Top 10 Most Important Tales of American History

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History of any county is important to its native, and great nations learn from their history as well. Any country can have good events in the history, bad events, disasters in the form of wars and many more events that form its history in true sense. Tales of American History is also a mixture of wars, colonization, political reforms, turmoils and many other revolutions.

There are many legends and heroes included in American’s history and most of these tales are taught to the students in schools and colleges so that they become aware of their nation’s history and legends some of these are myths too. We are here providing you with some of the heroes and some of the events happened in American’s history that you may find interesting.

10. Betsy Ross

 Tales of American history

Betsy Ross is an important woman in tales of American history who is known for her designing of American flag. Although this tale lacks the evidence but through researches it was found that she had made the flag in 1877 for George Washington. She has been regarded as a patriotic figure since 2008 in the book The Star Spangled Banner. People have shown much interest in this as Betsy is considered as a major contribution of young girls in American’s history.

9. Patrick Henry

He has played a very main role in tales of American history
Patrick Henry has played a very main role in American’s history as he was a major attorney and politician of his 18th century. He was famous as orator when the movement for independence was continued in Virginia in 1770s. He is well known for his speech that he made in on 23rd March 1775 in the House of Burgesses located in Saint John’s Church in Virginia. Henry decided to mobilize the military forces against British military. That was one of the major decisions taken that time in America. Later on his words were reconstructed in his biography.

8. Benedict Arnold

His role was major in tales of American history

Benedict Arnold has been known as one of the major hero in American’s history owing to his role in American Revolutionary war. He was a general in the war. He was a true patriotic and his war strategy was revealed after he was promoted to as Brigadier. His bravery and strategic mind has led to many achievements by military under his supervision. His major acts in American’s history include Capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775, Battle of Valcour Island and Ridgefield and many other war operations. Owing to his military contributions, he has obtained a major role in American’s history due to his bravery.

7. The Marshall Plan Tales of American History

This plan was belongs to the near American history

This plan belongs to the near American’s history and was put forth by George c. Marshall in June, 1947. It was basically a plan to strengthen after World War 2. In his speech he George Marshall proposed that the countries in Europe need to format a plan to support their economy. He also said that America would provide economic assistance. In short it was basically a plan to solve many international problems and creation of a bureaucratic structure that involves spread of Americans’ management in Europe. This plan satisfied many nations and helped the many nations. It also proved beneficial for European economy and holds a very important role in American history.

6. The Panama Canal

one of the important tales of American history

The Panama Canal belongs as an important events in the tales of American history . It took place when there was a dispute in linking the two oceans, Atlantic and Pacific through a canal in Central America between America and Britain. Although a treaty was signed between the two Nations but later on situation was reversed and America emerged as a superpower after Spanish American war. In 1903 a treaty was signed in which America was given all rights for canal construction in Panama.

5. 9/11 Attacks

9/11 AttacksIt is one of the events in the American’s history that belongs to near past. On September 11, 2001 a suicide attack was carried out in America by Al-Qaida group. Two planes hit World Trade Center in New York while a third one affected Pentagon in Washington and the fourth one was crashed in Pennsylvania. These attacks caused many deaths in the cities and since then the country is fighting terrorism.

4. The Atomic Bomb

worst thing happened in American history

It is one of the worst thing happened in the tales of American history that affected many people who lost their lives. The decision of dropping the bomb was taken in order to decrease war duration and save American soldiers. The atomic bomb was dropped in two cities including Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in 1945 and it was claimed by America under the orders of President Harry S. Truman. It was said that Japan might have surrendered without the atomic bomb. This has been one of the early decisions taken by leaders in American’s history that could have waited a while.

3. Spanish American War

Spanish American war in American history

It is one of the important events took place in the tales of American history . There happened to be a fight between two countries and it was provoked by Cuban Campaign. The war started because of America’s drive to expand the overseas. It continued for 4 months and was ended by the negotiation for two weeks after the signing of treaty of Paris and American Nation emerged as a superpower after the victory in this war.

2. George Washington

one of the best president American history

George Washington holds a specific position in the tales of American history as he was the first president of America. The title of Father of America was given to him. He was also the commander in Chief of continental army due to his leading abilities. In his biography mane tales depicting his honesty and commitment of childhood were described. A book was written in early 19th century by Parson Mason.

1. Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus discovered america

Christopher Columbus is considered as one of the Hero of nation in American’s history and one of the most important figures. He is regarded as a symbol in history of America. Most of the people however think that he has been added in the history as American’s history by Washington Irving who wrote a biography about Columbus in 1829. This book became very popular that time and showed that Columbus is the discoverer of America. In the later years, he was considered as a symbol of America.