accidents that took place in Japan.

6. Bus Plunged off the Bridge, Thailand

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This transport disasters occurred in Lom Sak district in Thailand when a bus was plunged off a bridge of 230 ft height into a ravine. This is one of the highest bridges in kingdom northeast of Thailand. The transport disasters took place at midnight of 27th December 2013, while the bus was travelling to Northern Province, Chiang Rai. The reason behind that transport disaster was sleeping of the driver. The bus smashed the safety barrier of the bridge and plunged off it.

Among the total 33 passengers of the bus, only five people survived the incident and 28 people died at the spot and their bodies were found in ravine. The bus was completely muffled in the accident and among five survivors, one died in the hospital. Indeed this is one of the biggest transport disasters of last decade that is not known by most of the people.

5. Sinking of Dongfang Zhi Xing

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This was one of the cruise ships of China that operated in the region of Three Gorges. A serious and most fatal incident took place on 1st June 2015 when the ship was moving towards its journey. The ship was struck and capsized by a dangerous and severe thunderstorm while it was travelling on Yangtze River. There were 454 people on board that time and most of them were sleeping when the ship was flooded with water and sank.

After 12 days of the transport disasters, it was announced that 442 people of the ship were unable to survive and remaining 12 people were rescued. This incident was rendered as one of the deadliest transport disaster related to ships.

4. Wenzhou Train Collision

most dangerous transport disasters

This is one of the most dangerous transport disasters that took place in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. The crux of the disaster was the collision of two high speed trains. The trains were on Yong Tai Wen railway line and encounter a collision on a viaduct in Wenzhou, China. This incident took place on 23rd July, 2011 and both the trains were derailed. In the vicinity, four cars were fallen off the viaduct.

In this transport disaster, around 40 people were died and around 200 people were injured. Immediate rescue operations were done. It was the first disastrous crash of China that involved their high speed rail however at the moment of accident both the trains were travelling at a moderate speed. The incident was immensely criticized by media as it was first of its own kind.

3. Germanwings Flight 9525

transport disasters,Germany

Germanwings Flight is one of the international flights that fly from Spain to Germany. It is basically a low cost carrier that works under German airlines. A transport disasters occurred a year back on this flight on 24th March 2015. There was the crashing of the aircraft near north-west of Nice. Before the crashing there was a constant descent of the aircraft with a minute gap from the last routine contact with air traffic control. There were 144 passengers and all of them could not survive the transport disaster along with the six crew members who all died.

It was the very first crash in the history of Germanwings. The crash was caused deliberately by Andreas Lubitz, the co pilot who had suicidal tendency even before he was hired on the job. While on the flight, he locked the other pilot and initiated the descent but the plane crashed with the mountain even before his act. Indeed this was of the strangest transport disaster that took place.

2. Glendale Train Crash worst Transport Disasters

deadliest transport disastersThis is one of the deadliest transport disasters that occurred in Los Angeles, California. This incident took place in Metrolink railroad on 26th January 2005 at 6am in the morning. This train had a collision with a sport utility vehicle that was abandoned on the rail tracks near a retail store Costco in Glendale Los Angeles. That utility vehicle was parked by Juan Manuel.

That train struck the other trains on side tracks one of which was Union Pacific train and other was Metrolink train #901 that was travelling in opposite direction. This massive collision led to the death of 11 people and round 177 people were injured. The man who parked the bike was arrested and charged for murder but it was claimed that he was committing suicide but his mind was changed in the last minute. This transport disaster was one of the major accidents in the last decade.

1. Indonesia Airasia Flight 8501

deadliest transport disasters

This international flight was operated under by Airasia Group affiliates, which was travelling from Surabaya to its destination, Singapore. The transport disasters happened on 28th December 2014, when the airplane encountered a crash into Java Sea. The reason was mainly the bad weather along with the failed leading and inappropriate response of the pilot. There were total 155 passengers and 7 crew members and none of them survived the transport disaster.

According to the report, the aircraft stalled while passing through a steep climb and couldn’t get normal after that.
After two days of the incident, the searchers were able to find out the wreckage at sea floor along with the human bodies and plane debris floating over the seabed. The search still is incomplete with 113 bodies recovered from a total of 162 however the search was stopped in March 2015.