10 Positive Decision Took by Soviet Union in Past Decade

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Soviet Union, actually known as The Union of Soviet Republics or USSR that was a political state consisting of multiple Soviet republics, that came into existence in 1922 and worked till 1991. The history of Soviet Union is started from the establishment of Stalinism after Second World War victory, and the death of Joseph Stalin brought its history down. The Second World War is considered to be a major contributing event to its history. Communist party was one of the major tools used by Soviet Union to achieve its targets through brutal methods like party purges, forced collectivization and political repression of general population.

Much destruction and deaths occurred during the Second World War, with the responsibility being laid on Soviet Union. No doubt, it is considered as the worst government of its time, but even the worst government can be involved in doing the right things. Although the positive things the Soviet Union did, are considered as a huge contradiction to the other policies but they still are appreciated.
Here are some of the positive things the Soviet Union did that might provoke your curiosity.

10. Women’s Rights

soviet union

The Soviet Union was one of the supporters of rights of women since its existence. Earlier it was not allowed to women to cast their votes in most of the islands. However in 1917 after Russian Revolution, every member of community was granted the right to cast vote whether male or female. Equal rights were advocated that was one of the right decision the Soviet Union took.

Due to this step, women were provided equal job opportunities as men were provided. Soviet women were their representatives in politics, and in early 20th century around 700 hundred women were mayors of their villages or towns and around 7 million women were politically active that all affected the suffrage movement severely. The right to vote was granted in Britain, Germany and USA owing to this one of positive decision The Soviet Union took.

9. Labor Laws

soviet union

Provision of free vacation is definitely among one of the positive things The Soviet Union did during their regime. A law was formed according to which the workers would get two to four weeks off every year and as they would be provided with vouchers to travel to different places. It was rather a policy to encourage tourism.

The labor laws also granted the workers maternity leaves, health coverage and also safety standards for laborers. All these laws were implemented to ensure the loyalty and best efforts from the laborers to ensure their best work outcomes. The approval of labor laws proved very effective and was good things The Soviet Union did.

8. Second World War and Postwar Reconstruction

Second World War and Postwar ReconstructionThe Second World War is one of the most devastating events in the history of Soviet Union. A great victory was secured against Nazi Germany that would not have been possible without The Soviet Union. However; the war caused millions of deaths than ever in present or past history. After the war was over, the Marshall plan was devised to help the Western Europe and to provide economic support.

This is definitely one of the positive things the Soviet Union did to rebuild the Europe economy after the Second World War ended. The regions affected by war were rebuilt, trade barriers were removed, industries were modernized and much more was done for Europe prosperity under this plan.

7. Scientific discoveries

first satellite ever was launched by Soviets

The acknowledgement to the Soviet Union should also be given in the field of science and as many discoveries were done during the period of Soviet Union. The first satellite ever was launched by Soviets which was one of the positive thing. Not only this, first dog was sent to the space by Soviet and later on first ever man and first ever women were sent to space by the Soviets.

Other scientific discoveries during their regime included development of various TV designs, artificial body organs and first ever helicopter. Not only was this, but the introduction of electro photography also considered as one of the positive decision.

6. Reproductive Rights Granted

Soviet union

One of the positive things was granting the female with the right to abort her baby in certain cases. Abortion for females was legalized in 1920. Earlier it was considered that abortion is a method of contraception. But it was one of the positive things which ensure the reproductive rights of females. It was actually based upon the Leninist ideologies that was supportive of the fact that women should not be forced to have a baby that she does not want. However this law was outlawed in Stalin’s era wing to the low population but the law was again implemented after a few years with certain limitations like if mother is in danger.

5. The Anti-Colonial Drive

 Soviet Union

The Soviet Union has spent a lot of money to third World Countries to help them in the wars and battles for their independence. It is one of the positive things the Soviet Union did against western colonialism. Aids were provided to several countries in Africa for both for fighting for their liberty and also building their new independent states.

The Soviet Union also helped in Indian freedom struggle that is one of the most prominent examples. However this idea of anti colonial aid was not supported by some politicians. The colonial Soviet foreign policy for central European countries was clear although it was colonial as Western policies. The fact that the Soviet Union helped several nations to fight their independence can never be denied.

4. Soviet Union Effective Recycling Programs

soviet union

During the time of Soviet Union, environmental pollution and contamination was a big issue. To save the nation from both short term and long term effects of this, the Soviet Union started a recycling program on a very big scale for their citizens. It is indeed one of the positive decision that Soviet Union took for its nation’s safety and protection. Extensive recycling services were provided however it took some time for the implementation of these programs.

Similarly Soviet culture of reusing cultural material and plastic was also a major program of the time. Most of the people were encouraged to reuse the bags, and such material was used for packing that is recyclable e.g. substitution of glass for plastic in bottles. All over, it led to decrease the wastage production and was one of the positive decision that Soviet Union took.

3. Rapid and Effective Industrialization


Russia was an agricultural country before the rule of Soviet Union and was lagging behind several European countries in this regard. After its rule, Soviet Union realized the need of industrialization to strengthen the economy of their country. Their aim was to bring their country to modern world through process of industrialization. This was accomplished in Stalin era, and a huge shift of economy took place to industries that gave a competition to the other modern countries.

This took a time of around 10 years; however it was the fastest rate of industrialization that took place ever in history. Although many of the products had low quality but it was a huge change in a short time and is considered as one of the most positive decision that Soviet Union took during their time.

2. Education System Empowerment

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Education is one of the most important needs for the progress of a country. That need was completely understood by Soviet Union and they emphasized the empowerment of education system mainly the subject of science and technology. Without any doubt it was one of the positive things the Soviet Union did for their nation. Free education provision was made available to the citizens and it was not only limited to high or secondary school but also to post graduation.

The education plan devised by Soviet Union allowed people to complete their high education degrees without paying tuitions. The Soviet Union also built many universities especially in those countries where there were no universities earlier. This positive thing the Soviet Union did empower the education system to brighten the future of the country.

1. Drug Control

Drug control by Soviet Union

Drug control was one of the most important things done by the Soviet Union and never compromised in this regard. With the passage of time, their effective steps against drugs usage checked the process and it was one of the most positive decision that took. This was a big step forward and totally opposite system as compared to Western countries.

The main focus of Soviet Union policies was to stop the criminal acts involved in drug supply and use. This step resulted in drug free neighbourhoods and included strict banning of opiates. With the passage of time, the number of drug users was repressed and it was one of the positive things the Soviet Union did however there was a reversal of the efforts did by Soviet Union after it left the rule