Top 10 New Technologies Arriving in 2016-17

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There is no doubt about the fact that each single person awaiting for the time when the new technologies do appears in the marketplace. New Technologies have always remained to be the favorite among the people just for the fact that they are much included with the interesting and much exciting features to work with them.

Do you know that what sort of new technologies will be arriving in 2016-17? If you are not aware from this news, then get ready because here we will be updating the interesting list of top 10 amazing new technologies of 2016-17

Are you ready to know about all those amazing new technologies arriving in 2016-17.

10. Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Advanced Personal RobotAlmost few years back Segway was considered to be one of the disgusting sort of technology but now they have been given away the improved shape with the robotic face on them. This new product by the Segway has been found to be the combination in between a personal assistant and a mode of transportation.

This is coming out to be one of the crazy things in the world as you will think about this technology. People have been hoping around that the vacuum cleaner of this product will be coming across as much helpful and informative in terms of usage.

9. Samsung Modular TV

Samsung Modular TV | New Technologies

This is another one of the new technologies arriving in 2016-17. The concept of producing this product is coming out to be one of the much interesting ones. In this product each of these pieces of the screens are capable to be used off as independently. They do have the ability in which they can easily move together and form screens in the kind of different aspect ratios.

The interesting thing about this product appears at the time when they form up together. It is simply exceptional looking as you would not be able to catch the lines between the individual pieces. Are you ready to be the first to use this new technologies product?

8. Diet Sensor SCiO Food Scanner

awesome new Technologies

On the 8th spot we will be placing the name of the Diet Sensor SCiO Food Scanner! This scanner is best for the people who are fond of putting themselves on the diet. It can even work excellent for the people who have diabetes. This little gadget is all about scanning the chemical makeup of the food or drink at hand. It will going to encounter the things which you should eat and which you should avoid on the basis of your dietary conditions.

Here we would like to mention that Diet Sensor SCiO Food Scanner can only do one piece of the food at a time. They have to make the usage of the multi-step app to do the job. They able to work at the best at the first place! Don’t forget to catch this exciting food gadget and new technologies right now!

7. Samsung Notebook 9

new technologies |Samsung

Samsung has made their best known place as being the copy-cat of the Apple versions. Yes we are talking about Samsung Notebook 9! Samsung has given this product with the thin and much lighter form of designs that is incredible looking. It has been all accompanied with the setting of the Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, all along with the 256GB of SSD storage. But the big fault in this notebook 9 is that it is featuring the 1080p display.

This laptop will be giving out a hard competition to the laptops like the MacBook Pro or Dell XPS. No doubt that this Samsung Notebook 9 is one of the big laptop standouts of 2016. Grab it now before it gets out of the market stock! If you are one of the laptop biggest lovers then make sure that you are one of those who are to be the first to catch this Samsung Notebook 9!

6. Livestream Movie

Livestream Movi is amoung new technologies

Well we are fully aware from the fact that these days Action Cams are very much in demand. But Livestream Movie is one of the finest and perfect products that will make you to forget blinking your eyes. It is coming out to be the little 4K camera that is best used to capture live events. This is what people are in want to do these days even more and more. You can make the use of this product to be connected straight away to your iPhone and uses the corresponding app through which it will make you to edit up to 9 virtual cameras all on the fly.

You have the free choice to zoom, pan as well as cut, and even let the camera follow faces just as within the app. It is accessible in the market places at just the cost of $399. Hence all in all it is the very next big step that is arriving soon in livestreaming capabilities. You will surely going to love use this new technologies product all the time!

5. Chevy Bolt

5th spot of new technologies

Standing at the 5th spot of new technologies list we have the name of Chevy Bolt! This is the biggest thing that is to be arriving soon in 2016-17. This is coming up to be one of the big things that is holding back the electric car industry these days is price. Chevy Bolt is coming out to be one of the most vital and significant electric car since the original Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S.

This Chevy Bolt is accessible in the market with the cost of $30,000. It is featuring you with the 10.2-inch touch screen on top of the dash and a few other bells along with the whistles. You can even call it with the name of “future of fully-electric cars”. This is considered to be one of the one of the best technologies whose arrival is coming out to be one of the most awaited ones. Are you also waiting for this technologies?

4. Razer Blade Stealth

laptop,new technologies

Since the last so many years Razer has been making his best efforts in order to build up with the ultimate gaming Ultrabook. But it is seemed like 2016 can be one of the main years in which they will be successful in their task. Blade Stealth is one of those main things which you would surely be watching inside the new ultrabook-type machine from Apple or Dell. It is has been designed into the designing of being slim, fast, and at the same time it is fairly inexpensive.

Plus it is often put forward with the integrated graphics card that can supplemented by the coverage of an exterior graphics card called Razer Core. It will be making you to get closer with such kind of graphics which you might not have experience in the past desktop software. You will definitely going to find this Razer Blade stealth an impressive and much ideal to use upon.

3. Ehang Passenger Drone

3rd spot on our list of new technologies

Ehang Passenger Drone is at the 3rd spot on new technologies list! This technology has not been just designed for the purpose of impressive video but it has been designed for you. The Ehang Passenger Drone whole concept has been based on the all-electric helicopter that can navigate itself to a destination.

Its inside features are so exciting to use that you would love to know that how they actually work out. For some of the people it would be little tricky to use because its features are very much handy. But once you start using it you will get in love with it.

2. Faraday Future FZero1 Concept

new technologies

Faraday Future have just newly comes out with their new high-performance concept car that is known by the name of the FZero1. This car is said to be very much similar in features just like the Batmobile. It is included to be complete and fully electric as it claims a 0-60 speed in less than three seconds. Moreover it can travel over 200mph. As you will be watching this car you will be much curious to know that what is present inside this car. Are you ready to drive into this car?

1. Parrot Disco most advance New Technologies Product

No.1 in the list of new technologies

On the last and at the top we have Parrot Disco! Its name might sounds interesting but just like its name this new technologies is much more interesting to use. Even though it has not yet arrived but it is becoming one of the center of attractions of 2016 and 2017. It has been designed with the access of the two wings that let take off as similar to the kite than a traditional drone.

The Disco has the ability as through which it can pick up enough momentum to stay afloat. It can even fly at speeds up to 50mph and hence stay up for as long as 45 minutes. It is coming up with a 1080p camera at the place of the nose. Moreover it has been included with the greater number of assisted flying modes. We would suggest you that don’t forget to grab this technology as soon as it will be launched inside the marketplaces!

So this was the complete list about the top 10 best and new technologies that will soon be arriving in 2016-17! All the new technologies are so worth mentioning and interesting that you would be much excited to learn that when they will going to make their debut in the marketplace. Hold your heart beats and get ready for it!