Top 10 most Expensive Plants in the World

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Some people choose plantation as a hobby while others are fascinated by the beautiful flowers, their attractive colors and appealing odor. If you have a small garden full of beautiful plants with blossoming flowers and looking at the flowers in the morning is not less than a heavenly site you are blessed with. Some of the plants are easy and cheap to buy while others are Expensive Plants and cannot be affordable for everyone.

However maintaining plants is not a easy job, especially when you have bought expensive plants. Usually some the flowering plants are considered among expensive plants which are rare on shops and difficult to find. Indeed flowers of all types have their own beauty and charms. In the remaining content we are going to discuss with you the most expensive plants all over the world.

10. Lisianthus

Expensive Plants

The flowers of Lisianthus belong to genus Eustoma that I found in northern South America, Southern United states and Mexico mainly. It is usually grown in grassland. This expensive plant blooms once a year and is around five centimeters wide.

The leaves are straight, funnel like bluish green in color. The colors of flowers are present in wide ranges like white, purple, violet, blue, lavender etc. The white colored Lisianthus is also called paper flower. The reason of its being an expensive plant lies in the fact that it is difficult to handle the flower after it has been picked.

9. Lily of the valley

one of the expensive plants

The scientific name of this plant is Convallaria majalis. It is one of the expensive plants, which is native in cool temperate regions like North Asia and Europe. It is usually cultivated and harvested in spring season and have a shorter life span as it wilts in a few days.

Lily of the valley is sweet scented and usually whitish pink in color but also poisonous. The charming and delicate looks in the shape of bell makes it attractive and it has been widely used on special occasions like weddings, engagements etc. a bunch of flowers can be bought in fifty dollars that make it a moderately expensive plants but it is justified as the flowers need to be picked up with great care and require a lot of hard work.

8. Hydrangea

genus of flowering plants

Hydrangea is a genus of flowering plants and has around 70 species all over the world however mainly it is cultivated in Asia and America with its massive diversity. The plants may be in the form of small trees or shrubs and are called the evergreen plants because of their less seasonal dependence.

It is among the most expensive plants and is old at the rate of 7 dollars per stem. Flowers of Hydrangea range in colors from white, violet, pink, blue and purple colors. Easy and early wilting of the flowers make these very delicate and they should be bought as close to the event as possible. The décor of any event can be beautifies by using Hydrangea flowers. The hard work in its cultivation and harvesting is the cause of it being an expensive plants.

7. Gloriosa

family Colchicaceae expensive plants

Gloriosa has been listed among the expensive plants in the world. It belongs to the family Colchicaceae with its 12 species. These flowering plants are mainly found in southern Africa, Australia and Asia. The flower has also been named as fire lily, Glory lily, superb lily etc. it is beautiful as well as poisonous plant and sold at the rate of 10 dollars per stem that makes it one the moderately expensive plants.

They are rare but showy in their classic ways with their delicate looks. The petals of its flower show a mixture of different colors from top to bottom and can range in colors from yellow, green, and orange, red and to other deep shades of the colors.

6. Tulip Bulb

xpensive plants

Who does not love tulip? This flowering plant has been known to us from 17th century. Although very common now, it was sold as one of the most expensive plants that it was sold for 5700 dollars in early times. The beautiful shape and appealing colors attracts the viewers more than any other flower does. It is found in Eurasian and North Africa with its more than 70 species. New hybrids are being made with mixing of several species to give new look. The flower is used as a status symbol being an expensive plant and a unique flower in history.

5. Saffron Crocus

xpensive plants

Saffron has been used widely as a spice in your dishes. It provided not only flavor but also for color and aroma. The flowering plants of saffron are among the expensive plants with the price of around fifteen hundred dollars. The scientific name for the flower is Crocus sativus and commonly known as autumn crocus. This expensive plant has been in use for 3000 years and has unique beautiful purple flowers.

The deep golden stamen gives it a charming appearance. The spice saffron is obtained from the flower after drying the flower. Around eighty thousand flowers produce only 500 grams saffron that explains it high cost, also the procedure is difficult.

4. Rotchschild’s Orchid

expensive plants

The scientific name of the plant is Paphiopedilum rothschildianum and common name is The Gold of Kinabalu. The flowering plant has been added in the list of expensive plants and has nearly become extinct after it was ravaged by smugglers. Although it has been cultivated again by using its seedlings, it is still rare.

The plant was discovered in 1987 and was considered unique owing to its appearance with horizontal green petals along with red dots. The expensive plant is found only in Kinabalu National Park located in Malaysia and cannot be cultivated everywhere. The flower blooms after many years and it is a beautiful but rare happening.

3. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Shenzhen Nongke one of the expensive plant

Although flowers are born by nature, it is among those flowers which are made by man by making some alteration in the nature. The name of Shenzhen Nongke came from the name of researched who cultivated this expensive plant in their agricultural lab. It took a time of 8 years to put forth this great flowering plant with its elite and unique flowers.

The flower was presented to the world in 2005 and was sold at the bid for 1.7 million Yuan that makes around 2 million dollars. Indeed it is amongst the most expensive plants ever bought in history. The high rates are because of its rarity along with it beautiful appearance along with the charming taste it has. The flower takes four to five years to blossom and difficult to cultivate.

2. Expensive Plants Juliet Rose

created by David Austin

This flower was created by David Austin and is one of the expensive plants all over the world. It was shown in Chelsea Flower Show in the year 2006 and was praised by everyone who saw it. Although it can be purchased in five million dollars, it is known as £3 million flower owing to the hard work of fifteen years by David Austin to form this apricot hued hybrid.

Since its creation, it has taken the floral world to a next level with its immense beauty and charms. It is regarded as one of the most expensive plants of rose that has been developed ever. These are being used for luxurious weddings and other events to enhance their beauty.

1. Kadupul Flower

Queen of the night

Kadupul flower is also known as the Queen of the night because it only blossoms at night. It is one of those expensive plants that are extremely rare. Also it cannot be harvested. The soothing and attractive scent of this flower is unmatchable and it lasts for only a few hours. It is completely wilted before dawn. The plant belongs to the cactus species with the scientific name being Epiphyllum oxypetalum. The leaves are leathery but not thick like the leaves of cactus.

This flower of heaven is white yellow in color and is found in Sri Lanka. It has been named as Brahma Kamalam after the name of Hindu god of creation. It is believed that when the flower blooms, the wishes made are fulfilled. In Japan the flower has been given the name of Beauty under the Moon. It can also be found in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela. It is considered as one of the legendary flower that would be considered the most expensive plants.