Top 10 Online Games of Year 2016

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Since the development of technology the children of our times are the masters of Online Game. Earlier there was a time when children were not even familiar with the existence of computers and video games and used to play outdoors. But in the present times it has all become opposite of the previous situation.

Online games allow you to stay connected and play with your friend while staying at one’s own home and you can also play worldwide with anyone. With the advancement, the graphics, design, sound effects, strategies and every other thing of online games have been evolved.

We are here presenting you the best online games of this year that might intrigue you.

10. World of Tanks

top online game of 2016

This is a multiplayer online game developed by Poirot’s company Wargaming in 2010. The game, as its name suggests, is a action game of modern combat shooter. This game is featuring the era of early to mid 20th century in which vehicles were used for fighting. In this game, the user is riding a tank in first person view.

There are six types of battles which one can choose and this game contains choice of over 390 vehicles. As you get on to higher levels, you will get better tanks and better guns too. The concept of clan wars is also a part of this game. It is considered to be one of the best military games which is being played online.

9. Guild Wars

most played Multiplayer online game

Guild war is one of the most played Multiplayer online game developed by ArenaNet. Fantasy Adventure is the genre of this game. This game has no subscription fee. The game is based on the disbanded guild fight the Elder dragons which have captured Tyria. Guild wars, the game, features the persistent world and it advances in instanced environment. You don’t need to be just a human any longer; you have choices of five races and eight classes.

The selection of the races and classes is based on experience level of player The Exciting feature of this game is that you along with all the players of the world will affect the progress in the world. In nutshell, people are of the opinion that this game is far better than other online games because it has no subscription fee.

8. Hearthstone

card collecting online game

This is card collecting online game developed by Blizzard Environment and released in 2014. It is a fantasy card-based game. In this game, players have head to head matches in which each player has his turn. Players are free to choose a number of games modes. At the start of the game, each player starts with the basic collection of cards and with increase in experience level, the collection of cards become vast.

There are eight classes from which you can make you choice, and each class has its own specific power. So if you are card games lover, you can already download this game because this is free and you can state playing it at the same instant.

7. Path of Exile

online game

This action role-playing game was developed and released by Grinding games. The genre of this game is fantasy adventure. The player has to control a single character that has to explore areas and underground dungeons and caves. You have to fight monsters and complete quests for additional experience points. Actually the game is centered on your collection of your items. The attractive feature of this game is the skill tree.

All the players start the game at same skill tree but at different branches, it means that you will have multi classes once you reach higher levels. Players have the choice of six classes and each class has its own strength and intelligence. In simple words, when you have to make choice between different online games, this online game is worth a shot because of exciting and interesting mechanics of skills and items.

6. Final Fantasy

top online game 2016

This game is one of the most played online game, developed by Square Enix. This game is a fantasy adventure game, played on massively large scale. This game was first developed in 2009, and now Square Enix has launched a series of parts of this game. In this game, the player has control of customized avatar and he explores the area. The game has introduced different starting locations too and story quests which when completed, raises the experience level.

The players who have played its previous parts were really excited about this part because of the expansion of different arenas of this game. It also contains choices of new races and classes. With the introduction of new worlds, new creatures will be introduced too which means that new modes of transportation will be available. All this concludes that, this is an exciting game.

5. Call of Duty

world wide most played online game

This is, one of the most demanded online game of this year. This game is developed by sledgehammer. The game is a future shooting game in which player has to face others players from all over the world. This game runs in first person view. The game began with call of duty 1 and then it advanced to its present form. In this game, near future is featured in which advanced technology guns, grenades, rifles are being used.

Latest technology like laser directed energy beams guns are also a part of this game. This game has a lot of maps in which you can play. The selection of maps depends upon the user. In the single player mode, there are loads of maps but in the multiplayer mode, player gets an exo-suit due to which your speed gets fast and shooting gets improved. It is one of the reasons that you should play this online game.

4. World of Warcraft

online game of 2016

This very best online game is developed by blizzard and its genre is fantasy adventure. In this game, you have to control a character avatar in first person view or third person view. You explore the landscape; fight various monsters, interaction with non-player characters and completing quests.

At the start of game, you have to choose your own race from righteous alliance and hordes which are further led by their own classes. You will get experience points and after that you can pick the armor of your own choice. This very game is free for everyone till level 20. This is amongst the best MOM games.

3. Counter Strike Global Offensive

no.3 best online game

This is one of the best multiplayer shooting online game. This game was developed by Hidden path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. This game is fourth of its kind. Before this, others parts had been introduced. In this game, you fight a number of players playing the very similar game on their own PC. At the start of this game, you have to choose the territory and map of your own choice.

There is vast collection of maps available in this game. You are free to make your own choice. After that you have to select a team from two Counter trustees and terrorists. After that you make the choice of your weapons. At the start you are provided with budget. By winning games your amount increases and you can buy good weapons too. This is considered as one of the best first person shooting online game ever.

2. Heroes of The Storm

online game

This online game was developed by Blizzard entertainment. The game is an online battle arena game. In this game, heroes from other blizzard entertainment games are being featured. The game is based on 5 on 5 matches. The player is free to choose their character. At the start, player may play 6 heroes with free hero rotation but by using gold coins. There are number of maps too. Player performance depends upon the performance in other blizzard games.

Apart from this, there are quest in each match which on completion, gives experience points. Because of this, you will have a chance on getting on your enemy. When a certain limit of points is reached by a team, the abilities of players of that team increase respectively. This game is one platform where you learn teamwork and coordination and that is why you should consider this game while making your choices.

1. DOTA 2 Best Online Game Ever

Best multiplayer online game ever

This game is the best multiplayer online game ever. The genre of this game is fantasy action more like area blowing. The game is developed by Valve Corporation. This game hosts a large number of tournaments, matches in which participants earn cash prizes. The game set is 3-D graphical. In this game, two teams each consisting of 5 players play matches in an asymmetrical area. Each player himself controls his unique features and abilities of his own avatar.

At start, all the heroes have experience level of one and they get more powerful by getting experience points through combats and battles. For the advancement of each level of hero, the player gets to unlock new ability of that hero. Each hero’s primary attribute is his strength, intelligence and agility. You get to learn a lot of teamwork in this game. All this sums up DOTA 2 to be the best online multiplayer game ever.