10 Post Apocalyptic Currencies have more value than Gold

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No doubt, people buy gold and other precious gems to be used as an investment in crucial times or economic crisis as a alternate of Currencies. But have you ever thought that what these investments will provide you in post apocalyptic period? Post apocalyptic fiction comes after a disastrous event in the society or civilization that can bring catastrophic changes. It can be a severe climatic condition, a nuclear war, a pandemic, natural disasters etc. if you are in such a condition, where the stock exchange will lose nearly all of its value and complete shutting down of economy and bank systems, how your gold investment can help you being useless in such a crisis when all Currencies collapse. So you will need some alternative currencies to survive in post apocalyptic period. Here is the list of the currencies that can be more valuable than gold in post apocalyptic period. You will be shocked to read it.

10. Honey used as Currencies

31Food of any kind would become important to you if you want to survive in post apocalyptic periods. Honey and honey bees would become more valuable currencies than gold in such time of crisis. Honey bees can be utilized as to produce honey and makes an important part of agricultural system. Not only honey bees, but also honey has many other proven uses for which it can be used. It can be used as a cure for many diseases. Being used as food, honey can also;2 be directly applied on the wound to increase its healing power. Provision of dietary supplements and medical care both make honey and honey bees as valuable currencies that can be used in trade in post apocalyptic periods.

 9. Books

books as currencies

Books are knowledgeable and are widely used as they also don’t require infrastructure. Unlike electricity, mobile phones, computers, books are much more easy to handle, easy to carry and easy to use as well with the storage of wide information in them. However they are valuable even now but they will become more valuable currencies than gold in post apocalyptic period. So make your shelves, bookcase that will not only make you knowledgeable but can also be utilized in period of crisis as they are robust.

8. Candles

used as currencies

Yes! Candles can be used as currencies in post apocalyptic period when there would be no light to switch. Currencies which can be used in such a period of crisis should be easy to carry and should be easy to be utilized. Candles are one of such currencies that are not only easily carried but can also be traded easily. They can be not less than a miracle in dark times to provide you simple oil burning lantern that need no fuel. Candle making and collection has been a hobby of many people since so long. You should also keep some candles for critical times when these can be used as currencies that are more valuable than gold.

7. Childrens

children as currency

You might be shocked to read that. However it is true that children would be used as currencies that hold much more value than gold in post apocalyptic period. It is not the promotion of idea of making children slaves but consider the time when a baby loses his mother and have no one to take care of, so they can be given to others in exchange of something. Children will make a life time property. The people who will buy children would be at advantage for their whole life. Youth in every matter is preferable than any other thing and can be used as valuable currencies. People can take their help in everyday tasks, in building and cleaning as they are more energetic and active that makes them one of the precious currencies in post apocalyptic times.

6. Knives

kinves as currency

You use knives daily in your kitchen. Ever thought that this simple tool can be one of the more valuable currencies than gold? I guess no! Knives are not only helpful but they can be very dangerous killing tool that is kept by some people for safety purposes. In post apocalyptic times, they will become more valuable as they are robust, convenient to carry and easy to use weapons to kill unlike guns. In previous times, knives have been used as currencies in exchange of something valuable like gold may be. This one tool or stabbing weapon has a universal demand even know, but can instead would become one of the worthy currencies in post apocalyptic time for the survivors.

5. Alcohol

alcohol used as currency

Your alcohol storage can be utilized as currencies much valuable than gold in post apocalyptic period. It depends upon the quantity of your storage, purity and should be good enough for people who want to buy it. This one of the alternative currencies can be used as long as you want it to. The demand of luxuries can never be cut out in any time. It not only will make a good beverage but can also be used to get away from your tensions and worries. Alcohol can also be utilized as a disinfectant owing to its germicides properties. This luxurious commodity can also be used as an anaesthetic compound to relief your pain or to perform minor procedures like stitching the wound. You will find that people might exchange their much more valuable currencies for this alcohol.

4. Seeds

seed currencies

Food will be a major demand in post apocalyptic periods that would become much more valuable currencies than gold. Every one want food to survive and this fact cannot be denied. Seeds would become a magical ingredient and would have a high demand as it would be easily converted into food by growing them. Although growing food from seeds is a time taking procedure but that would not matter if you have these. Seeds being easy to trade, easy to be utilized and can be used as food in worse conditions if you have nothing else or you can exchange them to someone who needs them in turn to get a much more valuable currencies.

3. Sugar

sugar currencies

Yes! It is sugar, that would become one of the most important and valuable currencies in post apocalyptic periods. In early times, the trade of sugarcane was one of the most common trades in exchange of much more valuable things. It is used worldwide in your foods and also would not lose its value in post apocalyptic periods. Although the production of sugar is difficult and requires several techniques and machines that cost much more than gold extraction but still it is easier than mining of gold. Sugar and sugarcane would be very valuable currencies during post apocalyptic periods because there is no replacement of sugar.

2. Shoes

shoes currencies

In post apocalyptic time shoes can be the currencies having much more value than gold. A good quality shoes will not lose its value and have more durability than candles. The basic function of shoes is enhanced in such a period of crisis. Indeed you are not going to buy footwear from branded stores in such times, there will be a definite value of shoes that you have for the survivors of global destruction. Shoes would be used as currencies as nobody can make special shoes for you and also there will be no material available to make your footwear. So this one of the valuable currencies can not only function as footwear but can also help in escaping, collecting food and stroking as well.

1. Salt

salt used as a currency

No doubt salt would be one of the most valuable currencies than gold in post apocalyptic period. Bartering system would be the only system applied in such a disastrous period and salt would be worthy exchange. For centuries, the economic systems of empires were dependant on the production so salt. Salt is not just meant to be a necessary food; it is also used to preserve food products. This one of the valuable currencies can also serve the purpose of refrigeration by keeping the ice frozen. No doubt salt has one of the most important currencies that is and would dominate in all periods.