Top 10 Powerful TV Ads Which Left their Impression on Audience’s Mind

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The importance of advertisement can never be denied. Whether you agree or not, most of the things you have in your home are because of the effect of that Powerful TV Ads you watched. This is true that an ad of anything on TV not only provides you information about anything they want to sell but also gives you a reason why you should choose this product over the other same products.

A powerful advertising campaign is however required if you want your audience to be attracted towards your product. So the powerful TV ads have a major role in the marketing of your brand, as they can either make or break your brand. We are here presenting to you the top ten powerful TV ads that left their impressions on people’s minds. Most of these powerful ads have creativity along with humor and intrigue that attracted the audience.

10. Budweiser, Frogs

powerful tv ads

It was a campaign of Budweiser Beer Company that was produced by DMB&B agency in 1995 during Super Bowl XXIX. This ad has been regarded as one of the best alcohol commercials and one of the powerful TV ads of all times. The ad was made by David Swaine, Mark Choate and Michael Smith under the directions of Gore Verbinski.

The commercial starts with a scene of night near a swamp and a frog appears who is clicking his name, Bud. This when heard by his buddies, they reply him by calling their names, Weis and Er. Later on bud jumps to find his both buddies and hence complete the name of the beer company This ad is among the best Super Bowl ads of all times.

9. Monster, When I Grow Up

the most powerful ads

This is one of the most powerful TV ads that left a great impact on the minds of audience. It was made by Mullen agency in Boston and was launched in 1999 during Super Bowl XXXIII. The ad has received bronze in Cannes Film festival in 1999. It features multiple boys of young age who are asked about their career plans and future. Unlike most of the children who say like I want to become president, I want to become teacher etc., these kids respond like, When I grow up, I want to be underpaid, underappreciated, become a Yes man etc.

showing extreme pessimistic approach in the ad, they wanted to bring us back the optimistic older times just like a wakeup call. This, one of the most powerful TV ads, encouraged the people to looks for better opportunities in life and became much popular.

8. Yellow Pages, Haircut

most powerful TV ads

It is one of the most powerful TV ads, which was for the brand Yellow page. This ad was considered one of the classy ads but it was banned in United Kingdom in the year 2004 because of some offence and criticism it got. It shows that a guy tries to give his niece a haircut but he fails to do so and makes a mess of her hair.

To come out of this situation, he tells his sister a number of lies just to maintain his impression that he is not a bad guy. However people said that it promotes cheating and lying with females and show deceiving but still it was considered one of the most hilarious and powerful TV ads by Yellow pages.

7. John Lewis, the Long Wait

powerful tv ads

It was one of the most powerful TV ads, which was released in 2011. It featured the song, Please, please, please, Let me Get What I Want by The Smiths. Slow Moving Millie sung this song in the advertisement. In the commercial, there is a little boy who is excited for the Christmas and is counting days. On the day of Christmas Eve, he finishes his dinner quickly and goes early to his bed so that he can wake up early in the morning.

When he wakes up in the morning, he rushes towards hi cupboard and ignores his own pile of presents present in his room. Then he runs to his parents’ bedroom and gives them the presents as he has been waiting for so long to give it to them.

This was one of the most powerful TV ads that have won many awards owing to their effectiveness to deliver Christmas messages and leaving a strong impact on their audience.

6. McDonald’s, The Showdown

powerful tv ads

McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast food brands that released this powerful TV ad in 1993. This was made by the agency, Leo Burnett from Chicago and has received the bronze at Cannes Lions in 1993. The ad features Larry Bird and Michael Jordan who play a basketball contest. Larry plays with Michael to get his Big Mac in basketball game of shoot till you miss.

Initially both of them take easy shots but gradually they become serious and start taking difficult shots. In the end both of them are shown throwing up and shooting the basketball from the top of a famous building of Hancock Center present in Chicago. The ad conveys the message that McDonald’s is simply that much attractive that you can do anything to get it and it was one of the most powerful TV ads of all times.

5. Sony Bravia, Bouncy Balls

one of the powerful TV ad

This is one of the powerful TV ads by Sony that was released in 2006. The new brand of Sony, Bravia, has a slogan, Color like no other and that was shown in their fascinating commercial that was made by the agency Fallon. Idea behind this commercial was given by Nicolai Fuglsig who was helped by Barry Conner of Los Angeles. The ad was filmed in San Francisco Street. There were 12 air mortars and 3 huge skips that were used to carry thousands of colorful rubber balloons.

It is shown in the ad that, 50,000 balloons are coming down from a hill and collide with another group of same number of balloons near road junction. The song running in the background is, Heartbeats that was written by The Knife and became so much popular after the commercial was released. The use of 250000 balls made of rubber in the ad was real and not computerized. The reality in the ad inspired its audience and it became one of the most powerful TV ads by Sony.

4. Cadbury Gorilla

powerful tv ads | Gorilla

Fallon London is agency that made this one of the most powerful TV ads, the Gorilla advertisement, in 2007 that was of 90 seconds duration. It was directed by Juan Cabral and starred the great artist Garon Michael to promote the brand Cadbury dairy milk chocolate. There is a music studio in the ad where a huge gorilla is sitting at a drum kit.

The song, In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins is being played in the ad and the Gorilla plays along with the famous drum fill of the song. The ad was as perfect mix of humor and creativity that amused the audience a lot and became one of the famous ads of all times. This one of the powerful TV ads went viral not only TV but was also printed in newspaper, cinema spots, magazines and much more.

3. Guinness Surfer

 most powerful tv ads

Released in 1999, the ad was made by Diageo and directed by Jonathan Glazer. It was to promote the United Kingdom’s Guinness Brand draught stout. It was of sixty seconds duration in which a Polynesian surfer is taking on a huge wave successfully. This ad was made in Hawaii in duration of 9 days. The main plot of the ad showed that a group of surfers are waiting for the perfect wave.

As soon as the perfect wave reaches them, the white horses become the real horses. All the surfers crash out one by one, only one of them conquer the waves who celebrate it later with other surfers. This was basically an inspiration taken from the painting of Neptune Horses I 1893 and has been regarded as one of the greatest advertisement of all times.

2. Apple, 1984 (Powerful Tv Ads)

Apple, 1984. powerful TV ads

This ad was made by TBWA/Chiat/Day agency and was directed by Nicolai Fuglsig in Los Angeles in 1984. To your surprise this ad was aired only once during the Super Bowl in the year 1984 but still it is one of the powerful ads that left a strong impact over people’s mind. The ad is started with a line of people who are marching in unison. Suddenly a woman interrupts them and the entire guards chase her and they have carried a picture of Mac and a hammer.

The woman announces that, “our unification of thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth, we shall prevail”. The ad basically portrayed a message o saving humanity and at the end it concluded that on January 24, Apple Inc. will introduce Macintosh and you will see why 1984 will not be like Nineteen Eighty Four. The ad was uploaded on YouTube and has received more than six million views.

1. Coca-Cola, Mean Joe Green

No.1 poweful tv ad

This is one of the most powerful ads of all time that is also an award winning advertisement. This was made in 1979 by the agency McCann- Erickson in New York. In the ad, a kid happened to meet Joe Green after a football game. But at that time Green was freaked out and did not want to talk to the kid, who was his great fan.

To make Joe Green talk to him, the kid offers him his own coke. This makes Green happy and he accepts the coke. As the kid walks away, Green yells back at the kid and throws his jersey on him as a regard. The ad became so much popular in its time among the audience so that the agency had to turn it into a small movie for TV in 1981.