Top 10 most Viewed Videos on Youtube

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YouTube is the one site everyone around the world knows of. Being the best video sharing, it is, no doubt, the most favourite among users. Its headquarter is located in California. Although it feels like YouTube exists from the start of time, but it was created by PayPal in 2005 and Google owned it in 2006. Since then, YouTube has become one of the largest website that facilitates the users to watch video clips, movies, music videos and educational videos as well. The stuff uploaded on YouTube include individual uploads as well as contributions by several social medias. Here we are going to discuss you the most viewed video on youtube.

10. Roar

roarThe one and only Roar, is ranked in the list of most viewed video on YouTube . It is a song of Katy Perry’s fourth album, Prism. Being released on 10th August, 2013, it gained a lot of admiration all over. However the video was released in September, 2013. It was directed by Mark Kudsi and Grady Hall and in November, a full video of nearly 17 minutes was uploaded and made its way through the charts of top ranking videos on YouTube. In July 2015, it reached 1 billion views and was the fifth YouTube video to achieve that level. It has nearly 1270 million views and counting.

9. All About That Bass

most viewed videos on youtube

It is a blockbuster by Meghan Trainor whose video went all wild on YouTube. Meghan not only wrote it along with Kevin Kadish but also is the singer. It was released in June by an American record company, the Epic record. Since then it has drawn the attention of viewers due to its attractive bubblegum and doo wop features. It is loved by pop music listeners. Its melody, lyrics, video and sound effects, everything received positive views all around. The music video of All about the bass was directed by Fatima Robinson accompanied by Charm La’Donna as its choreographer.
It was the ranked as eighth video that reached 1 billion views on YouTube in August, 2015. Up to now the video has around 1278 million views and became most viewed video on youtube.

8. Dark Horse

Katy Perry most viewed videos on youtube

Dark horse is the second blockbuster of Katy Perry with rapper Juicy J. Both these artists wrote the song along with Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Sarah Hudson and Cirkut and it was released on YouTube as third song of Katy Perry’s prism. Being a hip-hop song, it attracted a lot of viewers on YouTube. On 13th February 2015, the video was released featuring Katy Perry in the role of Katy Patra, mimicking Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt.

Mathew Cullen directed dark horse video that went viral on YouTube after its release. It has encountered up to 1297 million views on YouTube until now and also was the third most viewed video on YouTube and secure 1 billion views in June 2015.

7. Bailando


Enrique Iglesias, the Spanish vocalist, has put forth many blockbusters. Bailando is one of his best works. It was the sixth single of Enrique’s album sex and love released on YouTube. The song has other 3 versions as well.

The video was uploaded in August 2014 along with Spanish and English version. Bailando was directed by Cuban under the production of Alejandro Perez and Kasra Pezeshki and was shot at Dominican Republic. Spanish version YouTube video has over 1.29 billion views whereas the English Version has secured 170 million making it the sixth music viewed video on YouTube that touched 1 billion views in August 2015. Bailando is also the second YouTube video other than English to reach 1 billion views on YouTube.

6. Baby

Justin Bieber's most viewed song

This song baby belongs to the album My World 2.0 of Justin Bieber. Justin B. is a Canadian singer who has recently made completed his first album. Baby was written by Bieber himself, along with Terius and Christopher S. who has also worked for Beiber’s other songs like one time. The song blends dance pop with doo wop music and has gained a lot of fame on YouTube.

It not only became popular in USA but was also among top 10 lists of France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Ray Kay directed the video of this song that is based on Bieber’s love story in which he is begging her girl to come back. It became the most viewed video on youtube in June 2010 and after gangnam style, it was the second YouTube video to receive 1 billion views in March 2014. Up till now this YouTube video has around 1309 billion despite of more unlikes than likes it has received.

5. Shake it off

by taylor swift

Shake it off belongs to the one and only Taylor swift who is an American singer and songwriter. This song is included in her fifth album and has an electronic music style. Taylor swift wrote this song along with Shellback and Max Martin. It was released along with its music video on August 18, 2014. Its style, lyrics and music all were appreciated by critics.

