Top 10 most Powerful Passports in the World

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Travelling has been so common since the beginning of the time. However with the passage of time the security issues were encountered and for the sake of peace and security the ways of travelling were made more empowered and secured. Visa is usually required when you travel in countries that require a lot of paperwork. There are some countries that offer you Powerful Passport to save you from the extensive paperwork.

The powerful passport of a country allows you to travel to the other countries without visa. The ranking of powerful passport is not only based upon the visa free accessibility to other countries but also on the rates of the passport. Furthermore the affordability of the passport depending upon the wages and number of working hours by a citizen also counts in.

According to the newest ranking, the list of most powerful passports is given below.

10. Hungary, Czech Republic, Iceland

most powerful passport

Hungarian passport is one of the top ten powerful passports that possess a visa free score of 167. The passport is issued to the citizens of Hungary by Central Data Processing Office of Hungarian Ministry with validity ranging from 2 to 10 years. The Hungarian passport can be personal of official type, both of which offer visa free travelling to 167 countries.

Two other countries, Czech Republic and Iceland have the same scoring as Hungary. Czech passport mainly serves as a proof for the citizenship of the country along with the allowance of travelling to several countries in the world without visa. Similarly Icelandic passport is one of the powerful passports used for international travelling to 167 countries as well as 28 states of European Union and can stay there.

9. Malta

powerful passport

Maltese passport is issued to the citizens of Malta and works also for the members of European Union. It is considered to be one of the powerful passports all around the world and rank 9th in the ranking of countries with powerful passports with visa free international travelling to 168 different countries according to the latest Visa Restriction Index.

With the Maltese passport, you can travel to any State of European Economic area and European Union and can stay and work in any of these areas.

8. Australia

powerful passport

Australian passport is on at the 8th most powerful passport all around the world according to the latest ranking by Visa Restriction. It allows visa free travelling to 169 countries globally under the Australian Passport Acts 2005 by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Unlike many other countries, Australian citizens also are allowed to keep passports from other countries.

The new strategy of biometric passports was developed in 2005 and is called as e-Passport. It contains a microchip having all your personal information along with the digital photo. This has made the working of the powerful passport even more rapid and the facial recognition technology installation is also helpful to make the processing fast.

7. Greece, New Zealand

one of the powerful passports

Greece and New Zealand are ranked as countries with powerful passport according to the latest ranking. Both the countries provide visa free visiting to 171 countries all around the world. The Greek passport has also evolved into e-Passports in 2006 when the old types of passports were made invalid. It includes the RFID chip that deals with your high resolution picture and index finger printing. This powerful passport allows you to travel and stay in any European Union country.

Similarly the New Zealand passport for the citizens of New Zealand is one of the most powerful passports issued by the Department of Internal Affairs. The country has highest passport possession and more than 80 percent of its citizens have passports. It is also a member of Five Nations Passport Group along with Australia, Canada, USA and UK to share the passport policies.

6. Canada, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, Korea, Switzerland

six countries

The all above given countries are ranking at sixth number among the countries with most powerful passport. They allow the visa free travelling to 172 countries all over the world. The Canadian passport are issued by a government agency known as Passport Canada and are valid for five years for the people under sixteen years of age and validity for 10 years for people above sixteen. The total passport possession is around 67 percent in Canada.

The Norwegian passport allows the visa free travelling and is a proof of citizenship of Norway with a validity of 10 years.

The people of Portuguese are allowed to travel visa free around 172 countries all around the world and can get their residency in any state of European Union.

The Department of Foreign Affairs issue the Irish passports and their citizens are considered the citizens of European Economic Area.

Swiss passport can serve the people for international traveling as well as works as an identity card for its citizen.
The Ministry of Foreign affairs in the Republic of Korea issue Korean Passport and provide accessibility to all G8 countries.

5. Japan, Austria and Singapore

3 most powerful passport

These three countries are ranked at number 5  with the most powerful passport all around the world. The citizens of these countries with the help of their passports can travel visa free internationally. According to latest visa restriction index, with these powerful passports you can travel to 173 countries globally. Japanese ordinary passports have validity for five to ten years for people with age, less and more than 20 years respectively.

Similarly Austrian passport allows its holders to travel to Switzerland and European Economic Area. The Singaporean passport is mainly issued by Singaporean Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Biometric system works in all these countries now.

4. Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and United States

most powerful Passport

Belgian state issues their citizen the Belgian passports that are the most powerful passport all around the world and allows the visa free travelling to 174 countries. The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs works for the issuing of the passports.

The citizens of Netherlands are issued with their Dutch passport that also ranks fourth among the countries with most powerful passports. Similarly Denmark and United States hold the same ranking by visa restriction index and allow the visa free international travelling to more than 174 countries all around the world along free moving in all states of European Union except USA.

However the Danish passport can issue EU as well as non EU passport. All of them have issues biometric system of passport as well. United states issue the passports to non citizens that acts as a proof of their citizenship.

3. Finland, Italy, France, Spain

one of the powerful passport

These four countries allow their powerful passport holder citizens, the visa free visit to 175 countries all around the world and are ranked at number three in the countries with powerful passport. The people living in Finland are provided with the Finnish passport that serves as a proof of their nationality. It is issued by the Finnish Police.

The Italian citizens are issued with Italian passport that has converted into biometric passport since 2006 and has a validity ranging from 3 years to 10 years depending upon the age.

Similarly French citizens have French passport that allows visa free travelling all over the states of European Union along with the security assistance.

Spanish passport also ranks among the countries with the most powerful passport and have ordinary passport, collective, Diplomatic and Official types of passports.

2. Sweden

second powerful passport

The former top most powerful passport of Sweden has now move to the second place in the list of most powerful passport. The Swedish passport allows the visa free international travelling to 176 countries all around the world. The Swedish official board also facilitates the security assistance when needed. With the help of Swedish passport, you can enjoy residency in all states of European Union.

The people of Sweden get their passport issued by the Police and whole data along with fingerprints are required for the process. In the year 2005, biometric passports were issued with a validity of five years unlike before when the validity was 10 years for adults and for children it was five years. The Swedish people can hold on to two passports at the same time for special reasons like if one passport is rejected or submitted for application.

1. Germany (most Powerful Passport in the World)

top powerful passport

According to the latest year nominations, Germany is the top most country with the most powerful passport issuing to its citizens. The Germans identity is proved when they have their passport, ID card along with the German Emergency Travel Document in their custody. The powerful passport of Germany allows its citizens visa free travel to 177 worldwide destinations. It also serves as security assistance in official abroad.

The validity of the German Passport stays for ten years for the people who are more than 24 years of age and for the people below 24 years the validity remains for six years. All the German citizens are also citizens of European Union and with the powerful passport of Germany, its people can move and stay in any European State.

(Source: Travel and Tour World Tourism News 01 March 2016)