Top 10 Odious Housing Project in the History of US

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Housing projects were started in US for so long to make the country established and end the urban areas. The mission behind these projects was to provide the residents a better place to live and also to do that in affordable rates. Their aim was to provide safe housing that was funded by government of United States to help the people with middle and low income. This dream led to the initiation of many housing projects but not all of these were successful and led them in the list of Odious Housing Project.

Some of the housing projects were a complete disaster and in massive failure. The unfortunate thing is that it not only led to the loss of money and material over the project but also had led to the suffering of many people. The people who were vulnerable to these failed housing projects are those who already were facing the poverty. In this article we are providing to the top 10 infamous housing projects in USA that are a complete system failure.

10. Jordan Downs Watts, Los A Angeles

odious housing projects in USA

This was also one of the odious housing project in US. Jordan downs was initiated in the mid 20th century, to be precise in 1940 and consisted of around 700 apartments for the middle and low income public. It was located in Watts, Los Angeles, California that is located near David Starr Jordan High School. It was designed in a townhouse style with its 103 buildings.

It was unique in the sense that it was the first Veterans housing projects in US and was named after its oldest resident of the area. In its early years it was all occupied by Black people and was a place for many riots between black and white people that led to 34 deaths and left many people injured. Since that, the area was under many riots and killings associated with gang related shootings.

The housing project had not developed since then and looks like a prison with its 2700 residents. However the government in US is considering a redevelopment plan to increase the employment rate and decrease the killing rate in the housing project area.

9. Pruitt Igoe St. Louis

odious housing project

This was one of the most odious housing project, which was started in 1954. It was the time when racism was at peak in US. The project consisted of 33 buildings and 11 stories that were skies touching. The project started declining soon after its initiation in 2 years. Later on after six years the project was completely ended in worldwide infamousness.

The housing project was a complete disaster in all matters like poverty, segregation and crime. Due to its decline, the project was exploded in 1970s and was a complete failed housing project. Although it was named as Poor Man’s Penthouse to eradicate poverty but it ended in a sad way. It was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, who is a famous architect after his designing of World trade center and the Lambert St Louis International Airport.

 8. Johnston Square Apartments Baltimore

infamous housing projects | USA

This housing project is located in the eastern side of Baltimore Maryland that provided residence to low income people mainly African American. This project is one of the most odious housing project in Baltimore with it being the center of many criminal activities like drug dealing, violence, illegal shooting and much more.

Most of its residents are elderly people who are indulged with fear and stay at home. Many roads and are near the housing project area is vacant and needs the development.

7. Louis Heaton Pink Houses Brooklyn

Brooklyn New York

The housing project was started in Brooklyn New York and was named as The Pink Houses or only The Pinks. The housing project was started in 19 59 and was designed in a complex way. They consisted of 1500 apartments with 8 buildings. Each building is 22 stories. The odious housing project is one of the most infamous projects with its high crime rates and illegal firearms that happen because of its complexly designed structure.

The electricity is not widely available and there is a constant lighting problem in the area that has led to many criminal activities. There are trash piles, robbery, killings and many fights, that made the housing project infamous. The people live in fear in the housing project areas and need the concentration of government to develop the area and make this housing project better to help its residents.

6. Techwood Homes Atlanta

infamous housing projects

It was one of the most odious housing project started in US. The housing project was first project started for the public in Atlanta Georgia. It was started in 1934 and was completed in 2 years afterward. This project aimed at the elimination of poverty stricken areas and bringing of revolution in the living standards of the people. Provision of best accommodation and electricity was made sure.

Later on the area was regarded as murder capitals in USA and was a famous spot of drug dealers and violent activities of gangs. It remained neglected for years with no development and trash piles and growing violence. This odious housing project was demolished in 1996 before the Olympics and the remaining area was merged with the neighboring areas to form Centennial place.

5. Queensbridge Houses Queens

Queensbridge housing project

Queensbridge housing project was one of the largest and odious housing project in the history of US, which was started in 1939 in North America. It was structured with its 3142 apartments and around seven thousand people living in the area. However the housing project was pretty infamous with its dark and terrible buildings where chances of being murdered were very high.

The area has been every popular for its violent history and rap icons living in the area. The nearby school PS 111 promoted fighting and transformed into arena with brutal activities going on. It was balanced racially by transferring the people in the area whose yearly pay was around 3000 dollars. That population consisted of mainly white people unlike before, along with African Americans. It led to racial segregation in the housing project area.

4. Magnolia Projects New Orleans

Also called Magnolia

Also called Magnolia, it was one of the odious housing project started in New Orleans and located in its 11th and 12th wards. It was one of the largest housing projects of its times with around 2100 people residing in the area built in 1941. The area has also become the victim of many violent activities and criminal happenings. It has been ranked as one of the most dangerous housing project areas in US.

It has also made contribution in cultural development by launching Bounce music and Rap. During Hurricane Katrina, around 700 people were forced to leave the area and the projects were completely demolished. After that the new name, Harmony Oaks is given to the housing project owing to the recent development plans implementation in the area to make it a better place for living.

3. Robert Taylor Homes Chicago

Chicago | infamous housing project

The odious housing project was started in 1962 in Bronzeville Chicago, Illinois. It was named after Robert Rochon Taylor who was an African American activist. No doubt it was one of the largest housing projects to provide affordable housing locality. It has 28 building with total 4414 apartments. Soon it was turned out in a disastrous project and slum areas in Chicago. There were criminal activities like children recruitment by gangster.

The crime rate was at peak in 1990s and many violent activities like sexual assaults, shooting; murders, robbery and much more went rising. The area had poor housing structure that had poor maintenance led to several accidental deaths. The housing project was demolished in 2002 and the government USA is trying to replace it.

2. Marcy Houses Brooklyn

infamouse Marcy Houses project

Brooklyn was the second largest densely populated area that had many housing projects in US. This particular housing project was completed in 1950s with its 27 buildings, each with 27 stories. There were around 1700 apartments with around five thousand people living in the area. The area was infamous with its gang disputes and other criminal activities.

An incident of murder of four young men took place due to these gangster activities. Many residents were involved in drug dealing and other violent acts. The sad event of murder of 2 policemen took place after which the area had no police involvement in Mary Houses. The residents in housing project area bound to stay at home due to lack of safety.

1. Cabrini Green Chicago (One of the Odious Housing Project)

Cabrini Green Chicago (One of the Odious Housing Project)This was one of the most odious housing project in Chicago US started by CHA Chicago Housing Authority. The project consisted on 10 sections and took around 20 years to be completed for urban dwellers. The housing project covered around 70 acres area and was one of the largest projects. However the area couldn’t maintain its reputation and felt victim of drug dealing and gangster activities.

In 1992, a small child was targeted and murdered. Such kind of environment scared the residents. Later on many brutal incidents took place, like rape of a girl who became paralyzed after that for her whole life. The housing project area was pictured in a horror movie. The demolition of Cabrini Green Chicago was started in 1990s and was completed in 2011.