Shake it off become Taylor’s second song to be in Billboard top 100 and also received many awards and nominations.
The video was shot in June 2014 under the direction of Mark Romanek featuring Taylor swift as a dancer. On YouTube, the video has received around 1.32 billion views and has become the fifth most viewed video on YouTube so far.

4. Uptown Funk

on YouTube viewed a lot

Bruno Mars is the Vocalist behind this blockbuster that was recorded by Mark Ronson, a British producer. Uptown funk is fourth album of Mark Ronson that was released in November 2014. The writers include Mark Ronson along with Jeff B., Philip L. and Bruno Mars. The song was a global success and on Billboard hot 100, it secured its first position for around 12 weeks and for seven weeks in Uk Singles chart.

The music video of Uptown funk was released on 17 November 2014 starring Mars and Ronson walking around a city. On 19th November, it was released on YouTube as well with a bang. In the video, stars are wearing colorful dresses and chains. The video was recorded under the direction of Bruno Mars and Cameron Duddy. It has received up to 1.37 billion views on YouTube and owing to its popularity it was rated as fourth among the most viewed video on YouTube.

3. See you Again

tribute to Paul Walker

“it’s been a long day without you, my friend and I will tell you all about it when I see you again” these sentimental, most beautiful lyric belong to Wiz Khalifa’s song. Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper who also featured Charlie Puth an American singer in his song. The song is basically a tribute to Paul Walker (late) and became one of the soundtracks of furious 7 that was an action film series starring Paul walker. It was released in March 2015 in the memories of late Paul Walker who died of an accident in November 2013 in California. As his movie, Fast 7, was under process then, the director asked his brother to do it for him.

The video of see you again was directed by Marc Klasfeld that was presented on YouTube in April 2015. See you again was the biggest hit since its release on YouTube. For 12 consecutive weeks, it maintained it’s position on Billboard Hot 100. With 1.44 billion views, it is the 3rd most viewed  video on YouTube. Also it is the 3rd video to touch billion views on YouTube in less than 185 days and the video has received many awards and has been nominated for many awards in many countries.

2. Blank Space

second most viewed YouTube video

This song “blank space” belongs to the fifth album of the gorgeous Taylor swift, who does not only has gifted with melodious voice but also possess the creation abilities. The song video is the second most viewed videos on YouTube. Shellback, Swift and Max Martin are the writers of this beautiful track. It was released as a second single of Taylor’s album in November 2014.

The song is an electro pop mix and lyrics mirror Taylor swift’s life and activities. To your surprise, Taylor Swift has become the first woman among the rankings of hot 100 women. Joseph Kahn is the director of Blank space video that was shot in New York however it was Taylor Swift herself that provided the idea of her song’s video. It has secured 1.47billion views on YouTube up till now that made it the second most viewed video on YouTube. In the shadows of this song’s popularity it has received many awards and nominations.

1. Most Viewed video on Youtube Gangnam Style

no. 1 viewed video on youtube

Without any doubt, gangnam style has secured most commonly viewed video on YouTube. Gangnam style is a K pop song, which was launched in July 2015. This wonderful song was produced by Psy who is a South Korean musician as a part of his sixth album. With its peculiar attraction, the video of gangnam style became the first music YouTube video to secure one billion views. To your surprise, the song’s video has been viewed around 2.51 billion times. Not only has this but since November 2012, gangnam style’s video been the most viewed video on YouTube. It’s catchy music and distinctive but amusing dance steps makes the best combination and the video went viral since its release.
Now you know all about its popularity, let us know about it other features. The word gangnam is basically a reference to gangnam district located in Seoul. Gangnam style was produced by Park Jae Sang and Yoo Gun. Being the most liked  and viewed video on YouTube; it is also added in Guinness book of world records. Globally it has won many best video’s awards and has been nominated among many other award ceremonies.