Top 10 most Weird Clothes Brand 2015

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Dressing in an appealing and decent way has been a major concern of most of the people. Wearing elegant clothes may be your hobby or your requirement in certain events. Everyone wants to look different from others in this regard. There are many clothes bands which are well known. Some of these are expensive though people want to get best clothes even if they have to spend excessive amount of money to look different and pretty. Your dressing sense and garments brands matter a lot for the people around you. Most of us know the names of best garments brands however; it is also essential to know the Weird Clothes Brand of the year. We are providing you a list of brands which are weird and we hope that it will provoke your interest.

10. Burberry

Weird Clothes BrandBurberry is a British brand found in 19th century that is located in London. It is considered as a luxurious brand with its heavy retail prices. This brand provides you clothes, cosmetics, perfumes and other accessories. No doubt it was considered as the best clothes brands but now it has lost its fame and has been converted into one of the weird brands that is criticized among buyers due to its prices and poor accessories.

9. Good guys don’t wear Leather

Good guys don’t wear LeatherYes! This is the name of a clothes brand that has been known as Good Guys too. This brand provides you shoes both for men and women, which are made of microfibers, rubber and canvas that make the shoes lightweight and waterproof. This clothing brand belongs to Paris. Although the prices are reasonable, but the designs are not up to the mark and have been denounced by many of the buyers that have made it one of the weird clothes brand of the year.

8. Versace

weird clothes brand in the worldVersace has been placed in one of the weird clothes brand of the year owing to people’s reviews. It is an Italian brand that was found in 1978. The brand provides you with clothes, shoes and other accessories like perfume watch etc. although this brand has been liked by many people, but it is added in this list because of the criticism and dissatisfaction of its customers. Many of the people find the quality and designs of clothes poor and have switched to other brands with better quality and prices.

7. Aeropostale

aerpostaleAeropostale is an American shopping Mall for teens and middle aged people. Clothes for both males and females are available in this mall. However, it is losing its popularity day by day and it has been added in the list of those clothes brand that are not being worn now. With its high prices and weird quality provided to the customers, it has become one of the weird clothes brand. It is expected that this brand will soon die out, as it has been almost replaced by new emerging weird clothes brand completely.

6. Yolo

title form 21st centuryYolo is a brand name taken from a title form 21st century i.e. you live only once. This brand provides you with clothes, shoes accessories but all of these stuff come with weird clothes brand designs. The shirt and hoodies have boring color combinations which are criticized by many of the buyers. It is no longer in the list of brands that are liked by people and its popularity has been decreased a lot in the last few years as people find its clothes boring.

5. Ugg

Australian weird brandIt is a clothes brand in Australia and New Zealand that makes Boots, Slippers and shoes for all men, women and kids. The ship skinned made boots were liked once by people but now they are considered outdated. Ugg is included in one of the weird clothes brand due to their hideous shoes, bags and slippers. It is useless to buy these shoes in rainy areas and almost impossible to carry these shoes and boots.

4. Tapout most Weird Clothes Brand

most Weird Clothe BrandIt is one of the weirdest American brands that make sport garments and casual dresses. it was found in 1997 by Charles Lewis. They are basically the makers of gruesome t-shirts and the weird design of the hoodies has made it infamous among the buyers. Although it is still a choice of many people who prefer this clothes brand over others, but still it is one of the most hated and weird clothes brand in America and people call its garments and designs ugly.

3. Dolce and Gabbana

famous brandIt is a clothes brand in Italy that was found in 1980s. You can find clothes and many other accessories under this brand name however all of these accessories are not popular among the people that have ranked it as one of the weird clothes brand. People have criticized it a lot over its high rates and poor quality of its products, not up to the expectation of the people. Like for its perfumes, people are not satisfied with its price and fragrance. The clothes designs and prices are also hideous and high respectively.

2. Ed Hardy

Ed HardyOne of the freakiest and weirdest brands ever known is Ed Hardy that has lost its place in the world of clothes brands. You may not find anyone using its name or looking for anything related to Ed Hardy anymore. It has been regarded as one of the ugliest brands. Their weird designs on t-shirts and blazers, ridiculous hats and jeans have made the brand out of the list of favorites.

1. Abercrombie and Fitch/Hollister Clothes Brand

weird brand,AbercrombieThe Abercrombie and Fitch/ Hollister brand has been placed on the top of the weird clothes brands located in America. Although it is one of the oldest brand founded in 1892 by David t. Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch, but it has lost its position owing to its over rated scale and hideous and boring designs without. Although it is a brand for young people but most of the teens are not attracted to their garments anymore. Being one of the weirdest clothes brands, it has been the victim of criticism over many issues other than clothing.