World’s 10 Oldest Hotels that are Still Operating

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Old thing always attract with their uniqueness. You might have noticed that the old things have the highest prices and values. If you talk about hotels, we all know that travelling was way more difficult than it is now. People used to stay at place in between travelling so that they can rest and eat. These Oldest Hotel were the depictions of old heritage and culture of the people of old times.

But with the passage of times, most of the lands containing oldest hotels were being utilized for other purposes and the hotels were demolished or rebuilt into some other building or living place. A few of the oldest hotels still exist in several places in the world and they are functioning properly keeping pace with the modern food requirements as well as the heritage and culture of old times.

We are here presenting the oldest hotels in the world that are still working.

10. The Beekman Arms, Rhinebeck, New York

one of the oldest hotel of America

This hotel was established in 1766 and is one of the oldest hotel in America located in the center of Hudson River Valley, New York. It is the oldest hotel in USA but not as old as the other hotels described below. It is considered as a historical visiting place for the people living in New York. The hotel rooms are decorated and furnished according to the colonial style and represents the pre revolutionary war times.

9. Al Cappello Rosso

oldest hotel opened in 1375

Al Cappello Rosso is one of the oldest hotel that was opened in 1375 and is located in Bologna, Italy. The location of the hotel is outside the city just next to the Ufficio delle Bollette that was a government office. It was basically opened as a small house for Jews who used to travel in Italy.

It was stated in their law that Jews has to stay there and the stay was not allowed to be prolonged for more than 3 days. If you visit the hotel today, you would find yourself in a mixture of time where modern times are being combined with the old themes going back to typewriter rooms and American Icon Suite.

8. Pilgrim Haus

oldest hotel of Germany

Pilgrim Haus is listed among the oldest hotels of Germany and is located in Soest. This oldest hotel of Germany was opened for the first time in 1304. It is located along with the route of travelers, mainly Christian pilgrimages in early 14th century and was the main spot of their stay.

These pilgrims were basically directed towards the shrine of Saint James located in Spain. If you give a visit to the hotel now you would never believe that it belongs to the 14th century. The newly furnished and modern decoration of the hotel has given it a new look.

7. Orso Grigio

Orso GrigioOrso Grigio is one of the oldest hotel located in San Candido of Italy. This oldest hotel was developed in 1300 and basically was a bar named a Grauer Bar and its location was in Austria earlier in times. Later on it was added in Italy after first World War and its name was translated in Italian. It also served as a military hospital during the war.

The hotel has been a serving spot for many travelers especially merchants and other people while travelling to a town, Ronzone for their business. Now the hotel has been modernized and offers the best food and comfortable rooms to the visitors.

6. Sanct Peter Considered as Oldest Hotel

Oldest Hotel in Germany

Another heritage of Germany, Sanct Peter, is one of the oldest hotel all around the world. It was opened in the mid 13th century, more precisely in 1246. However the history of Germany has shown that the building of this hotel belongs to the year 600 but it did not function as the hotel until nearly many hundred years. After that time, it was turned into an inn located near cathedral court.

People who used to visit the court usually were the ones to stay in the hotel. It was named as vineyard then and people used to enjoy the famous vino of Sanct Peter in this hotel. It has been functioning well up to now and satisfying the need of its customers.

5. Angel & Royal

Oldest Hotel of United Kingdom

This is one of the oldest hotel located in Grantham, UK and was first opened in 1203. The earliest name of the hotel was Angel Inn, which was one of the main spot for staying for the people travelling from London to Edinburgh and was basically started as a hostel. It has been remained a hosting hotel for the great people in history like John Richard III, Charles I, Edward III and George IV.

The name royal was given to it later on owing to the staying of many members of royal families in this oldest hotel. Later on in 19th century, the Prince of Wales also stayed in the hotel giving it privilege and keeping its name.

4. The Olde Bell, Hurley, England

4th oldest hotel

This is the oldest hotel of England and the fourth oldest hotel all around the world. The hotel was established in the year 1135 and is found in Hurley, an English village. It basically started working as a guest house for the nearby people for centuries. The hotel has a secret passage that was utilized in Glorious Revolution in seventeenth century during which the King James II lost his crown.

The oldest hotel in UK provides you the best luxurious rooms and décor by Isle Crawford, a London based designer. The food provided to you in the hotel is made up of local organic ingredients and it is considered to be the best food in terms of taste and quality.

3. Zum Roten Baeren, Freiburg, Germany

oldest hotel

Zum Roten Baren is one of the oldest hotel of Europe and it is said to be a continuously operating oldest hotels in the world. It was first opened in 1120 and is even older than the village in which it is located. It was started as a guest room for a single family but later ion it was expanded to form a guest house. The beautiful building attracts the visitors and it has survived through many critical periods in the history of Germany like Black Plague, farmer’s revolutions, first and second World Wars.

In all these hundreds of years, the hotel was modified according to the modern times but they did not change the main flooring that gives you the feeling as if you have moved back to old times. This oldest hotel of Germany underwent many renovations and now it has around twenty five rooms which are conveniently furnished and delicious food is provided to the customers. It is said that the hotel retains its individuality in all these times.

2. Hoshi Ryokan, Japan

2nd oldest hotel in World

Japan is one of the best countries to preserve its heritage and ancient buildings. This hotel was established in 718 and was considered to be the oldest hotel until another hotel was found that has been described below. The place is located in Japan and offering it services to visitors for 1300 years till today and was opened for the first time by Garyo Houshi.

The oldest hotel has been run by 47 generations of its founder who still own the hotel and have established it well. The oldest hotel consists of around four hundred and fifty rooms and offers the best services according to modern times keeping the Japanese hospitality and traditions.

1. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, Japan

No.1 oldest hotel in the World

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is the one oldest hotel located in Yamanashi Japan. It was established in 705 and has been working since then. According to Guinness Book of World Records it has been proved to be the oldest hotel that still exists all around the world. The location of the hotel is a beautiful place around a natural spring. Although you may visit the hotel to have a look on the oldest hotel but it is well managed according to the requirements of modern times and accommodate people by fulfilling all their needs.

To your surprise, it has been under the supervision of the same family who established this ryokan for up to 1300 years now by its more than fifty generations. It basically provides the best combination of ancient Japanese culture along with the modern facilities. The meals are fresh and traditional and the rooms are equipped with everything you may need during your stay.