Top 10 Peaceful Countries of the World

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Did the danger of robbery, theft and sexual assault have always stopped you to move to the trips and tourists destinations? Well most often we have view that normally the people feel afraid to visit the tourists places as there are many chances of being robbed or theft out. But wait! Don’t neglect your tourism passion because of it! You might not be aware from the fact that there are many Peaceful Countries in the world as well where you can travel and move in any way you want to.

You would be thinking that we are saying something that is rather impossible. But that’s the reality! There are so many countries in the world who have been spotted out to be complete free from the robbery or any sort of crimes taking place in them. Now you would be thinking that which major countries we are talking about? Below by scrolling down you will be able to catch with the list of top 10 amazing and complete peaceful countries in the world.

Each single country in the list is not just safest to describe but at the same time they are worth to watch as they are added with the incredible nature and beauty. Some of the countries in this list are completely free from the crimes and dangerous acts but some of the countries have such acts but they are at the lowest rates. Check out the list now!

10. Czech Republic

Top 10 Peaceful Countries

On the 10th spot of peaceful countries we will be discussing the name of Czech Republic! Czech Republic is known as a small landlocked European country. It is sharing the borders with Austria, Germany, Slovakia as well as Poland. This place has always remained to be one of the biggest attractions for the tourists as this place has been completely surrounded with the beautiful places. Prague is the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

While travelling into this place you don’t need to think about the danger of robbery or any kind of violence because this city is complete safe from it. There are even some of the best efficient emergency services in order to give away with some safety of the foreigners. Once you will visit this country you will definitely going to make another place to explore it again!

9. Switzerland

one of the peaceful countries

On the next we have the amazing place on this planet named as Switzerland! This is the happiest place because as you will walk into this place you will always be finding a big smile on your face. They are best in providing their residents with excellent education as well as health services and employment benefits.

They are very much famous in their business of banking, cuckoo clocks and skiing resorts sectors but they make sure that they wisely invested in their greatest asset. The beauty of this country has turned it to be one of the favorite places of tourists as well. We would suggest you that you should visit this place once in a lifetime!

8. Sweden

among peaceful countries

Sweden stand on the 8th spot on our peaceful countries list! This city is amazing looking as you will be finding this place to be covered in snow all the time because they witness the longest winter time period. It is no doubt one of the greatest places to spend the vacations.

They do offer with the excellent and high standards of living plus generous parenting leave for the sake of mothers and fathers. Plus they are even putting forward with some plans of some great welfare system in terms to have the high place in the rankings. So stop wasting time and be the first to book your airline tickets for Sweden!

7. Japan

technologically peaceful country

On the 7th spot we have technologically famous and best country on the list named as Japan! This place has been famous all over the world for the sake of its peacekeeping in the society. The rate of violent crime as well as homicide is found to be very low in the country. Japan only has a defense force for the sake of the internal security. They does not have any kind of the professional military force at all.

Japan is even keeping up with some cordial relationship with the neighboring countries. They have accompanied their country with the excellent transportation system. The passenger transportation in the place Japan is mainly relying upon on railways. Japan is among one of the beautiful and peaceful countries with amazing places to visit around! Are you ready to explore this country?

6. New Zealand

peaceful countries

On the next on our list we have the name of New Zealand! This country is coming out to be one of the advanced countries in the world in terms of social progress. They are offering great sum of friendly relation with neighboring countries. There are even getting out with the strong and independent judiciary system all along with the committed police force in the country.

This is the safest country that is fully involved in giving out with the world class educational system and advanced health care. They do make sure that they are offering with the free or low cost health care from the side of the government in case of sickness or unemployment. When one country is providing with so many facilities then why to think about any other country for getting settled?

5. Finland

finlandOn the 5th spot of most peaceful countries in the world we have the name of Finland! This place is considered to be one of the safest places in the planet. This country is holding with the strong legal framework order through which they do make sure that they maintain with the government accountability and openness. The military force of Finland is just involved in taking part in the UN’s peacekeeping missions.

Finland ranks in top level for the sector of the education and gender equality. Finland demand no such kind of fee for any kind of the level of education. The Finns are even engaged in giving out with some high performers in the categories of reading, mathematics and science. The Finland plus has a very low maternal mortality rate. So visit Finland now and feel free and secure while exploring this place!

4. Denmark

Peaceful countries to live

On the 4th spot we have the name of Denmark! This place is for sure one of the happiest peaceful countries in the world which you would love to travel again and again. This country has been featuring up with the high literacy rate, advanced health care systems as well as high standard of living along with the prosperity that eventually make this place to be one of the top successful places in the world.

If you are thinking about getting settled in this place then you are at the best decision. This country even gives women with the free chance to catch up with the political empowerment, health and education in Denmark. You will surely going to love out each single place of this country!

3. Austria

Austria is among peaceful countries

On the 3rd spot we have Austria! This country is known out to be the place that is offering its residents with great sum of opportunities. They are extreme best with their weather all along with world class educational system and natural wonders. In this country the rate of robbery, sexual assault and homicide is much low. So you are free to roam about in this country without any danger.

It is a world best destination to travel by the students and tourists. It is an economically powerful country that is giving out the unemployed people with handsome job opportunities. So fasten your seat belts right now and grab your tickets straight away to Austria!

2. Canada

No.2 spot in peaceful countries

Canada stands on the 2nd spot on our list! This country has been said to have average household income that is about $28,000 annually. Plus this country has been even engaged in offering with some excellent work opportunities where meritocracy is very much identified.

Overall we would say that it is a peaceful country all along with the means of sound economy and beautiful landscapes. This country has been included with the world best beauty scenes and places that will going to make you get in love with this place. Are you ready to visit it?

1. Iceland (Standing on #1 Place in Peaceful Countries list)

top 10 peaceful countries

On the last and top on list we have Iceland! It is one of the top most well known countries on the peaceful scale. It has been included with the high level of the democracy, gender equality and even with the low incarceration. Iceland often has the literacy rate of 99%. They does not demand for any kind of tuition fee for education. They are even standing at the top spot on the list of reading literacy and book publication. So catch this country right now!

So this was the complete list of the top 10 peaceful countries in the world! Robbery, sexual assault and rate of theft is very much high in so many countries that stops the tourists to visit that country. But this list will surely going to help out the tourists to search for the place in which they can travel freely! They do have the best beauty scenes and places within them as well. Are you ready to travel all these beautiful destinations? Once you will visit these places you will be going to love visit them again and again!